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  1. Official - Season Terminated and all results now void. No promotion or relegation. Gutted as we would have had a very good shot in the playoffs. We go again next season.
  2. Statement from the league A statement has been sent to all of our clubs by Nick Robinson, Chair of the Isthmian League. It covers issues around how the season will end, player contracts and Government support. We don't propose to repeat all of the detail here as much of it will be of interest only to clubs, but the main points around discussions on how we end the season are worthy of sharing. Nick explains: 'The Alliance Leagues held the latest of several conference calls last night (Monday) after our own Board, and those of the Northern Premier and Southern Leagues, met over the weekend to determine how we wish to proceed. We have also participated in calls with the Step 5/6 clubs. The Step 3 & 4 Leagues share Clubs’ frustration that it is taking so long to determine whether the 2019/20 season is to end now, and if so on what basis. To maintain the integrity of our competitions, we ideally need to apply one solution across the whole of the National League System. However, this may not be possible. The Isthmian, Northern Premier and Southern Leagues are unanimous in wanting to terminate the 2019-20 season immediately. The Step 5/6 Leagues also support the immediate termination of the season. Whether that is done on the basis of determining final placings via average points per game, or the season is declared null & void cannot be determined until the National League decides how it wishes to proceed. Right now, the National League’s position is that they wish to be able to resume the 2019-20 season at some point. The feeder Leagues do not support this because our Clubs do not have the financial resources to continue to honour Player contracts indefinitely. The Step 3 and 4 Leagues have therefore commenced the process to terminate the season. This has to be ratified by the FA Council, so there may be a short delay as the relevant documentation is submitted, distributed and approved. Whilst this process is on-going, and once the National League has finalised how it wishes to proceed, competition issues can then be decided, together with the implications for promotion and relegation. As soon as the National League’s position is finalised, we will be able to confirm the basis on which the 2019-20 season has ended. As I have already pointed out, we need as much commonality across the National League System as possible. The FA is currently reviewing its Rules to understand whether any emergency changes are required for season 2019/2020 which impact on player contracts, registration deadlines and retention/offers of re-engagement in the National League System. Given the fast-moving nature of the existing situation this work is ongoing. Finally, at this very difficult time, I hope that you and your families will stay safe.' Once we have more information about this matter, we will bring it to you as quickly as we can.
  3. Following the governments announcement this evening, our event will be cancelled. The clubhouse will only be open for individuals to buy stock from the club before and after the game, however it cannot be consumed in the clubhouse. We are asking people to help the club by purchasing remaining stock. The game at 11.30am will be going ahead so please come along and support the team!
  4. The First Team and U18's will be playing a mix and match game tomorrow, kick off at 11.30am. Everyone is welcome to attend and watch. The bar will be open after the game as per previous post. Hope to see people there.
  5. Ladies and Gentleman, Obviously with the ongoing situation at the moment it has made times difficult for the football club. Following last weekends success, we are looking to open the clubhouse once again to earn some vital income for the football club. Therefore we are looking to open the clubhouse once again this Saturday between 1pm to 5pm. We have the dartboard up and racing on the TV so it should be another good afternoon. My dad was meant to be sponsoring the game this week for his bday so we are treating this as his bday drink. Without saying too much dad does a lot for the club so support for the club and his bday would be greatly appreciated by both. If you are coming please let me know as we need at least 25 people to make it viable. Obviously if the government shuts all pubs prior to Saturday this will not happen. However before this happens, please support the club the bring vital funds in to help the club through this. Once again, please let me know if you plan to come. Jordan.
  6. Clubhouse is open tomorrow from 1pm till 5pm. Please come along and support your club!
  7. Hi All, After speaking with Colin we are looking to open the clubhouse tomorrow afternoon to help the club get through for which will seem like a prolonged period without any income based on today's announcement. If we get 30-40 people the bar will be open in the afternoon. If you are interested, then please let me know. Jordan.
  8. Tomorrow's Isthmian League fixture at home to Lewes has been postponed along with all other Isthmian League fixtures. https://www.betvictoristhmian.co.uk/coronavirus-matches-postponed-61552 Absolute joke! How can the National League go ahead with bigger crowds and they've done this. The league are putting so many clubs at financial risk its unreal.
  9. Are taking a break because of the Coronavirus? Is this a Prediction League board decision? Inter Miami P-P LA Galaxy Newcastle P-P Sheffield Utd Norwich City P-P Southampton Reading P-P Stoke Hornchurch 3-1 Lewes Att : 405
  10. Corinthian-Casuals (A) 10.20 - Meet for Breakfast 11.05 - Meet at Upminster 11.22 - Train from Upminster 12.23 - Arrive at Waterloo 12.30 - Drinks in the Duke of Sussex 13.47 - London Waterloo to Tolworth 14.15 - Arrive in Tolworth May have a couple of drinks in the Bowling Alley nearby prior to kick off.
  11. I remembered this week! B Monchengladbach 1v3 B Dortmund C Palace 1v2 Watford Charlton 2v0 Middlesbrough Aldershot 1v1 Dag & Red Cor Casuals 1v3 Hornchurch Att: 255
  12. An Urchin Weekend Away Ladies and gentlemen a few of us have booked up a weekend in Cologne during the close season to go and watch Fortuna Koln and a German non league team on the weekend of 15th-17th May. It should be a great weekend away and anyone is welcome. Most of us are flying out from Stansted on Friday morning and coming back on Sunday evening. Tickets for Fortuna Koln cost about 10 euros. If you would like come along, please feel free to book. It will be great to see as many of you guys out there as possible.
  13. Fiorentina 1v 1AC Milan Chelsea 2v1 Tottenham (12:30) Bristol City 1v3 West Brom - fill your boots Dinamo Wigan 1v2 Millwall B. Stortford 1v3 Hornchurch Att: 236
  14. Cheers Wivenhoe, see you in the morning
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