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  1. Porto 2v1 Sporting Lisbon Aldershot 1v2 Hereford (FAT QF) Notts County 3v1 Oxford City (FAT QF) Woking 1v3 Torquay (FAT QF) Darlington 1v2 Hornchurch (FAT QF) Rule 6 is drawn to your attantion. Contingency game - The Albion Derby! WBA 1v1 Brighton
  2. This is certainly heart over head..... AC Milan 1v2 Inter Arsenal 2v1 Man City (sorry Jordan!) West Ham 2v0 Spurs Col U 1v2 Tranmere Aldershot 1v3 Wrexham Contingency match: At. Bilbao 2v2 Villareal
  3. Excellent! Just made my donation. COYU!
  4. Oostende 1v3 Genk Leicester 1v1 Liverpool (12:30) Brighton 1v2 Villa (what, AV again!!?) Derby 1v2 Middlesbrough Boreham Wood 2v2 Sutton United Contingency game: Swarovski Tirol 1v5 RB Salzburg
  5. Youtube channel link here Hornchurch FC - YouTube
  6. Fenerbahce 2v1 Galatasaray Villa 1v3 Arsenal (12:30) Fulham 1v3 WHU Orient 2v1 Colchester Utd Hornchurch 2v1 Maidstone Covid / riot / other contingency: Hibs 1v2 Aberdeen
  7. We are extremely pleased to announce that we shall be streaming our game on Saturday from the club’s YouTube channel for free. This is our first ever live stream so we are carrying out additional testing over the next few days. Feedback will be extremely welcome.
  8. Marseilles 2v1 Rennes Crystal Palace 1v3 Wolves Arsenal 2v0 Man United AFC Wimbledon 2v1 MK Dons Bromley 2v2 Aldershot Covid contingency: Coleraine 1v0 Crusaders
  9. The supporters’ association will be restarting the fortnightly online 50/50 draws, with the first draw due to take place on Saturday 30th January. As before, the draws will take place every 2 weeks. The draw will be done live with 50% of the prize money going to the winner. The remaining funds will be going towards helping the club through these difficult times, to support our live streaming and to our ground improvement fund once we are allowed to spend time at the stadium. Tickets will cost £1 a ticket or the famous match day price of 6 for £5. How it Works? V
  10. Hi All, This trophy run has been outstanding and full credit to the players. However, with no income and we need to keep paying the players, I thought it would be good as fans if we could support the club in some way? It does seem unfair that everyone else, apart from Peterborough Sports, are receiving grant money but for us nothing. The club have never asked before to ask for help from the fans but this is such a unique situation. Would people be interested in doing a donation page to help towards the players wages? Or even some kind of auction? Any other ideas welcome.
  11. Good draw to be at home. If we play like we've being doing, it's certainly winnable. No easy ties at this stage!
  12. AC Milan 1v1 Atalanta Aston Villa 3v1 Newcastle U Ipswich 1v1 Peterborough A Villa Women 1v2 Reading Women (1230) The Daggers 2v1 King’s Lynn (well why not?!) Covid contingency game: Monaco 2v2 Marseilles
  13. You f*cking beautiful Chins! What a squad they are!
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