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  1. as an ex MyFC member (expired this week) i did used to post alot on the MyFC forums with concerns/ideas/advice etc... (under a different name) but gradually became weary of the way it was being run and the people who were running it so gradually like many others i became part of the silent majority and towards the end never even checked out the site as i knew what it would be full of The main thing that did it for me was at the start people were being asked for skills and help they could offer, so alot of people offered they time and skills (majority free of charge) however the mojority of roles went to people, certain high up people knew and they ended up on a salary or expenses, which again seems like a bad way to run a set up like this when there are equally skilled people willing to do it for free. But guess it was just jobs for the boys The introduction of things like live streaming and potential streaming to the states (costing around 12-13k and game) is another thing that was/is a waste of money, they spent all that money setting it up and accounting for bandwidth usage etc.. but i don't believe for one second they recouped anything near the costs to set it up I was also amazed that this mysterious figure 'The Operator' takes 23% or
  2. the site has been down since some time last night for me, has anyone else had problems getting on it?
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