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  1. He struggles with the numbers boards let alone technology.
  2. I hope that is a spell check auto correction and not a sick attempt at a joke by Eastside Urchin. Poor taste if not.
  3. A good team selection but I don't think it will be quite that team. We will see later, but to be honest with such a strong squad a few tweaks will make little difference. COYB.
  4. Well I have seen worse refs. He could and should have booked one of Hornchurch players for entering field of play without permission when he sneaked on after going off injured, he just made him leave the pitch until he called him back on. Should have heard the howls from Urchin fans. He added on nearly 7 minutes injury time. He only booked one player and with the rolling around of both teams could have been more.
  5. A point! they can hope, but I say lets get the three points and push ourselves up the league where we belong. lets get behind the boys and make a noise. COYB.
  6. I have been peeping and thats why i just put my pocket money on the Blues. Got 16/1 with bet365. come on you Blues
  7. 07-July 11 - Happy Birthday Ricydickie :)

  8. Does anyone know if the game is on for sure or if there is need for a pitch inspection???
  9. Let's be clear on the reserve team games, they are never dull. Last game, 2 goals in time added on. 2 - 3 dull as ditch water. Some good football, some bad football, some new faces, Young Brentwood Side their sub must have been 45 and 17 stone but he did well for the time he was on the pitch, Some poor refereeing, A certain penalty and the ref waved advantage. Tony Martin on goal one on one last seconds of the match to make it 3 a piece and the ref blows up for full time as he shoots. Thats boring!!!!!!!
  10. You did fail to mention his whole family were sitting in the garden. I think you will find that compared to the last few seasons the foul language used behind the goal and indeed around the pitch in general has been curbed a lot. This is thanks to the supporters discussing the situation and the programme notes And if some idiot old fashioned SUPPORTERS want to spend their time making notes on who said what where and when rather than concentrating on the game then maybe they would actually enjoy the experience that much more. Not sure what you think of the situation in the club house but i hope the sight of us supporters drinking the cursed alcohol & putting hard earned cash over the bar is not putting you off to much. In fact i'll gladly buy you a pint of the Bishops Finger if it's still in stock. Bishops finger sounds like a procedure one might get at the doctors. That said Id be pleased to have a pint with you to celebrate our win on Saturday.
  11. Nice post (as ever ) Keith.P Funny how Rickydickie and the person he spoke to that comes down to support Town but also manages to sit in his garden and also goes to support WHU only ever hear the Town supporters use foul language. Dont think i said who was using the foul language that his family hear week in week out but the foul and abusive language at Canvey aimed at our players was coming from our supposed supporters. Maybe the Canvey families living near the ground find it objectionable as well. Maybe some idiots can not put their thoughts into decent language to express thier support or otherwise. I am sure other teams supporters use bad language too does that make it right?? maybe if we curbed ours families and children might find the experience at NL more acceptable and we might get higher attendances. Spot on Gazza Supporters.
  12. I dont think I said anything about anyone being a real supporter and never said I was anymore than any other. That said I go to every game home and away and spend my very hard earned money on supporting the club. I too will critisice players but I dont do it using language that would cause offence to others and put off people wanting to visit the non league scene. I had a conversation with someone who lives down near New Lodge and he says he cant sit in his garden in August and September without hearing the disgusting foul mouths that hurl abuse at players. his words not mine. He too attends games at NL when not watching his beloved WHU, So I guess he is a supporter too. My point is that we need to be supportive and not abusive. As Gazza says if you want to get someone to do something for you encouragment not abuse is a better method. Still a good turn out of supporters by the good People of Billericay. But would we get more if they thought we were family orientated?
  13. Not wishing to fan the fires but niether should players put up with abusive language... And there was some as I was standing in front of the section that thought it their place to do so. ...but disapointment comes across in many shapes, forms and guises... It's a chicken and egg situation. How should the supporters re act to a sub standard performance? In what form would they think that is the best way of encouragement? And how would they respond in a similar fashion in their chosen career, should the encouragement they recieve be "negative"? I'm sure that this post will come as no surprise to some (I await the inevitable abuse, sarcasm et al from the inevitable corner with a smile). No arguement from me Gazza. I also think that one reason the crowds have gone from our club is the disgusting language and abuse that makes it the wrong sort of place to bring your family and Grandkids. maybe I am old fashioned but supporter means you support, encourage, assist. not scream four letter obscene words at individuals who I am sure dont go out to lose on purpose.
  14. I dont always agree with Gazza, but i do agree we need to get behind the team. I could not believe the abuse that the team were getting in the first half, i agree we were poor but i dont know how anyone can call themselves a supporter when they are so abusive at individual players. disgusting in my opinion. I know it was only a small number who were so insulting and the rest of us are real supporters who follow the club good or bad. Just my opinion. Come on Boys lets rally and get behind the team.
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