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  1. Danny Lye is apparently back at Bearsted , Of course thats where we signed him from . Also appearing was Steve Smith who I believe played once or at least was on the bench .
  2. Dimmock is at Herne Bay in the Kent League.
  3. Well Brayleys just been released for not doing the biz in the Ryman . Is he really a conference player ?
  4. Probably not if you've seen him play lately.
  5. I think you'll find its the clubs who chose the date .
  6. He was at Lewes , but barely making the bench.
  7. Ive had wheel trims stolen lately . Also had a window smashed and radio stolen , that was over 10 years ago . Its not a new problem , but one that does need a solution as people I know who don't come have mentioned the stories so I'm sure its put some people off.
  8. The problem would be that the KCFA already run a county cup for the reserve sides , the Intermediate cup .
  9. Scally spin Gillingham borrowing PFA money to pay wages , never a good sign .
  10. The rules actually say you can lower admission if both clubs and the KCFA agree , otherwise its the normal admission. Of course the club might have already tried this.
  11. He's gone back to Vietnam now apparently !
  12. Corey Campbells at Dulwich and Dennis Abboh is assistant manager at Cray Valley in the county league.
  13. Maybe the contract would have something to do with it.
  14. Got 45000 , Someones got over 100k though <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />
  15. The club can call for an inspection any time of the day as long as there is someone qualified . This can cost extra as you pay mileage for the inspection . As a ref your looking for player safety if its frozen or whether it would be a farce if its wet . It's easy enough for both clubs to say they want to play but come the end of the game the blame normally only comes one way ! As I said earlier it had the feel of an abandonment . Not saying this is the case but you do get clubs waiting for the match referee rather then calling someone in as its puts the pressure on the Ref to play as he's already travelled . Had that this season where I've got to Lewes just for the ref to call it off , where it was obviously never going to be on all morning.
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