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  1. Much improved performance, that level of performance would have seen off Margate but it’s just one of those things. Really good to see Liam back, Mickey was really good. Just unfortunate to let that goal in immediately after we scored but that’s when you’re at your most vulnerable unfortunately. Team still not completely balanced but I think if we can push on with those kinds of performances, we’ll be there or thereabouts. Know what you’re going to get from Enfield and it was certainly a battle but it’s a good result away from home with one of the teams fighting to stay in the playoffs. Well done to all COYU
  2. Firstly, no injuries please Love a win, take a draw.
  3. Well done to the stewards today and to the staff that helped them. Visually a lot more control. No comment about the game, big game Tuesday now
  4. Portland Timbers 1 v 0 LA Galaxy Charlton 1 v 0 Wycombe W Torquay 0 v 2 Dagenham Cray W 2 v 1 Horsham Urchins 3 v 0 Margate Attendance: 650 Contingency: Spurs 1 v 4 Arsenal (Women’s Super Lg)
  5. Don't get me wrong though, we can't afford too many performances like that.
  6. Don't think it was the lack of effort from the guys but I think we just seemed to be missing the guile to get past the team. They have a very experienced manager (as he told me, hinting about probably outlasting a manager from a bigger club down the road!!!) so probably got the best out of their team in terms of setup. I'm sure we'll be fine but we've worked so hard to get on top so games like that are frustrating.
  7. These are the sort of games we need 3 points from. Lucky to get a draw. Come on Hornchurch, we’re better than that. Great effort from the home side
  8. Aberdeen 1 v 1 Hearts Wolves 2 v 1 Leeds Stoke 1 v 2 Norwich Wingate 1 v 3 B. Stortford (could be anything though with BS) Haringey 1 v 3 Hornchurch Attendance: 320 Contingency: Espanyol 2 v 1 Celta Vigo
  9. 3 points please, don't care how. Won't be easy but we're on a good run and I'm confident we can go there and do what we need to do. 8 cup finals to go, COYU - 1-3 Hx att 320
  10. Wasn't there but sounded like an exciting game. Great result for us and puts us 5 points clear of Aveley and Stortford. Well done to all
  11. The club have taken measures - it's now far more difficult for young fans to get in. Not a lot you can do at half time though. Brightlingsea complain about everything.
  12. Any win, doesn't matter how we get it. This is going to be a tough game. 0-1 to Hornchurch att not many
  13. The club have clearly taken quite a bit of action to curtail the activity of some of the younger fans but there's still a certain minority of younger fans causing problems and having been on the receiving end of this at Lewes, it's not pleasant. Think it would help if the stewards wore clothing that was more hi-vis so they are more prominent
  14. Oh, I thought they said Pharrell , thought they were complementing us on our singing we’re certainly happy!
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