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  1. Well early days yet and it’s obvious that we’re still trying out trialists so you can’t read anything into the game whatsoever. It would be nice at this point however to see something close to the starting 11 not to see what they are like but to start building relationships on the pitch so that we can take that momentum into the start of the season. Best player on the pitch first half was George Purcell unfortunately- he took his goal well and helped to set up Canvey's second. Bogey ground gets us again, we rarely get a result at Canvey.
  2. What, playing at home on Non-League day! Has the league made a mistake on the fixtures?
  3. Missed the first half. Glad to get the win but obviously it’s a meaningless result for both sides. Agree there were players there that looked interesting and this is the time to test players / formations etc and build up fitness for the players as well. Good pre season friendly, useful for us and Grays and thanks to Aveley for being good hosts.
  4. Spot on - striker is what we’re missing atm
  5. Guess we'll be playing away October 12th !!!
  6. Have we signed Ricky Howells as well then? Be interesting to see how Bowers get on next season.
  7. Well done to Pete and Jean and to everyone else that turned up - that’s the best turnout we’ve had for a number of years.
  8. Fair point Savagebee - for me, I just want it to end.
  9. It’s all a mess - I just want Brexit to end now. The uncertainty is costing my company
  10. 👍 Do we know anyone that can sort out flags 😂
  11. Seems to have gone quiet on that score - think a striker is what we need most now
  12. 12 Conservative MPs have stated they will vote against the government in a vote of no confidence if a no-deal Brexit is attempted. I can't see the EU negotiating on the deal and that leaves a general election as the only remaining option. It's going to be a mess.
  13. It's going to be Boris, surely. The problem is that he's promised to leave on October 31st come what may. That suggests a no-deal Brexit.
  14. They are all gambling that they can do a deal with the EU over the backstop. We'll see.
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