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  1. As the Hatted Urchin said, that’s a lot over two days. Put me down for a provisional yes depending on my fitness levels.
  2. Get well soon Jean. All the best to you as well Pete
  3. First match for a while and turned out to be a cracker. Well done to the fans for being patient and understanding with the new regulations and thanks to Jago for the erm cup of tea !!!
  4. Spartak Moscow 2 v 1 Zenit St P Reading 2 v 1 Watford Charlton 0 v 2 Sunderland Maldon & T 2 v 0 Grays (FAC) Woolfamstow 0 v 2 ‘ornchurch Att: 261
  5. Bayer Leverkusen 66 v 55 RB Leipzig (14:30) Burnley 3 v 5 Southampton C Palace 7 v 11 Everton Romford 0 v 36 Aveley B Stortford 0 v 4 Hornchurch Att: 36
  6. I think on balance we deserved the win today. Even Simon Parker would have been proud of that goal from Lewwis today, hell of a way to win a game. Think the Eastside was relatively happy with the goal. Good performance bearing in mind how much our front line was affected today. Was it a pen? Thought it was harsh personally but I’m not sure if the ref was compensating as there was a possible pen shout before that which could have gone either way. But we deserved the win anyway . Well done all and a good start to the season
  7. Tough game but I’m feeling confident and reckon we’ll get the win 2-0 att 250
  8. Didn’t see all the game but what I did see looked entertaining. Chris Dickson looks sharp which bodes well for the start of the season. Good team spirit and we might have got a draw out of it but Dagenham look a very good team and secured the win late on. Good day out and the weather held.
  9. Obviously sorry to see him. George has been superb for us and I wish him all the best going forward. Good luck George
  10. Hornchurch B side !!!
  11. Just read your comments Mike - hope things are a little bit easier for you today and sorry for your problems
  12. Napoli 1 v 2 AC Milan Wolves 2 v 1 Everton (12:00) Aston Villa 2 v 1 C. Palace Tottenham 0 v 2 Arsenal Stoke 2 v 1 Birmingham City
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