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  1. It's a real shame - we would have been at least in the playoffs and bearing in mind our unbeaten home form would have been a real contender. Isn't there a team 12 points clear at the top in one league? Having said that, we live in exceptional times and people's health has to come first. The only thing that I will add is that football clubs at our level are usually in a precarious situation and the FA just for one need to step up to the mark and support lower league clubs rather than just concerning themselves with the Premier League. They need to put their hands in the pockets and help the clubs over this period.
  2. As for the game - defence solid, nothing was going to get past them (although that seagull on the wing looked a bit lively) but the midfield and attack were non-existent. Crowd good under the circumstances.
  3. Understand that there is an epidemic happening here but if events have to be cancelled then the FA should be stepping up and offering compensation to the smaller clubs - suppose that the Premiership comes first as always. Just for once, try putting grass roots football first.
  4. Just out of interest, do you know what the biggest winning margin is? Was on the receiving end of a whooping by yourself
  5. Inter Miami 2 v 1 LA Galaxy Newcastle 0 v 1 Sheffield Utd Norwich City 1 v 2 Southampton Reading 2v 0 Stoke Hornchurch 2 v 0 Lewes Att : 278
  6. Can’t comment on the game - sounds as though we should have taken it away from the hosts first half. Starting to look like 1st place is slipping away from us but we still need to fight for every point available as it’s going to take a hell of a performance for someone in this league to beat us at home. Always wary about teams claiming they don’t pay salaries at this level or how much the players earn , seems to be shrouded in mystery!!
  7. Win for me, will copy you UrchinMan and go for 1-2 to Hornchurch att 250
  8. Sorry to see him go and hope he is successful at Burgess Hill. Useful player for us.
  9. B Monchengladbach 1 v 1 B Dortmund C Palace 1 v 1 Watford Charlton 2 v 1 Middlesbrough Aldershot 2 v 0 Dag & Red Cor Casuals 0 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 250
  10. Good win - For me, the only disappointment was not winning by more to be honest. Agree with MikeMike, Ellis Brown has a good debut for us. Really good win and it’s also closed up a bit at the top there as well. Well done to the ref for booking their No 5 early on , glad that sort of decision is being made. Haringey have got some pace up front especially their no 9 but Nathan Cooper in particular was up to the task today. Well taken goal from them though. Away support best I’ve seen at the Bridge this season , not quite as good as us away though! Weather was just weird , isn’t there a song 4 seasons in one day? Very useful win , well done Hornchurch
  11. Dinamo Moscow 2 v 1 Spartak Mosow (13:30) Brighton 1 v 2 Palace (12:30) West Ham 2 v 1 Southampton Chelsea Women 2 v 1 Arsenal Women (lg cup final - score at end of normal time) Hornchurch 2 v 1 Haringey Att: 280
  12. weather depending of course, I think we can get a result - real confidence booster last week will help us. 2-1 Hornchurch att 280
  13. Shame the game was called off so late, was it so bad a game couldn't be played on it?
  14. Don't think this will be easy but got a massive boost from Saturday and I think that could carry us through. 1-2 to Hornchurch att 235
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