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  1. Sad but true Big JR. As much as I can't stand Farage, he has exposed the failings of political system in the UK.
  2. Nothing is won at Christmas and there’s a lot of games to go yet but Horsham and Worthing are just starting to pull out a bit of a gap. Big game on Monday, Haringey are not too far of the playoff places.
  3. https://www.romfordfc.com/news/romford-announce-new-squad-2486769.html
  4. The two main political parties in the UK are close to collapsing. Would you trust either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn? Not for me.
  5. Never see Trump and Tamplin together hmmmn 😁
  6. I wouldn’t swap our board for theirs , that’s for sure
  7. It also means that they (Romford ) can’t have a go at Hornchurch now for taking on a rich owner with a questionable past anymore. They’ve lost whatever remains of any high moral ground they had left
  8. So Romford have sold their soul to Tamplin for 30 pieces of silver. Hopefully they will get a stadium out of it. Hope they don’t stitch up Paul Martin , he’s personally done a lot to keep that club going
  9. very harsh on a manager after only one game , it was always going to be an extremely difficult game for them against a team near the top of a higher division. Obviously don’t know the circumstances though
  10. Cyprus 0 v 3 Scotland (14:00) Leyton Orient 1 v 1 Scunthorpe Dulwich Hamlet 1 v 2 Billericay Enfield 1 v 2 Folkestone Hornchurch 2 v 0 Corinthian Casuals Att: 205
  11. As for the game - really enjoyable, some good goals there and could have been more. Credit to Basildon who kept trying but we were a class above. Impressed with the numbers from Hornchurch , made for a good atmosphere.
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