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  1. Wow! There's some pretty good goals there, will be interesting to see who comes out top
  2. I won something this season then! Going to work real hard to get that wooden spoon back !!
  3. Obviously gutted but there’s a number of factors here. Firstly, that physical battering from Enfield a few days ago, culminating in losing our player of the season in the final, that took a toll. Secondly , Cheshunt are the in form team in the league, some good defending from them today (one hell of a last ditch block from a defender showed the spirit of the team). Thirdly, that was a special second goal from them, worthy of a win. And we didn’t get the rub of the green which you need in games like this - still not sure why that goal was disallowed at the end. After an injury hit first half of the season, to get this close is a testament to the players and management at Hornchurch and we just need move on from this season and get ready to go again. Might be a bit more open next season, the best team in the league for the last two seasons , Worthing are not there next time so that makes it more interesting. Yet again more praise for Dave Holland, our amazing kit man and one of the nicest guys you’re ever likely to meet, he’s going to be missed. Well done to Cheshunt and we move on
  4. Not going to be easy especially after losing Tom Wraight and Cheshunt will be feeling confident. But after Enfield who would bet against the spirit of this team. 2-1 Hornchurch att loads
  5. Very rarely post on other people’s forums but will do this time. Like to thank Enfield for the hospitality and the way you treated the opposition fans. Good luck for next season unless you’re playing us of course (hopefully not!)
  6. Thank you - I fancied you guys to beat Storford , think whoever wins on Monday is going to have to dig deep but genuinely don’t know who that’s going to be. Good luck for next season we’ll be in different leagues whoever wins
  7. If Carlsberg did play off games !
  8. Also want to mention the atmosphere with the Hornchurch fans at the end - it was Weymouth-esque . Fantastic. Also looked like our manager was quite happy as well!!
  9. What a game, victory from the jaws of defeat. To be honest , the pace of our forwards were troubling Enfield but no doubt they were well organised and when they got a chance , it was put away. I think we were the better team overall and deserved that win. The only issue I had was the situation with Tom - that looked like a stamp to me and it could be a nasty injury to him unfortunately. Cheshunt had a similar win to us and it could be a very entertaining final on Monday, amazingly after finishing 4th, we’re at home!!! Massive win but one more game to go - COYU
  10. Really tough to call - Enfield seem to be quite adept at hoofball but we know what’s coming and hoping it’s 3rd time lucky for us. We don’t need to fear the opponents but we do need to respect them. Think we’re going to be okay, I have faith in the guys. Going for a 1-2 win for us att loads.
  11. We all know the hard work and effort you guys put into the pitch without any reward asked for and I’ve seen far worse this season, we know where the problem is with the pitch which is beyond your control. Appreciate everything you do
  12. A number of factors yesterday. Firstly, the team didn’t look like they were playing like they were , hoping getting back to the strongest team without any rotation will resolve that but we were definitely lacking a bit of width and the interplay want as good as it usually was. Secondly the pitch was a tad bumpy and looked a very hard surface to play on. Not a lot the club can realistically do about that. Thirdly, Wingate actually look like a decent side. Their goalkeeper pulled off two saves that were outstanding and they certainly didn’t look like a side whose season was over. Overall then a disappointing day in the office but none of this matters if we go to Enfield and win on Wednesday. Expecting a hard game but we’re due a win against them and I’m expecting a far different performance than yesterday. COYU
  13. Tony Gay is the nicest guy you’re ever likely to meet, something must have happened to trigger him
  14. It’s a shame but we just need to match Enfield’s result on Saturday and we will secure 3rd place and a home tie. COYU
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