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  1. cup of tea

    All downhill for Burgess

    Tremendous first half with Taylor Miles, Glenn Wilson and Sean Marks also making contributions as well. Jordan Clark was outstanding. Second half it’s fair to say that Burgess has the better of it but couldn’t take their chances and we looked dangerous going forward. Just the result we needed. Onwards and Upwards. Well done to Mark Stimson, 51 and all at Hornchurch
  2. Celta Vigo 1 v 0 Valencia Bournemouth 3 v 2 West Ham The Arse 1 v 2 The Chels Basildon 0 v 3 Brentwood Urchins 2 v 1 Burgess Hill Town Att: 162
  3. Cracking win - well done Hornchurch
  4. Home win and a confidence booster as well 3-0 Hornchurch att 68
  5. cup of tea


    I would usually try to find the positives from the match but It felt like a similar performance to the Tonbridge game. Just seemed to not click in midfield and exposed our defence. If we had taken our chances in the first half it might have been different. Agree with everything that urchinman said.
  6. cup of tea

    Predictions Folkstone v Hx Bostik Prem Sat 12th Jan

    Take a draw on this one as well 1-1 att 223
  7. Oh that's right - we went through on penalties in the last round.
  8. Very odd ? Hoping for a replay then !
  9. Thank you. Should be a good game.
  10. Take the win - well done guys
  11. cup of tea

    Awesome performance

    Just seen the replay for the goal - possibly offside but not conclusive
  12. cup of tea

    Club applies to revert to Hornchurch FC

    All I will say now about the past is that the right people are now running the club. I really hope we get Truro City away at some point as I missed the only occasion Hornchurch did that trip since I’ve been going and have regretted it.
  13. Congratulations guys - I’ll be back though 😊
  14. cup of tea

    Awesome performance

    Totally agree - If we had won that game today I don’t think that would have been unjust. Absolutely didn’t deserve to lose , that’s for sure. Was their goal offside? Be nice to see the replay. Keep playing this way and the results will come