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  1. You'd expect Tamplin to announce a change of heart or such like and do a u turn. If he truly has gone though then Rickay will have to do a major re-think and that will mean decimating the playing staff. Good thing for them though is the facilities are a lot better now.
  2. I'm going to be confident and go for a 1-2 win to Hornchurch crowd 220
  3. He's back in the headlines where he likes to be
  4. Prefer sunny Carshalton!!! Great result against a good passing team, really pleased
  5. Love it to be 0-6 to us but that isn't going to happen (opposition is too good for that). Going for a 1-3 Win to us, attendance an optimistic 430 but to be honest, I'd take a scrappy 0-1 to us.
  6. It’s just a bit of jesting MikeMike , there’s a lot of that going on with this competition. I’m the prince of darkness apparently On our form, I wouldn’t bet against us though!!! (Lewis Smith might !!!)
  7. Was hoping for Gloucester City away!! One of these tricky draws where both sides will fancy their chances but both sides were probably hoping for an easier draw. Think it will be tough but I think we will start as favourites
  8. I really hope that someone has recorded the goals as I stupidly missed the game.
  9. Prince of Darkness - Depends on how many pints of Guinness I have (don't know what the plural of Guinness is , there seems to be a dispute), FC Koln 1 v 2 B. Monchengladbach Wolves 1 v 2 Chelsea Sheffield Utd 1 v 2 Southampton Daggers 2 v 1 Hartlepool Carshalton 1 v 3 Hornchurch Attendance : 430
  10. Zambia 0 v 2 South Africa Serbia 1 v 2 Portugal MK Dons 2 v 1 AFCW (12:00) Waltham Abbey 0 v 2 Canvey Island (FAC) Hornchurch 2 v 0 Kempston Rov (FAC) Attendance :215
  11. Good performance - the front two are working well and there were good performances around the pitch. Their no 9 might have taken one or two fouls but boy, was he dishing it out - I’m guessing that the Wingate bench must have missed those incidents! Correct result and the better team won. These are the sort of games we need to win if we’re going to be in the mix. Well done Hornchurch
  12. HALLERgen Lights XI Schalke 04 1 v 1 H. Berlin Southampton 2 v 3 Man United (12:30) Motherwell 2 v 0 Hibs Yeovil 1 v 1 Notts County Hornchurch 3 v 0 Win + Finch Attendance: 219
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