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  1. Agree about Harlow PTU - their behaviour was well over the top when we scored. Won’t miss them
  2. That’s a bit harsh - Barking haven’t got that many resources. The fa seriously need to consider the size of the team and the costs involved in the distances and travelling
  3. George won’t need luck - he’ll be an instant hit there Just hope he’s had his shots though 😁
  4. Best match - Weymouth away , atmosphere was electric and you couldn’t have made up the game best achievement- Jimmy getting us promoted to the conference south , just how did he manage that? Shame a few bad apples let him down the next season favourite player - Simon ‘Jesus’ Parker. Didn’t have an auspicious start but what a player he turned into. Andy Thomlinson a close second. Favourite Personality - Dave Collis , lager than life character (not a spelling mistake!) best experience - getting promoted back to the Ryman Prem at Witham, again the atmosphere in the clubhouse was superb Worst experience - Lowestoft away in the playoffs , don’t know if it was a good game or not as we (Hornchurch) couldn’t get to see the second half. Ground clearly beyond capacity and no noticable stewarding. Lost anyway. Kingstonian away up there as well, awful home fans and loads of security just not lifting a finger to protect the away fans
  5. Also think we’ve doubled the number of posts we write in an entire season today 😂
  6. Give us a shout when you get to Gloucestershire, I’ll cheer you on 😊
  7. Thank you all - seems to be swings and roundabouts with players and investment I’ve always liked going to Enfield and look forward to going there next season. Still can’t work out how we got a draw there you absolutely pummelled us in the first half
  8. Hi guys , sorry to come onto your forum but just got a quick question if you don’t mind. We’ve just lost a decent keeper and got your one in to replace him - do you rate him?
  9. Well whatever happens it should be an exciting season at Hornchurch and it should be well worth a watch 😊
  10. Think the question for me is are we getting rid of players that can play at this level purely for the sake of being able to stamp your own personality on the club? Calum Chaffer is not a has been for example. I want the club to do well, of course I do but there’s a concern there. Having said that I will get behind the club as I always do and it’s true that we are playing more through midfield that we were.
  11. I agree but it’s hard to take when you see (other than Nathan who is still injured) an entire squad taken apart. Admit though it could be an interesting season if the new team gel and we start winning games.
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