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  1. cup of tea

    Predictions Hx v Worthing Bostik Prem Sat 17th Nov

    Going 1-1 as well
  2. Dummy team is lethal - and embarrassing for me as I lost to it. Turkey 1 v 3 Sweden Albania 0 v 1 Scotland Italy 2 v 1 Portugal Falkirk 0 v 1 Partick Thistle Hornchurch 1 v 1 Worthing Att : 241
  3. Well I got the 2-1 bit right , unfortunately it was for Brightlingsea , but how? They caught us with a goal almost from kick-off (I was still helping Ian put the flag out when they scored) and the only other shot on target I remember then having was for the second goal . As for us , we dominated large parts of the game, hit the woodwork twice and were extremely unlucky not to get a result today. Disappointed with the ref not wanting to lay a wreath due to time constraints but well done to Alex for doing it anyway - no time lost. Should have sent signals as to how the game was going to go today Not wanting to blow our own trumpet but I thought the Hornchurch support was exceptional today, obviously a little bit of confusion at the end but I’m not going to go on about that. Felt like the support we had at Witham when we got promoted. All told, just one of those games you come out of scratching your head , never mind on to the league
  4. We never seem to do well here so to quote Kevin Keegan," I would luv it, luv it if we beat them" Going for a 2-1 victory for Hornchurch att 250
  5. B. Dortmund 1 v 2 Bayern Munchen Cardiff 1 v 1 Brighton (12:30) Chesterfield 2 v 1 Billericay (FAC) (probably a Billericay win but I can't bring myself to put that score down) Keith 1 v 2Wick Academy Brightlingsea 1 v 1 Hornchurch Att : 250
  6. cup of tea

    Predictions Hx v Benfleet ESC 3RD Tue 6th Nov

    Need to turn up and put the effort in and respect the opposition (but not too much). If we do that then it's a comfortable win. Going 3-0 att 105
  7. cup of tea

    Theo FJ

    There’s no way of telling - think you’d had to talk to Colin or Jimmy directly on that one.
  8. Effort was there from the players and they were trying to play but it just didn’t seem to click for us yesterday. Bishops Stortford look well organised but nothing special - they will be top half and challenging though . We look a team a little short on confidence at the moment, I was hoping the decent cup result would help us. Says what we knew all along that this is a tougher league and we are still adjusting
  9. I'm going to be optimistic and go 1-2 to Hornchurch att 265
  10. Autumn League, Week 7, 3 Nov 2018. Perth Glory 1 v 0 Brisbane Roar (11:00) The Arse 1 v 2 The Scouse Newcastle 1 v 1 Watford Fylde 0 v 2 Leyton Orient Bishop’s S 1 v 2 Hornchurch Att : 265
  11. cup of tea

    Predictions Hx v Merstham Bostik Prem 30th Oct

    Also going 2-1 Hornchurch crowd 170
  12. cup of tea

    Predictions Margate v Hx Bostik Prem Tue 23rd Oct

    Speak to you next game
  13. cup of tea

    Predictions Margate v Hx Bostik Prem Tue 23rd Oct

    Please read the second sentence again - think that’s what you’re on about
  14. Absolutely cracking win - and I missed it. Well done to Hornchurch, just the result we needed.