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  1. Damn - think this was a game we could have got a point out of. Really well executed goal from them but we had the better of the attacking play I thought . Just lacking the goal only although we did hit the woodwork on more than one occasion. Bishops Storford clearly set themselves up to hold onto the 0-1 win second half but I think even the ref got a bit bored of the tactics , eventually booking their no 2 and adding 6 minutes on at the end. Results went our way yesterday and it was encouraging to see George Sanders get some minutes in. Not too disappointed and on we go
  2. One for me please Tony Simon added - Simon can you check the spelling for the name (I have forgotten if it is one or two T's)
  3. Malta 2 v 0 Faroe Islands Colchester 1 v 3 Tranmere Dagenham 3 v 2 Dover Wingate 1 v 0 Potters Bar Hornchurch 3 v 1 Bishop's Stortford Att: 255
  4. Agree, good post. Didn't know about that Big JR. Just a suggestion - rather than punishing the player directly, I would dock the club of the player a point. I think that would have a dramatic effect on playacting.
  5. I was so delighted about Sean Marks’s red card being rescinded against Margate that I forgot about the person who caused it on the first place i.e. their no.3. Bearing in mind that he was caught on camera cheating and that we might have got something out of the game if it wasn’t for that should the rules be looked at so that retrospective action (e.g. a ban) be taken?
  6. And congratulations to both teams trying to play football in horrendous conditions with what didn’t look like the best pitch for n the world
  7. Thought we edged it on performance, their no 7 was tricky but was pushed back second half. Alex Bentley played a blinder , great game. Massive win for us and a huge step towards safety.
  8. I'm going 0-2 to Hornchurch but it all depends on how many players we have available.
  9. Sassuolo 0 v 2 Sampdoria (14:00) Burnley 2 v 2 Leicester Watford 2 v 1 Hornchurch Palace (12:15) Brentwood 1 v 2 Aveley Potters Bar 1 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 213
  10. Massive thanks to the person who donated £2000. Having said that, all donations big or small are appreciated and all helps to get to the target. Thank you all
  11. If we can beat Potters Bar on Saturday, then I think we’re nearly there. Really can’t see this side going down. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if Harlow goes down, not my favourite club
  12. Didn’t see the offside goal but I’ve been reliably informed it was Oh yes, the handballs - forgot about them
  13. Was disappointed to get so close to a draw and not quite manage it. Pretty much saw the game as MikeMike. Great effort from the guys though, fully committed. If we had more players available I think we could have given Tonbridge a run for their money. Strange atmosphere, not like Tonbridge of old. Could have been given something at the end where their keeper clearly handled outside the area but I don’t think the officials were in a position to see it.
  14. New England Revolution 1 v 0 Columbus Crew Newcastle Utd 2 v 2 Everton QPR 2 v 1 Stoke City Queen of the South 2 v 0 Inverness Caley Thistle Tonbridge Angels 1 v 2 Hornchurch Attendance : 329
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