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  1. What is this strange and mysterious world called “The Midlands” that you keep referring to? Is it past Watford?
  2. Can I request a name change to: aMoyesIng (it's shorter) Valencia 0 v 2 Barcelona Coventry 1 v 2 Birmingham (FAC) Southampton 2 v 1 Spurs (FAC) Orient 0 v 1 Newport County Bowers 1 v 2 Hornchurch Att:191
  3. Think we are suffering from not taking our chances at the moment. Think we were the better side. Balance not quite there at the moment. Just a word on their no 2 - if you don’t want to be moaned at then don’t cheat , simples
  4. Really pleased with the result - good point away midweek against one of our main competitors. Also sounds as though we could have won it. Very encouraging going forward.
  5. Tough game but just have a feeling that there's going to be a reaction to Saturday's game and fancy us to win. 1-2 to Hornchurch att 150
  6. Good addition to the squad and should provide a boost to us at just the right time.
  7. Lesson for me there is that a fan shouldn't take on a genuine footballing person! Hoffenheim 2 v 1 Eintracht Frankfurt West Ham 1 v 2 Everton Southampton 1 v 2 Wolves Histon 1 v 2 Glenn Tamplin’s Wizards Hornchurch 2 v 1Leatherhead Att 250
  8. Can’t help but agree with all of the above . The setup of the team didn’t seem quite right. Also seemed a flat performance, someone said to me it was reminiscent of the Potters Bar game. Well done to Aveley , good hard working performance from them but this was clearly a missed opportunity for us. At least we can start clearing off those games in hand now.
  9. Desperate attempt at getting re-elected. The US has been tracking this guy for years and Obama and Bush thought it too dangerous to take this guy out. Gets rid , calms the situation down and take credit for resolving a situation he caused in the first place. It’s the Trump way
  10. Agree that it's going to be a hard game and Aveley are doing really well. We're doing well also and we're at home so I think that gives us the edge. I'm going 1-0 Att 420
  11. Lazio 2 v 0 Napoli C Palace 1 v 2 Arsenal (12:30) Tottenham 2 v 3 Liverpool Southend 1 v 3 Tranmere Urchins 1 v 0 Aveley (FAT) Att: 425
  12. Just picking up on something that Colin said - The structure of the club is now in a good place and with the likes of the academy (with a new building on the way) and the events and progress on the pitch, this club is on the up. Good time to be an Urchin.
  13. It's just disappointing because those individuals spoil it for the rest of the fans and it gives a bad impression to anyone else that's visiting the ground. Also give ammunition to the aforementioned media graduates (think it was sociology degrees that were frowned upon in my time as a student!). Hope that something is said in future home games.
  14. It’s what I thought happened , thank you for confirming that. Certainly no abuse of the opposing fans from the Eastside
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