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  1. I really believe that we're going to get some players back and that we will plug the gaps from Tuesday night. Confidence boosting 3-0 win to the Urchins Attendance 340
  2. Spartak Moscow 1 v 0 Dinamo Moscow Leicester City 1 v 2 Man United Norwich 0 v 2 Brighton Bowers 0 v 3 Aldershot (FAC) Hornchurch 3 v 0 The Leatherhead Lip Attendance: 340 Contingency Lazio 1 v 2 Inter Milan
  3. Of all opposing managers , it had to be Ming! Bet he’s gloating all the way back to his tea shop. We’re clearly missing players, especially Sam Higgins - we would have won that game easily had he been playing. Team seemed to be not balanced with a bit of a gap on the right last night. Just got to get through this sticky period , rumour has it that we might get a couple of players back on Saturday. COYU
  4. Wasn’t at the game so can’t comment but it’s obvious that we’re currently struggling with injuries etc. Hopefully things will improve soon
  5. Azerbaijan 0 v 3 Ireland Barrow 1 v 2 Orient Darlington 1 v 2 Hereford (the “we can see you sneaking out” derby) Margate 0 v 1 Lewes ETU 2 v 3 The Chins Att: 270 Contingency Scotland 1 v 0 Israel
  6. Pleased to still be in it , going for a win and hopefully a more entertaining game if conditions allow this time 2-1 Hornchurch att 240
  7. At. Madrid 2 v 1 Barcelona Brighton 1 v 1 The Arse Portsmouth 0 v 2 Sunderland Jersey Bulls 0 v 3 Chertsey (FAC 3Q) Bowers 0 v 3 Hornchurch (FAC 3Q) Att: 270 Contingency match Col U 2 v 1 Salford City
  8. Corinthians 2 v 1 Palmeiras Chelsea 11 v 11 Man City (12:30) Leeds 1 v 2 West Ham Romford 0 v 2 AFC Sudbury Lewes 0 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 480 Contingency Nottm Forest 0 v 1 Millwall
  9. Oh and well taken pen from Walthamstow
  10. Comfortable win today, think that 2-0 at half time really made it very difficult for them to get anything out of the game. Speaking of which, we seem to have two games out there, football and Mortal Kombat! Think the tactics from them were that they weren’t going to match us on skill so there was a bit of stick from them in order to unsettle us. Didn’t work but good effort especially from their no 4 of whom the ref gave every chance before finally booking him. I think the cry of ‘finish him’ must have been in Liam Nash’s head for the 3rd goal, an amazing cross from the excellent Sam Higgins. N
  11. A win, any win will do. We seem to be hitting a bit of form now. 3-1 att 350
  12. Atlanta 1 v 2 DC United Norwich 1 v 1 Watford Villa 2 v 1 Everton Banks O’Dee 1 v 2 Turriff Utd (Scot Cup) Chins 3 v 1 Walthamstow (FAC) Att: 450 Contingency match... Wrexham 2 v 1 Dag & Red
  13. The main thing is that we’re still in it. Let’s get the result tonight and move on. Wont be underestimating Barton Rovers but we have got the better team on paper
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