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  1. Wooden Spoon playoff PaulC Real Madrid 2 v 1 Barcelona Come on Palace 1 v 2 Chelsea (who are broadly on the Boat Race route) "Crew" 2 v 1 Oxford Utd (see what I did there?) Cambridge U 2 v 1 Exeter City Aldershot 1 v 1 Yeovil Contingency match Tottenham 2 v 2 Manchester U (Sunday)
  2. Am I right in saying we're the lowest ranked team ever to reach the final? Heard that a few times.
  3. Please predict on : Twente Enschade 1 v 1 Vitesse Arnhem Leicester City 1 v 2 Man City Arsenal 2 v 1 Liverpool Southend 0 v 1 Carlisle (13:00) Annan Athletic 1 v 2 Elgin City Contingency match Leipzig 3 v 2 Bayern Munich
  4. Thank you Phil - I think even the most die-hard Hornchurch fans were probably fearing the worst when that semi-final draw was made but there's been a massive spirit through the club during this awful pandemic and that's carried us through I think. Hope you guys get promotion you deserve to be in a higher league.
  5. Literally just stopped crying. What an amazing game. Hornchurch just doesn't know when they're beaten. Never thought anything would top Weymouth but today has done it. It is going to take a while to sink in that our next game is at Wembley (and not Wembley FC, the other one!) Well done to everyone and Karma for Tina as well
  6. Norway 1 v 1 Turkey (World Cup Qualifier) Dundee 2 v 0 Dunfermline Dagenham 1 v 2 Torquay Hereford 2 v 1 Woking (FAT) Notts County 1 v 1 Hornchurch (FAT) Contingency game Czech Republic 1 v 3 Belgium
  7. Fuming about this. Anyone who knew Tina as a person and/or understood the contribution that both she and Ken have made to the football club over a long period of time will understand how senseless this is.
  8. "It's tomorrow you buffoon. You may change if you wish, or I'll give you a 10 point bonus if you get it right." I will consider myself duly admonished and will change the result. Thank you sir Besiktas 1 v 1 Fenerbahçe (tasty!) West Ham 2 v 1 The Arse Villa (again) 1 v 2 The Spuds Leicester 2 v 0 Man Utd (FAC) – before extra time Celtic 1 v 2 Rangers (tasty-waisty!) (12:00) Contingency game: Roma 2 v 0 Napoli
  9. Besiktas 1 v 1 Fenerbahçe (tasty!) West Ham 2 v 1 The Arse Villa (again) 1 v 2 The Spuds Leicester 2 v 0 Man Utd (FAC) – before extra time Celtic 271 v 272 Rangers (tasty-waisty!) (12:00) Contingency game: Roma 2 v 0 Napoli
  10. Dinamo Moscow 2 v 1 Spartak Moscow Palace 1 v 1 West Brom Nottm Forest 0 v 2 Reading Southend 0 v 1 Stevenage Newtown 2 v 1 Cardiff Met University Contingency game: Arsenal 1 v 3 Spurs (Sunday)
  11. B. Monchengladbach 1 v 0 B. Leverkusen (14:30) A. Villa (Again!) 2 v 1 Wolves Brighton 1 v 3 Leicester Ross County 1 v 0 Kilmarnock Millwall 0 v 1 Blackburn Rovs Contingency game: Atletico Madrid 1 v 2 Real Madrid (Sunday)
  12. Agree with Old Towner on this Notts County are a massive club compared to Hornchurch and to be in the same competition seems a bit unfair but that's the luck of the draw. Sure we'll give them a good game and who knows? We've beaten bigger clubs to get this far. Saying that, would have preferred to be home to Woking!!! COYU
  13. What an amazing achievement, everyone involved should really be proud of this. Well done to all. home tie for the semis please
  14. Porto 1 v 2 Sporting Lisbon Aldershot 2 v 1 Hereford (FAT QF) Notts County 2 v 0 Oxford City (FAT QF) Woking 0 v 1 Torquay (FAT QF) Darlington 1 v 2 Hornchurch (FAT QF) Rule 6 is drawn to your attention.
  15. Looking on their forum, it does look like they are in a very difficult position with the league in terms of costs and I do have sympathy for their predicament. Think the majority of their fans wants the game to go ahead. We'll have to wait and see. Obviously hoping for the win as we need the money as well
  16. AC Milan 1 v 2 Inter Arsenal 1 v 3 Man City (sorry Jordan!) West Ham 0 v 2 Spurs Col U 0 v 1 Tranmere Aldershot 1 v 1 Wrexham Contingency match: At. Bilbao 2 v 1 Villareal
  17. Ah I didn't see that quote. All you've got though are verifiable facts
  18. They are talking about revenge on their forum for the FA Cup defeat! Long time to bear a grudge
  19. Ooh, you can feel the bitterness and vitriol coming out, quite funny though
  20. Oostende 1 v 2 Genk Leicester 2 v 1 Liverpool (12:30) Brighton 0 v 2 Villa (Probably 2 x pens gained from that greasy, diving little sh** Grealish) Derby 2 v 1 Middlesbrough Boreham Wood 2 v 1 Sutton United Contingency game: Swarovski Tirol 2 v 0 RB Salzburg
  21. Loving the buzz this is generating. Congratulations to all. And yes, the Maidstone fans seem to have a problem with their manager.
  22. What a game Defensively, not the best but who cares!!! That registers 10 Urchins on the entertainment scale. Fantastic result. Well done to all the officials and volunteers behind the scenes making this happen and the streaming was very good - especially bearing in mind this was all new to us. Big shout out to our new commentary team and to the cameraman. Hoping for another home game next. Also the prize money will come in very handy to help the club out. COYU
  23. Looking forward to this game. Nothing to lose. My previous encounters at Maidstone were all positive, decent people at the club and decent fans and well supported although fans won't be an issue this time!
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