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  1. Me too - I live in a marginal seat so I get loads.
  2. It really depends on what team we can put out to be honest . I’d take a draw 1-1 crowd 170
  3. Pleased to get this out of the way to be honest - not my favourite cup. Well done to all
  4. I'd sooner not play this match and give the players a chance to recover. Having said that, I'd take a draw 1-1 att 250
  5. Good performance first half - could have won the game. Second half I think a combination of tiredness from the midweek excursions along with quite an energetic and skilful Bognor side meant that we were pushed back. Still had some good chances though to win it though. Hope that Marvin is ok. as for the ref - excellent. Easily kept up with play, very good decision making and wasn’t taken in with some of the antics. If female refs are going to be like that then more of them please.
  6. I’d take a draw out of this because of our recent efforts. 1-1 att 259
  7. Absolutely crazy result . Think if nothing else this shows the spirit of the team that is going to be very handy going forward. Hope we didn’t get too many injuries. Well done to all. Let’s get the next round out of the way and fingers crossed for bath city away after that 😊 (for purely selfish reasons)
  8. Think it could be an interesting game with the odd goal winning it. I'm going for us to get that goal. 2-1 att 198
  9. Genoa 1 v 2 Torino (17:00) Burnley 1 v 2 Crystal Palace Wigan 2 v 1 Reading Kingstonian 3 v 0 Fylde (FAC) Hornchurch 2 V 0 Bognor att: 285
  10. Cracking game and we deserved a replay of of that. If only Lewwis Spence’s shot had been a few centimetres lower but what a shot. We could have nicked that. Agree that there was a few blatant fowls coming in from Oxford but they are a good team too. Fingers crossed for the replay
  11. Looking forward to the ‘home’ game. Got a feeling that we might pull something out of the bag for this one. 1-1 att 330 and maybe a win in the replay
  12. Werder Bremen 2 v 1 Schalke Bournemouth 1 v 2 Wolves West Ham Utd 0 v 3 Totteringham H (12:30) Dereham Town 0 v 2 GT’s Romford Oxford City 1 v 1 Hornchurch att: 330
  13. Traffic depending, my coach should arrive in Oxford at 11:30 - I'll catch up with you guys there.
  14. Sad but true Big JR. As much as I can't stand Farage, he has exposed the failings of political system in the UK.
  15. Nothing is won at Christmas and there’s a lot of games to go yet but Horsham and Worthing are just starting to pull out a bit of a gap. Big game on Monday, Haringey are not too far of the playoff places.
  16. https://www.romfordfc.com/news/romford-announce-new-squad-2486769.html
  17. The two main political parties in the UK are close to collapsing. Would you trust either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn? Not for me.
  18. Never see Trump and Tamplin together hmmmn 😁
  19. I wouldn’t swap our board for theirs , that’s for sure
  20. It also means that they (Romford ) can’t have a go at Hornchurch now for taking on a rich owner with a questionable past anymore. They’ve lost whatever remains of any high moral ground they had left
  21. So Romford have sold their soul to Tamplin for 30 pieces of silver. Hopefully they will get a stadium out of it. Hope they don’t stitch up Paul Martin , he’s personally done a lot to keep that club going
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