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  1. 12 Conservative MPs have stated they will vote against the government in a vote of no confidence if a no-deal Brexit is attempted. I can't see the EU negotiating on the deal and that leaves a general election as the only remaining option. It's going to be a mess.
  2. It's going to be Boris, surely. The problem is that he's promised to leave on October 31st come what may. That suggests a no-deal Brexit.
  3. They are all gambling that they can do a deal with the EU over the backstop. We'll see.
  4. We know why Boris kept his distance now - he’s not got a real plan
  5. Well - with regards to being the next president, I got that hopelessly wrong ! Underestimated how much certain Americans hated Hillary. Just so many things I don’t like about Trump , so many. Dishonestly (where’s his tax returns!!!), affinity with big business , thinly veiled racist (only presidential candidate ever to be endorsed by the KKK and numerous verbal attacks on Mexicans) and he’s running up a massive debt with the US which means their economy is going to go down at some point. Possible connections with the Russian authorities, attitude towards women, bankruptcies a plenty. possible interference with investigations , awarding presidential pardon to a convicted criminal who swindled money out of the US public, pulling out of the global climate change agreement. Verbal attack on a dead war hero, failed talks with North Korea, failed talks with China, failed talks with Mexico admittedly he did behave over in the UK though. Other than that he’s done an outstanding job !! Lincoln? More like Nixon 😁
  6. Sad news indeed. Always had a smile, always had time for people and she is going to be sorely missed at Hornchurch FC. My condolences go out to Ken and to all of Tina’s family and friends
  7. One half of the double act is back - now where’s Loose 😊
  8. Ah a puzzle - I can think of Nathan and George but I can’t work out who the third is ?
  9. Wouldn't say rip roaring success (it's Trump after all) but he was well behaved.
  10. Lesser of two evils but not by much.
  11. I'd sooner watch Romford then have someone like Tamplin at the club - well maybe I wouldn't go THAT far!!!
  12. Think he'll do extremely well there. Good luck Sean
  13. Hey there - first thing by all means stick your beak here , we like to think we’re a friendly lot Firstly, we’re not a fan owned club. Fair to say we’ve made some good signings, think that’s surprised a lot of us fans here. We were worried that all the players were going to be kicked out for ones of similar quality (or worse) so we’re just as surprised as probably yourselves (have a look back on this and other threads for our concerns). No idea on the financials though ???
  14. Strong in the centre half position now - starting to come together. Really good to keep Nathan. Bet he can’t wait for the new season after all he’s been through
  15. All I've heard about Arthur Lee is really promising for us. Good signings.
  16. Not sure what Trump can do to Khan to be honest (apart from Tweeting) - if Corbyn gets elected then that could cause an issue as I can see Trump getting re-elected.
  17. I think a no deal brexit is now likely especially if Boris gets in. There will be irreparable damage done to the UK economy if this happens. As for Theresa May I think you’re spot on there Big JR - she’s been treated poorly by her own party and has been made the fall erm Gal for her party. Even if she had spoken to the other parties and tried to get a consensus before there’s too many people in parliament that are only looking out for power and it would have failed.
  18. No bitterness with me whatsoever with Thurrock being involved - the more the merrier and if it means you guys get somewhere you think of as home after what unfortunately happened to your ground then great. If we have a great season I will be happy - looking forward to it.
  19. I think as you've said yourself before, your circumstances mean that you don't go regularly now and looking from the outside on this situation you can perhaps make judgements from a less emotive perspective. I think for me, it's watching practically the entire squad leaving in the space of less than one season and you do have to ask the question of whether the replacements are going to be better. At the end of the day it's nice to see success on the pitch and if that happens then great. I would also want any progress at the club to be organic and sustainable and that certainly seems to be the case here with the academy and the current future plans for the club and's that's so encouraging. I don't want a boom and bust situation occurring, we've been there before and the bust part of that wasn't pleasant.
  20. If we need a new striker , Andy Carroll has just been released by West Ham 😂
  21. Speaking of Tonbridge - congratulations to Alex Bentley who’s signed for them in the National South.
  22. Great hosts , great company and a smashing day out (as usual). Thank you to everyone who was involved with organising this event.
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