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  1. Trying not to get emotional about the game. Massive result for us especially with such a poor ref who ruined the game for both sides. How George got sent off was beyond me. Massive performance from us today - so proud of the team. Well done Hornchurch for pulling that result against the odds
  2. Anderlecht 1 v 1 Club Brugge Chelsea 0 v 3 Man City (Lg Cup final) ** Man United 1 v 2 Liverpool Arsenal Women 0 v 2 Man City (Lg Cup final) (12:15) ** Leatherhead 0 v 2 Hornchurch att 250
  3. Feeling confident about this one, I'm going for a 0-2 win to Hornchurch att 250
  4. Just because you gave me a whooping last week 😁
  5. cup of tea

    Thurrock / Purfleet fans

    Obviously not the way I would have liked to see new fans come and watch us and it’s a real shame what happened to Thurrock but all are welcome. I’d like to think we’re a friendly club. If any ex Thurrock fan would like to approach us just to let us know what they’d like to see at the football club or have any ideas/suggestions carried over from Thurrock then I’m sure that mr Daley would be interested to hear your input. No guarantee that those ideas can be implemented but you never know. We’re always going to listen.
  6. cup of tea

    Hx 2 Enfield 0

    Great performance today - really good from the Urchins. Only sour point was George Saunders going off injured. Better team and deserved to win. Excellent support from Enfield , very impressive but never been too keen on drums! Good goal from Stimson. Well done
  7. cup of tea

    Hx 2 Enfield 0

    The only other thing I’d like to mention is seeing Jay play for the other team. Very Very weird. Glad we applauded him when his name was read out and I hope he does well for Enfield (after the league cup final of course)
  8. cup of tea

    Predictions Hx v Enfield Tn Bostik Prem Sat 16th Feb

    Bit worried now with Enfield’s new full back 😱
  9. cup of tea

    Predictions Hx v Enfield Tn Bostik Prem Sat 16th Feb

    We got battered in the first half at their place but somehow manufactured a draw out of the game (great goal from Brad). It's a different team that faces Enfield this time and I hope the style of play helps us. I'd like to see a draw out of this.
  10. Atalanta 0 v 2 AC Milan AFC Wimbledon 1 v 2 Millwall (FAC) Preston 2 v 1 Nottm Forest Southend 1 v 2 Portsmouth (12:30) Hornchurch 2 v 1 Enfield Att: 225
  11. cup of tea

    AFC Hornchurch 3 Bracknell Town 2

    Great win, well done to all. Has Taylor Miles gone back then? That’s a shame
  12. cup of tea

    Remi Sutton

    It was obvious that the ex-Thurrock manager was going to bring in ex Thurrock players, that’s understandable. If they can get into a pattern of play that Mark Stimson (51) is comfortable with quickly as there’s already an understanding then I’m happy with that. Having said that, I’m disappointed to lose Jay who’s been a consistently good player for us (stats prove that). We are playing more football in midfield , the key there is Taylor Miles who can spot a pass and uses the ball well. We haven’t really had anyone like that since Jon Hunt. Also the emergence of George Saunders has been a real bonus for us. Great for Jimmy and the staff to find him.
  13. Just a win please - a final will be great for the club
  14. cup of tea

    Remi Sutton

    Good luck to Jay , very sorry to see him leave. Was one of the stand out players from last season as Luke said. At least we’ve got a replacement in
  15. cup of tea

    Bognor 2 Hx 0

    Result was not a fair reflection of the game. Very disappointed not to come away with anything from that. Two goals either side of half time was our un-doing. Can’t tell if it was a pen or not, ref was far better placed than we were. Good performances all around , can’t fault anyone. Draw would have been a fairer result but Bognor took their chances and that what counts. Should take the positives out of the game and move on.
  16. cup of tea

    Proud to be an Urchin

    Tactical play sir - I will be celebrating my victory at the end of the season
  17. Atletico Madrid 1 v 2 Real Madrid Watford 2 v 0 Everton Middlesbrough 2 v 1 Leeds (13:00) Stoke City 0 v 1 West Brom Bognor Regis 0 v 2 Hornchurch Att: 275
  18. Yeah missed out on the attendance. Great effort Great effort from hx I mean 😊
  19. cup of tea

    Proud to be an Urchin

    As I predicted 3-1 to Chelmsford i’m going to predict 5-0 to Hornchurch for the rest of the season 😁 you never know !!!
  20. cup of tea

    Proud to be an Urchin

    Obviously wasn't there but from what I heard we were easily the better team in the first half but Chelmsford must have gone through the gears in the second half. Well done to all.
  21. cup of tea

    Hx 3 Corinthians 0

    Great win for Hornchurch today, always looked more dangerous than Corinthians going forward and stood firm defensively. Will be really good to see the excellent George Sanders free kick again and pleased for George Purcell to get a good goal in for the third. Going down ? Not playing like this. Great three points today
  22. Unfortunately can’t make this, sure it will be a good game but if you were a betting man then you would put your money on Chelmsford. 3-1 to Chelmsford att 372
  23. cup of tea

    Hx 3 Corinthians 0

    Should be a good game - all the best (after Monday!)
  24. Hibs v Aberdeen Brighton 1 v 1 Watford Wigan 2 v 2 QPR Canvey 1 v 2 Aveley Hornchurch 2 v 0 Cor Casuals Att: 167