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    29-October 10 - Happy Birthday Vera :)

  2. This is not actually posted by Vera, for what will soon be obvious reasons, but as I helped her set up her account when she was new to computing, I can take a liberty this one time. Vera Sidwell, one time avid poster on this board & for over 30 years a loyal Fleet supporter, died peacefully last night in the Lion's Hospice. She had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer for just short of 3 years, but managed to maintain a reasonably normal life until the Whitsun holiday when she was admitted to Darent Valley & then onto the hospice. Even in this season just finished, her last season at the Fleet, she managed to get to twice as many games as she missed. In the decades before that you could count the home games she didn't make on the fingers of one hand. Vera started going to the Fleet at an auspicious time, the 1974-1975 season, which was to end with record breaking promotion to the Southern Premier League. Initially only going out of curiosity (for 3 years she'd been dropping her husband & son off at the turnstiles) she was soon hooked. Never one for doing things by halves, she was made "Personality of the Year" during Roger Easterby's reign, receiving her award from Bobby Charlton at the Woodville Halls. A few years later, she was just as chuffed to win the Supporters' Association fancy dress competition which she attended as Kenny Burrett, complete with football strip & beard (which took my wife & I hours to make from our dog's fur.) She travelled the length & breadth of England & Wales in her time, from Weymouth to Bangor, from Scarborough to Altrincham. She was at Barrow when the Fleet lost their place in the top flight of non league football and she was at Canvey & Bedford for the crucial wins which took them back. She drove Pip Jeffery's mum, Pat, to games, taking over, I believe, from Chatham Gary when he left the area and for many years, she, Pat & Gary's mum Kate were a force to be reckoned with in the main stand. She was the most loyal Fleet supporter I ever knew, refusing to bad mouth them, even after the most abject displays. When the Fleet Trust was set up she was there at the initial meeting & one of the first to sign up. She enjoyed posting on this forum & for the 2 seasons she took part whipped me out of sight in the Prediction League. She particularly admired players who ran their hearts out for the cause. For this reason, she was a confirmed fan of Charlie MacDonald. I know I won't be the only Centre Stand regular to miss you at home games from now on, Mum. Goodbye for now ... and up the Fleet! Graham S
  3. Quote: Graham S said: For a laugh, I've added what I recorded of the winner that might have been, too. Don't bother with this 3rd clip if you haven't got sound available, or if you can't bear to hear a nerd make a fool of himself. Graham S He was shouting in my ear! Disappointed at the time, as I was certain Sodje had to score, but as others have said, the hesitation was proof he thought he was offside & he probably was. In the cold light of day, winning because the men in black missed something wouldn't have done the game justice. Neither side deserved to lose.
  4. A dreadful disease especially in one so young. Hope we can get something organised to help. I feel sure the supporters trust will do all they can to help. Unfortunately, an event could be hit by holidays, which I am sure is what affected Justin's match so much, but perhaps we could be advised as to where we could donate if we cannot get to the event itself. This kind of thing devastates the whole family of the person concerned and to feel that other people care must be some consolation, so I do hope that we have the opportunity to show that we as a club do care.
  5. Chris, do you mean my input is crazy or the goings on off the field?
  6. I have never criticised decisions made by any manager at our club, but I really have serious doubts now as to whether it is just easier to 'manage' a group of full time youngsters eager to get the opportunity to play football full time, than it would be to have one or two older experienced players part time whom would maybe not be so easy to 'manage'. Has J.J. definitely proved that it would be impossible for him to fit in with most of the training. Would it not have been worth maybe some evening training to retain some of our more valuable part timers. I never thought that I would feel I can't be bothered with it any more, but to see the club stripped of some of its older better players really makes me wonder what is really going on. It is a good job we have a committed Fleet Trust as we may need them to re-launch us in the future. How I hope that I am wrong.
  7. I wonder when we will know about Jacko. I understand that he is more or less able to train as and when required to fit in with the players' training schedule and whether he went to another club for a short time is irrelevant as the fact is when he came back to us I felt he was more inspired than when he left us. It is not just sentiment, I defy anyone to say that he looked past it last season and true his job is hard work, but healthy work and could well play a part in why he is still so fit. He would also make a good captain I.M.O. as I am sure would any of the others mentioned above. I do think that as there is so much concern about whether he is staying or not we should be told very soon and, if he doesn't stay was it his wish to go? I doubt if money would be a prime concern with him.If the rumour re Margate is true he would have to weigh up the time spent travelling and the cost of petrol etc.
  8. I agree on your first point (in capitals) and also on your last point (very important)
  9. It would be very sad if going full time is our downfall. I would hate to be in the position where I could say even if only to myself "I told you so", but I really felt that we needed another couple more seasons of part time. Unfortunately there were people on this forum who kept harping about needing to be full time. I sincerely hope we can survive, and I would be more confident of us doing that if we were part time, but I guess we can't put the clock back. Please let Jacko stay as he brings stability to the side and would set an example to younger players of how to give 100% and importantly how to pick one's self up quickly after injury. I really do hope we can survive, because it would be so difficult to get back again into the conference. We even have lower than conference level paying full time players so it does look pretty desperate, but I think we will do it.
  10. Robbo why do you have to say they must have been crap to lose to us. I don't think they were crap - in fact I have seen us lose to worse sides than them. I think some of you expect to see the standard of football you see on television. It just isn't going to happen. Maybe I am easily pleased but I enjoyed the match and was pleasantly surprised by the win, which I think we deserved. I don't doubt one or two will be disappointed we won as they can't moan about losing again, but will have to resort to cynicism. Well done boys. Now, you can have a good old moan at me for voicing an opinion.
  11. I don't usually express an opinion but I felt we were going full time too early and I think that Jacko as a part time player was equally as good as any of the full timers - admittedly Jimmy is quite an exceptional asset to the club. He gives 100%+ every time he wears a G&NF shirt and I can't believe that he would want to go and I would be most interested to know the club's reason if they require him to go. I do have sympathy with the club as I feel certain supporters were putting pressure on them last season to go full time but maybe just maybe we should have stayed as we were and tried to capture the cream of the players who didn't want full time football - i.e. players like Jacko. Hope to see you next season Jimmy?
  12. I tend not to comment on the forum as I do not consider I am competent enough to criticise too much various decisions made by the chairman or the manager, but I do remember that when Liam was chosen the firing squad was out before the court marshall had been held. There were one or two people who seemed to think that we should be bringing in a bigger name, but we had to cut our coat to the size of the cloth and too many clubs go to the wall by trying to have what they can't afford. I remember when we were very near to going bankrupt when Lionel Ball stepped in and got us on the right track financially. I think that Brian has the ability to look after the finances and also has ambition which is very important. I would say that when we nearly went bankrupt a large factor in this was the fact that we paid a certain manager far in excess of what we could afford and more importantly far more than he was worth. Incidentally, he was a big name to a club such as ours.
  13. If I had been the sponsor/s I don't think I would sponsor again. It is hardly the kind of behaviour to encourage sponsorship. I really do think that some of the old moaners are just jealous of the young players. It would be interesting to know what footballing skills some of them possessed when they were young. It is so easy to have a go at someone who can't retaliate.
  14. Normally I don't comment - I leave that to the men, but I felt we played well, particularly the first 20 - 30 mins. and I think Accrington were quite worried, as it really looked as if we definitely had the edge on them. I thought their passing was superb, as they seemed to know exactly where their players were, without even looking up and this was very telling when they were on the attack as they seemed to find their players so well. Possibly they have had more opportunity to play together as a team and hopefully if we can avoid injuries and suspensions we can experience the same. Where does Danny get his energy from? I thought Watkins battled well, especially at first when (laugh if you like) I thought we were on top. I await your 'expert' criticisms. I am sure they will go up, which I am sure will help towards the sanity of their manager who must have pushed his blood pressure way past normal limits from what I saw of him.
  15. Well done FF it takes a man to apologise. I am sure you couldn't care less about my opinion of you but it has just gone up a lot.
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