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  1. 03-May 11 - Happy Birthday Darter :)

  2. 03-May 10 - Happy Birthday Darter :)

  3. I notice you are continuing your rather pointed interest in our club, Richard. I see your own team appears to be having a very bad run of form. Have you started looking for another manager yet? After all, you are an old-established club, as you often point out - no reason for you to baulk at change. Just to provide some context, we drew with the League leaders today away from home. Last week we got through to the semi-finals of our League Cup. There's been a lot of changes at our club Richard, new players and a completely different way of approaching the game. And all with the same manag
  4. Just for information, Southill Alexander are still playing at the Carlsberg next season, we have a 3-year groundshare agreement.
  5. Perhaps Cliff lives in a micro-climate. It's still freezing here with quite a lot of snow lying on the pitch in Biggleswade. I can't imagine anywhere else in this part of the country being any better, and when it melts we'll have water-logged pitches instead ....
  6. Gary, I can empathise with that comment!

  7. Hello Tactical Genius, are you by any chance another incarnation of Richard193/lesbos/hammerfan/nlfan?
  8. From the Bedfordshire County Football League website : Just One Left On Tomorrow With four more clubs putting up the Snow Off signs, the prospects of play tomorrow in The Bedfordshire County Football League rests on the Division Two clash between Kings AFC and Bedford Hatters at King George VI Playing Fields. The club is planning to inspect the pitch at 10.00am tomorrow morning, the result of which will be posted to site as soon as possible after that time. So just one possible match left across all the Divisions. I think that tells its own tale of how severe this weather actua
  9. Now then ... we still have the emails, Richard. You wanted your money back for the website subscription, we sent it. You were offered the opportunity to have your (one) share sold, you declined. I can post the emails up here if you want, but I think you know the truth. You also know the truth about who paid for the concert tickets. End of story. Bye bye.
  10. Richard, you can't view the website because you no longer have a valid website membership - and your money was refunded, if you recall.
  11. Oh, and Biggleswade United Reserves at home has now joined the very long list of games already off in the Bedfordshire League tomorrow. Mind you, that's hardly surprising, is it, bearing in mind what I posted above about the weather here.
  12. You're a sad man, Cliff, and it's a shame that you have fallen this far.
  13. And no Richard, it's not for you to read anything into our fixtures, you're quite right. Those are the fixtures we were given, we had a long run of away matches and that's that. have a word with our League Secretary if you have a problem with it. We play where and when we are told to, and are happy to do so. You forget conveniently to mention that as we groundshare, we have to defer to our landlords when they have a Cup match.
  14. You must both be having a lot of fun trolling on here. The game was switched to Biggs United because the Carlsberg was required for a FA Youth Cup match. As it happened, it didn't go ahead because the pitch was waterlogged. However, we were able to play at Biggs United, which was very convenient. I had thought you were both going to stop trying to spread this ridiculous cr*p about my club, but you both obviously don't have enough to do to fill your time. Neither of you live in Bedfordshire - we had about 4 or 5 inches of snow in Biggleswade last night, it is the worst weather I have seen f
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