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  1. our thoughts are with you and your family Andy
  2. is it prize money or are said company paying us for the hire of the ground etc ??????
  3. Stewart Margolis was a poor manager had a big squad that did nothing imo at this level my money was and is on George Borg a good manager
  4. managers who's the best ??? from day one to yesterday league only P W D L Jim Chandler 237 146 46 45 Stewart Margolis 42 17 7 18 Steve Newing 182 87 33 62 Bryan and Peter Hammatt 2 0 0 2 George Borg 34 11 10 13 Bradley Quinton 133 68 24 41 Andy Leese 30 9 9 120 without manager 9 3 3 3
  5. brads stats at slough town Total STFC Appearances: 22 Total STFC Goals: 10
  6. thank you and good luck with our two new players lets get playing
  7. 4wembley finals I apologise ,,,,,heat of the moment didn't mean to offend you hope we can still have some good banter on here
  8. I pay to watch the game and I give I also give people a chance not half a chance ......................We gave Margolis a season he went
  9. you changed your tune vauxhallman your losing patience with him but feel very sorry !
  10. vauxhallman 1 GROW UP that's a very stupid thing to say 2 not at the game so not defending him 3 never disagreed with no game plan 4 yes we do ask andy if you were at the agm why didn't you ask for his head !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. you ALL said sorry 4wfinals TOLD you all to get andy out .............................so why didn't you do something at the agm as you were told to do
  12. all you lot that went to the agm why didn't you ask the chairman to sack the coaching staff as you are so p***ed off with them you guys make me pmpl moan moan moan... Btw any one on here can you manage a team on the budget we have got a long list of players that are willing to play for us ???????? I await the reply's or not
  13. go to the next agm and put your views across sir not long to go
  14. I bet if someone else posted that last one you all would have responded what is it you lot have against me !!!
  15. yes faith can move mountains (she is one strong women)
  16. if or when Andy leaves hope you lot will be pleased as most of the players will go ....... leaving us with nothing!!!!!! so carry on slagging of the club perhaps the chairman should take a lot of the blame as he employed Andy so get rid of him to !!!!!!then the board has to take the blame sack them send out the youth team !!!! then there's new names to slag off .. Where did he say he's not interested in Tayshan??
  17. why do you lot bother going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... stay at home put your feet up
  18. hope you all bring this up in the agm !!!!!
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