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  1. Craig defo has not signed for anyone and that is from the horses mouth. So where has this info come from cos he does't know.
  2. DoverPhil

    Jake Leberl

    Originally Posted By: MRP Jake actually lives in London now and I thought he would get a club nearer home, travelling down for training 3 times a week and for matches will make a hole in his wages as well as the time it will take. Not when Dover train at Faversham 3 times a week next season.
  3. Sam Jones has just been released along with Matt Bodkin at Dover. Do your best to get Jones as he is quality and make sure you don't let the Rats get him.
  4. http://dafctv.1066-media.com/Videos/Latest_Videos.htm highlights. does show the penalty incident and if i'm honest its doesn't show our player raise his hands but your man does go down. I can see why the referee didn't give it but at the time last night i was like wtf are you doing keister lol
  5. I must say it is a well easy journey to Dover by train, when we come to you in august it only took 2 hours 20 mins to get to Upminster. Ignore national rail enquiries for length of journey time as they allow for walks in between the london stations which only takes 2 minutes fenchurch to tower hill etc. If you go from victoria there are buses from shepherdswell which is 10 mins from dover and if you go from Charing cross there buses that go from folkestone which is also 10 minutes from dover. Its a very easy journey and with the groupsave tickets on offer its a very cheap one as we found out back in august.
  6. DoverPhil


    Yes i will miss you all but i'm sure Margate fans will agree that the conference was the pinnicle. Well i know we all enjoyed ourselves in it at Dover. The longer the away trip the better thats the way i look at it.
  7. DoverPhil


    I can tell you now having been there, give me the conference anyday of the week. Loved travelling all over the country and being one of only 50 fans at Scarborough and 67 at Southport and 100 at Hereford. Those days were priceless and i cant wait to have them back. Not saying i dont enjoy it now cos i do really love it but there is no better feeling at setting off on a Saturday morning to somewhere like Kidderminster.
  8. DoverPhil


    Cheers Paul, i've posted on our forum how i couldn't believe how you could just walk in and out of your bar with glass pints of lager, just wouldn't happen anywhere else and that i felt sorry for Kieran, he seemed to have to do everything stewardwise by himself down the hartsdown road end and it summed it up when he come on with the stretcher and had no help to carry Frannie off and a Dover fan had to jump on to help him and the physio. See you in the cricket season mate.
  9. DoverPhil


    BluePineapple i'm not sure if your the person i think you are but i am the Dover fan who was trying to get the other Dover fans to tone there language down etc etc. I just want to apologise on behalf of DAFC supporters if your day was spoilt by anyone or everyone. Enjoy the rest of the season. hopefully you stay up and Ramsgate go down. Phil.
  10. Just seen the goal and if you pause it frame by frame you can clearly see its an OG.
  11. No doubt if you have a bucket collection at your game against us we will be very generous indeed as always. I think you need to look at your council and not blame parmenter, at least our council is behind us.
  12. Come along if you have nothing better to do. Kick off 7.45pm
  13. Dover v Dartford very much ON, so your more than welcome down at Crabble if your one of these that doesn't want to get dragged to the shops now.
  14. Is it true you are doing a sponsored walk from Dover to Margate when we play you at Hartsdown. If so put me down for a fiver. Well done on raising so much in so little time. Well done all concerned.
  15. Any news on your starting line up, we have full 1st team out bar one injured and 2 rested on bench
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