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  1. Sorry digby - didn't intend to touch a nerve. Just a couple of points to pick up on as my final word on this: * Slightly puzzled how Cockfosters could win 22 games out of 30 on the way to promotion for the first time in nearly 10 years and not play any entertaining football in the process. * I would argue finishing 18 points clear of relegation, winning the South Midlands Floodlit Cup and local cup (which included Ryman league Potters Bar Town and Colney Heath) counts as the team holding its own in their first season in the Prem for many years - I'll leave others to make up their minds on that though. Seems like we disagree on some key football (not personal I hope) issues and apologies if it wasn't something you wanted to hear but it's virtually impossible to hide from facts (check football mitoo). On a positive note, great to hear the finances of the club are healthy. Let's hope the money is invested wisely. Finally, I've never been associated with an 8-1 defeat at home to a reserve team and it gives me no pleasure at all to think of a Cockfosters team losing in this way. Unfortunately the impression I get is that mediocrity is an accepted part of life down the lane these days. Like I said done well to get promoted with the help of Ressie player who scored 5 goals in last 7 games of the season being the only goal scorer in 2 crucial games, good year for Fosters as Ressies also get promotion to top flight for their division, everyone at the Lane was happy 18 points off relegation in first season of prem sounds good but finishing 17th winning only 11 games out of 42 and losing 22 games with some score lines including 4-0 x 4, 5-1, 7-3 & oh no 7-0 with 9 draws , goals against 92 (sorry was you a defender), doesn't sound too brilliant but well done! 2nd season in Prem with some scoreslines including 6-2, 5-2, 5-0 x 2 and oh no 7-1 Youve never been involved in scorelines of 8-1 just some other big scorelines with a full team of 1st team players! Guess you didn't mind losing to big scorelines when you was playing sorry attending then! Won a cup that NO final was played, well done! you must be proud to have your medal on show ! On a positive note the club had a great clear out of past sell by date players, we go forward, win or lose, we stand pround and together!!! Funny old thing footie, all based on opinions, and league positions at the end of a season Sorry your still sour but you must move on The Lane has! Glad we have such great followers like you! Happy Following
  2. Sorry Rhodes for the first part thought it was not right coming from you as I know you follow what happens at The Lane
  3. Gaffer 247 you normally find that at most clubs it is the same faithful week in week out working hard to enable just the games to be played, I know at Cockfosters that we have those faithfuls and without them I don't know what would happen. Unless you are involved within a club it is easy to.criticise without thinking just how much work is required to get a game going ahead each week. There are alot of club that must be finding it hard financially in the present climate but hopefuly we will not lose any of our grass roots teams in these hard times. Agree with ref off ref for once a good post and backfour1 is right youngsters just dont seem to be interested in helping out these days but we have one young boy who turns up every week to help with what ever needs doing and at our presentation evening the committee alway make sure he is awarded with something for his efforts.
  4. Mr Rhodes its not shocking, just one of those games, we still are a great club and please do NOT refer to Reds 76 as a faithful to Chalk Lane, he is very far from it !!!!!
  5. Reds 76 you mean as a former player for David Craig (who was told to leave by new the Management that took over) not as a former follower of Cockfosters, the team did not play entertaining football & didnt play entertaining football in the last couple of seasons that you were there, they NEVER held there own in the Prem (unfortunately end of season placings dont lie), yes David Craig did get promotion (in a season that was not a strong league and with reserve players from the Management that took over scoring vital goals to get promotion), its a shame that Craigie had to leave but one of the reasons given for him leaving was that he could not stand some of the players attitudes!!!!!!, the gate entrance has gone up considerably more than when you were playing at the Lane, you have not been at the Lane for several seasons since you was asked to leave!!!!!!! Also the last season that you played at the Lane your team were in relegtion position when the new Management took over, losing each week and not even being able to compete week after week!!!! You do not know what is going on here at the moment, the club is financially better off than ever and has a very positive attitude, the team has had the best FA Cup run & FA Vase run ever in the last couple of season helping out greatly with the financies of the club, there are unfortunately lots of injuries at the present time and the Management have had to play players that would not normally be even on the bench (a bit like yourself). Obviously you really need to get a life and stop with the stabbing in the back of the present Management that took over, you haven't got a clue!!!!!! If you have a problem please come to the Lane, I am sure the current Management & current players would be really pleased to see you and would love to discuss any concerns you may have!!!!! This game was just one of those games that players were just not good enough for 1st team football, I am sure you have played in quite a few games like this.!!!! Big catchment area yes but we do not pay players unlike others in our area, the club nor present Management didnt want Cragie to go but as you know he gave his reasons, the club was moaning week after week about most of the players that were playing at the time and was not at all bothered when they went!!!! The players that the club wanted to retain still play at The Lane.
  6. Division 1 Hoddesdon Town v Cockfosters FT Hoddesdon V Cockfosters 0-0
  7. Here is an article that I have just read from the Enfield Advertiser & Enfield Gazette, seems that Mr Mosely is not happy with some people on internet forums. Boss thankful for support as Rovers finish on a high Thursday, 06 May 2010 JUSTIN MOSELEY was quick to thank everyone who has supported him during his two years in charge of Brimsdown Rovers after watching the side take to the field for the last time on Saturday. The financial difficulties at Brimsdown have led to the club deciding to join forces with Enfield (1893) and move to the Essex Senior League, meaning that Saturday’s Spartan Premier Division clash at home to Hertford Town effectively brought the curtain down on their 63-year history. And goals from Elliot Crosbie, Matt Waldron and a wonder-strike from Rob Teppett from just over the halfway line enabled them to bow out in style as they recorded a victory to bring an end to a miserable league run of 16 games without a win. “It was a bit of a sad day and it’s a shame it’s come to an end,” manager Moseley said. “We all stayed together after the game and had a couple of beers. “I’d like to thank Gary Brooker [club chairman], Peter Wade, Alan Walker and all the bar staff at Brimsdown for their hard work and support over the past two years. “I’d also like to thank the coaching team of Micky Hollister, Kevin Dear and Tom Zobbo, and particularly those players who stayed after Christmas, put up with my moods and hung around until the end.” Moseley added: “The only thing that’s been a bit upsetting is that there have been a few people on internet forums saying I’ve run the club into the ground. “I can take it on the chin, but these people didn’t know what was going on. Maybe if they’d put their money where their mouth is and come and supported us then this wouldn’t have happened.” While Brimsdown did bow out with a win, Langford’s shock 2-1 success at champions Aylesbury meant that they finished second bottom in the table – although their resignation from the Spartan League means that they do not need to worry about relegation. “The lads played well,” Moseley said. “It’s just a shame that Aylesbury couldn’t do us a favour, and the day was marred by finishing in the bottom two. “We didn’t deserve to come any higher with the results we’ve had, but I can’t criticise the players because they’ve done their best.”
  8. Latest News from cockfosters.net website Saturday 2nd January 2010 Spartan South Midlands League - Division One Cockfosters v Bedford Following a noon pitch inspection, the freezing conditions have forced this afternoon's game to be POSTPONED.
  9. Cockfosters are hopefully now coming together, new side, just needed some time, they apparently played well tonight.
  10. Was you there Krafty to see the eight goals go in?
  11. Well said, they coped brilliantly, great crowd, great atmosphere, thanked afterwards by Potters Bar, does make you think though.
  12. Originally Posted By: ref off ref And they won the game too..... All thanks too the TM goal keeper, good player !!
  13. I was also at this game and the scenes after the game from the TM player that they call Drogba was discusting and disgraceful along with their Captain and their supporters antics (on and off the pitch, I agree with Magpie that its about time the League get involved and stop players like this playing in the league. All fairness to Mr Rhodes he was very apologetic afterwards to Cockfosters Management and Commitee members and did not agree with the behaviour. I also saw a few of the TM players apologise to the Cockfosters Management but did not see the TM Management apologise, maybe they think that this is ok behaviour.
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