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  1. Without doubt we are on a crescendo of a wave in form. We are buzzing adrenaline is still flowing. Bradley will know we have lots to do still. We have Leiston to play at home and a Wingate face Dulwich, for all their Billions Sky Sports couldn't have a better Super 'Saturday ' than that. Enjoy our 4-5 days of dreaming then we got to go again both on and off the field, every supporter has its role to play, whether helping out the club or talking us up and bringing friends neighbors and family members to their club for the final push. C'Mon!!!!!!!
  2. Agree ST. The supporters have a huge part to play, it was evident that our genuine support Out voiced the large plastic Billericay' contingent on Saturday . It'll be interesting to see how many turn up at their next home game, although it is a local derby v in form Canvey. But let's get numbers to our game Saturday
  3. I agree johocomo, Saturday was brilliant a great atmosphere, players performing against an alleged superior opponent with a £20k per week budget and enjoying a little luck too. Let's hope they keep these high standards for the last 3 league games and thus playoffs thereafter
  4. Although a you tube clip by a young lad, it goes to show what a good job Muzzy does when filming. Additionally I've said this before. We've had an excellent result on Saturday yet the forum postings are very few in comparison when we were not so good a month back. Why is that? It's the time to feel exuberant, positive and have a skip in our steps as one lot of happy people looking forward to two big fixtures within 48 hours of each other in the biggest 48 hours of our history, let's begin the build up and keep the momentum going.
  5. There's a difference from playing at a club because of the attraction of money and playing because it's your club and you want to do your best and better yourself. You can't buy team spirit that comes from natural camaraderie and genuine player respect of one another. As well as feeling the managers faith in each of his players. Yesterday's game was about taking your chances and we did Billericay didn't. We were the fitter and more pacy team. We were better organised and on the day we had that bit more luck too. It was our day but we earned it through desire, guts and the bigger will to win. 4 goals against 2 defenders+Goaly who started the season with Conference teams and another who was with Gillingham and an ex England International , plus Eyong , speaks volumes of our threats going forward, magnificent.
  6. Quality Steph. Lovely Stuff- massive game? Agree totally. However Leiston need to loose 4 from 7 for us to overhaul them, they have upcoming games with Billericay , Midweek away to Merstham, v's a much improved Leatherhead, local derby v Lowestoft and ourselves. Dulwich are inconsistent and will drop points where you least expect them too, Needham and Tonbridge are slipping up regularly too, I believe 4 wins from 5 can still be enough, but 5 from is a definite playoff place imo. One game at a time, 3 points are golden points at this stage and our position in the league. Set to be a cracking couple of weeks and if it goes our way a cracking end of season run in.
  7. Now credit where credit is due. Yesterday was what ETFC and real community smaller clubs are about. Interaction with a local school, recognition for a travelling group of footballers from India, a cracking Donkey Lane atmosphere and thankfully a home win that keeps the Play Off flame flickering ever so slightly. Plus all the usual hard work everyone does at every game on a voluntary basis, but very self gratifying when we do it as well as yesterday . Stick together and we'll all be rewarded with successes
  8. All I hope for is a high tempo, fire in the bellies like performance which involves strong defending high midfield energy levels and good finishing. When we click we are beautiful on the eye, but when we are bad it's so painful. Leatherhead will be a decent opponent we will need to be on our game.
  9. 53 seasons- I partly agree and at the same time agree with Andy as 1 man doesn't make a team. However, one man can set the rot . We were in fine form till Scott got the most ridiculous sending off in mankind v's Burgess Hill at home. 1 down and 30 minutes to go he's sending off was poor and effected our chances of pulling back to draw or win, we haven't recovered as a team since other than the dead cat bounce at Wingate
  10. Totally agree with Littlehamptons last posting. Andy's repetitive 'the club should do this and that' , all I'd say is the club does loads in the constraints of us volunteers, on Tuesday DF led an exercise stopping all supporters getting near the players tunnel and walked them around to the Ignatians end exit. And guess what ? People moaned about it. I agree we are all Enfield fans and supporters but I just do not understand how verbally foul mouthing the opposition and their coaching team helps the likes of Samir, Percy, Harry or anyone else of our boys, especially as we should have been admiring how we were making canon fodder of their claims as #Bigguns. Havant will bring a good few this Saturday and hopefully we will have loads of ladies supporting our 'women in the game' initiative, I reckon the last thing they want to be part of is unsociable behaviour, or maybe I'm old fashioned
  11. I think he knew exactly what he was doing, his non interested body language leaves me being suspicious
  12. Here I go, fantastic to read the passion in the thoughts amongst every all those posting. It shows the care and support strongly exists. We all wanted more and we all expected more, some realistic some a bit dreamy. We are still a developing club who are punching their weight comfortably at RPL level. It's about making that next step and top of the list is improving our income streams within our supporters owned model. The minimum we can all do is all of us being members/monthly season ticket contributors via the Tifosy scheme, the maximum is to be active sponsors seeking foot men, trying to raise more solid revenue.Otherwise we have an average Gate of 375ish which allows us a 7-8 placed finish, which we are achieving. The only real disappointment this season has been the cup competitions and it's an area which can propel us into the limelight if an advanced involvement were to be achieved. Keep the faith because one season will evolve to be our season for promotion and it will be memorable. Additionally we have some terrific club initiatives coming up. Women go free this Saturday, ETFC V ETFC India in mid march, children go free at a future game, Beveren visiting, Jimmy Bullard managing a team against us in an upcoming game. It's secondary to a Play Off challenge nonetheless they are proud occasions to be supporting our club in the final weeks.
  13. Yes you are correct you can discuss everything ETFC openly on this forum, but it's the bottom end of the scale for effectiveness. The place to be open and effective is at a Members Meeting we have 2-3 times a season. I didn't come across anyone unapproachable at such meetings, everyone with a hand up was given the floor to speak out. Lastly, no matter if at THFC or ETFC a PLC or supporters owned, there will always be some things which must remain confidential till they can be discussed, all in the clubs best interest. Additionally we can always want want want but can sometimes be stretching what a club at our level can deliver, whence, any blank unapproachable look one could get. Just my opinion but I think we are in a much better club than most.
  14. You can't change style of play now. 9 wins will do it in my opinion. A tall order but why not, we have a good group.
  15. Brad takes a lot of criticism well, he in fact welcomes good constructive criticism and either takes it on board or totally ignores it, just like any one of us would. The criticism Theodopolous is referring to was the ignorant opinionated ones which had little educational value and pretty much 'Arsenal Fan TV' standard of content. Spoilt brat? Maybe he can be sometimes, no different to the mourinho's, Wengers etc of this world. Football management is a tough and sometimes lonely business, additionally we all need to remember the levels we play at and our community charter club status , We've been unlucky too many times this season and are without doubt on our day the best team in this division against any other team on their day. Still 11 games left, you won't have Brad saying the seasons over and we can't make the play offs, supporters need to follow suit as a run of wins can soon change complexities of opinion
  16. I think we are missing some key facts. Yes the main fact which matters is the 2-3 outcome. But we could and should have scored 7-8 goals we were wasteful. Merstham took their chances well and impressively. I wouldn't say they were the better team. On the Liverpool examples they battered and outplayed Swansea, Hull and Burnley this season not to mention Wolves. 70-75% + possession 25-30 attempts at goal but lost. It's about taking your chances and in Saturday we didn't. We move on as it's been said Tonbridge, Worthing and the next 4-5 games are must win scenarios not to say others won't drop points too so that we stay in contention with 4-5 games remaining. Keep the faith be positive otherwise give up
  17. Agree with most comments. Firstly Karl Oliyide is an excellent addition to the squad, strong and quick. He disappears from the play then pops up with a goal and other scoring opportunities, he should of had 3 today and still 21. Won a penalty too. Outstanding in my opinion. The Ref was ok, but yes he let Merstham players off with two cynical challenges but that didn't mean we lost. As LS stated we had the chances to win but Merstham had some very good forwards of there own who we struggled to contain, they will win more than they'll lose between now and the end of April. We can still make the play offs but it'll take a gigantic effort similar to last season when we went 15 games unbeaten winning 10-11 of them, so it can still be done. 77 points the target 80 to be safe that's 10 wins 3 defeats, it'll need a massive effort but I wouldn't put nothing past Brad in achieving it.
  18. I really can't predict any game in this Division as every team is beatable by anyone. I'll predict it'll be a closer game than the league positions show. Merstham have shown they can get results against very good teams this season and recently beat Sudbury 4-0 away. Let's hope they don't like the cold
  19. I'm in Vauxhallmans and townendleftside camp. I'm enjoying the season very much and yes the current form is very frustrating. However Brads methods seem to thrive when the chips are down. We are chasing again whereas it was ours outright with 17 games to go. We still have 15 games left. Everyone can beat each other in this division I.e Bognor 1-2 Grays Historically 75-82 points gets you a play off spot. 82 is the exception it's normally closer to 75. So let's da 77-78 is the target. That's 10 wins 5 defeats. It's all still to play for, I'm sure Brads got a couple of Rabbits in his hat to pull out too. One things for sure he is a winner and will be seeking to drive the team on in a dog eat dog run in. Let your passion carry you on as without it you'll also lack the belief. Wingate will be a very tough game, they are very efficient and work very hard with good Athletic individuals. We'll need to be quick out the traps for sure
  20. Andy- inconsistency?? It's 2 defeats in 17 league games. We have 16 games left, only 2 defeats there would do nicely
  21. I thought it was flat from 1-11 today. No spark or inspiration from anyone, slight exception with Billy Crook who was busy and Kirby at the back. I don't think we would've scored yesterday if we had 12 or 13 on the pitch it was one of those days against an opponent who have beaten us 3 out of 4 times we have met, each time 1-0, bogey and team spring to mind. I agree SS Sending Off was ridiculous and I hope he seeks to make amends with gut busting performances for the remainder of the season. We move on it's 2 defeats in 17 league games , let's start another winning run with a win at a very difficult Met Police game on a Tuesday night. Keep the faith.
  22. We don't need a pub bar we need a starlights type venue which can hold wedding receptions/concerts to banqueting. Purpose built with ovens, sound proof etc. It's big money though for us to build. How about 7-8 supporters giving £50k interest free loan. Everyone should get their money back in 18 months to 2 years from completion
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