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  1. Thought he was poor in this game. Lost control of a physical game very early and did not stamp his authority on the game at all. Both sides were unhappy with his indecision and at times, pure guess work. No doubt he turned up on time, his kit was well turned out and he got a good score in his assessment. He'll go far!
  2. Hilarious. I love sarcasm. So who is the best ref by a country mile?
  3. You must be mistaken. BJ was on the bench for Dunstable Town at Creasey Park on Saturday.
  4. Bell Close is leased from the council in a similar way that we did before the Cuckoo's were forced upon us at Creasey Park. Leighton Town owe significant amounts in rent.
  5. The two biggest crowds of the season (with paying customers) were at Creasey Park this season for the "El Creasico", so yes would the answer to that ill informed question. Would be a real shame if the once mighty ducks were to finish second, for their landlords to have the rug pulled out from under them by Central Beds Council. Hope they have a plan B for 2013/14. :-D
  6. Congrats to Aylesbury, a formality surely on finishing second. Just goes to show that you can finish second without a massive budget. Oh no, hang on their budget is almost as large as ours but I'm sure that will be overlooked as I sit back and watch the w@nkfest over the once mighty ducks. I can almost see a pattern emerging here. The three clubs with the biggest budgets have finished in the top 3. Amazing, but not exactly rocket science is it. Toodles!
  7. Imagine how much they would be disliked if they had a budget as well. ;-)
  8. Seems that Dunstable Town have upset you somewhere along the line. Care to share the reason for your hatred.
  9. Find it laughable that St Mags complain about something on twitter, when their coaching staff told us they hoped we all died in a car crash on the way home and the day after had to endure abuse via twitter from their players. Horrible little club.
  10. After managing to avoid the question almost as well as the buffoon in your avatar, we have now established that your "OTT" statement is based on hearsay. When you have facts please come back and compare notes. At least in Karen, we have one member of the forum who is a realist.
  11. So what is OTT? What figure do you believe the Dunstable Town budget to be and I'll tell you how far out you are.
  12. As for flashing the cash, all teams that have left this league over the past 10 years have flashed the cash and if you think different then you really are naive. It's called AMBITION. If you're happy to play at Step 5 or below then great, but please stop moaning about clubs that want to better themselves. I seem to remember the Cuckoos moaning about us nicking their players (not step 3 or 4) and with the exception of Fontanelle and Leach, who were let go by Hitchin everyone has been with us from previous seasons, when the budget was even more than this year.
  13. Great prediction. You were right, we we'rent the same this season. We were better. Much better.
  14. Because they won't give it to Dunstable. They begrudgingly gave us it earlier in the season almost two months late as an after thought.
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