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  1. Your forgetting that until Saturday, Mitch was our top league goalscorer! Good luck Mitch, thank you for the goals you scored, some of great quality! Hatrick v Aveley, Brace v Cheshunt and that fantastic goal v Hillingdon. Good luck lad!
  2. Why would Brentwood outbid you 'millions' if they wouldnt play him?
  3. Lets talk about yesterday. We gave 2 goals away in the first 10 minutes! So we were constantly trying to get back in to the game. If we don't conceed, we win 2-0! Michael Deane had about 5 chances, as did Jeff Hammond. Luke Marshall wasn't effective as wasn't Mitch Hahn. Dauti scored a good goal but ran round like a headless chicken all game other than that. As for Mitch Hahn. He holds the ball up better than anyone we have in the side. He has been our best attacking player of the season. When he went wide right, he instantly created 4 chances by puting 4 dangerous crosses in to the box also being one of the only players to have a couple of shots 'on target'. He's touch let him down a couple of times, but for christ sake people, he probably has the best pass and touch in the side, just had a off day. Now, lets be good fans and get behind our players even if we think Margolis isn't up for the job!
  4. Im sorry Andy, but how can you say their number 11's hatrick was better than our on form Mitch Hahn's. Number one, he's consisted of a penalty, where as Hahn's was 3 top class finishes! But whatever the case, we cannot go on defending how we are at the moment. Its pathetic. We have to score 8 goals to win a game?? I think if we scored 8 the other team would end up scoring 9!!!! We need a new back four! and a new keeper if we are going to push for promotion. And it doesnt take a genious to work that out SM!!!
  5. Thought we battled really well! I think Redbridge done their homework on us really. We had Michael Deane and Mitch Hahn out wide who were our outlets of which Redbridge did not let either of them in to the game. Management were correct to take them both off and go with a solid 4 central midfielders and battle our way through. Well they were obviously correct as we brought it back to 2-2. Well done Town. Lets hope we can respond to last night and go and get a nice win against Great Wakering on Saturday.
  6. Extremely happy for SM as he has the players are now starting to respond to him and it showed last night! Really enjoyed it, and lets hope we can coast up that league table. I think we have a settled side forming now and its starting to become a pleasure to watch. Last night we battled for 90 minutes and we also had that extra bit of quality from Hammond, Stevenson and Hahn's cross was outstanding! Plenty more to come! Come on Town!!
  7. I agree. I think Hahn is yet to show what he can do. However, he has come from a club where he was well and truly settled. He has played 4 games for us, and each game in a different position. Which refers back to my point of having a settled team!
  8. We haven't had a settled team. Every team we have put out has been different. I was at the game on Saturday and I thought our new centre half Blewitt was good. Remy up top scored a good goal. But he didn't win one flick on for Hahn to run on too. My team would be and to keep this team win or lose to get the team settled!! Willis Harvey Wattley Blewitt Bastian Alderton Hall Deane Hahn Remy Crace
  9. Get Andy Leece in. He wants the job! I know someone who knows him!
  10. Like I said. You never know till you ask. Ask Andy Leece! And as for CRFCBOSS, I heard your throwing money at players more so.
  11. Well, theres only one way to find out and that is by approaching him! You could be suprised. And surely this shows the clubs ambition if we think Andy Leece costs a bomb. I would pay extra to get someone like him in!
  12. Andy Leece is the man for the job! I spoke to someone who knows him very well and he Andy Leece quoted 'They know where I am'. Surely we have to get him!!
  13. Will everyone just relax a bit and get of the teams back. Its been 2 games! and we have a draw and a loss. People are asking questions about certain players etc. Its early! People have to understand that new players that were settled at other clubs have to come in and get settled again. Max is a good player and is only 18. He will come off the bench each time and become a good player, same with Luke. He is a player to be used off the bench. The back four I agree look shakey! But that will be sorted once the management can. Alderton can't be a bad player just look at his CV, and Hahn is a good player because he is proven at this level and above. These players just need time to settle! So get behind them and help them settle because they are not going to settle if we are all slagging them from the side. What I can't understand is why did we go 442 when all pre season and against Maldon we have played 451? My team would be: Willis Harvey Wattley new centre half Bastian Alderton Hall Dauti Hahn (supporting Crace) Deane (supporting Crace) Crace/Marshall Now lets get behind the lads!!!!!
  14. I honestly do no know which game you was watching! because we definitly wasn't watching the same game! I thought Shaun Reece was a disgrace! He couldn't head a ball straight! He's passing was poor too! Yes we still have a lot to work on but just remember it is a completely new team! So give it a chance. I thought going forward we was a little lost. The only way we looked dangerous was when Mitch got on the ball and we struggled to find him. I think he is going to be our best signing of the season. He's touch on the ball is a different level above others and together with Ricci could be a lethal partnership if worked on! I also thought our defence were poor. Everytime a long ball is played forward, it looks like we struggle to deal with it. O well, this is what pre season is for! Roll on the season, I still have good vibes!
  15. Finish: Top 3, totally agree..should win the division but ill take playoffs. Biggest Threats: Aveley, Cheshunt and East Thurrock ETFC Greatest Strength: Good crowd, a team with more ability than last season. ETFC Greatest Threat: There is no threat if the side remain focused and set themselves a target. Player to watch: Mitch Hahn First player to get sent off: Rudi Hall
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