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  1. 29-April 11 - Happy Birthday Albie78 :)

  2. 29-April 10 - Happy Birthday Albie78 :)

  3. It's simple as this liam needs to have a clearout and get rid of these average players and no liam not have a squad full of central midfielders.
  4. Why did we drop kezie after he went on a run of 4 in 3 games or whatever it was. I know we have got injuries at the moment with the defence being hit badly fir example no macca, smudge and darius, then call up hawkins( borat) who has played 90 mins in the last 6 weeks, next season we need to maybe have a unoffical reserve team fixture list so that these players are keeping matchfit.
  5. I do like hand and murray they do bring a different dimenson 2 our gameplay, hand i think is a future leader of our team.
  6. I would cash in on smudge and maybe try and sign darius from brentford on a 2 year deal. delicate i think may go as well as hawkins and shakes.
  7. With the transfer window less than a month away, who would say is close to the exit door? Because it hasn't gone unnoticed that we do need fresh faces bought in. Certain positions are in need of improvement and a bit of strength and depth to the squad.
  8. Yeah where the hell has the kez and hand gone.
  9. Sorry disagree there delicate isn't match fit atm and he will come good does a lot of intelligent running off the ball and he chases a lot down as well. I say we should play either delicate/gash and moore as the front 2 and with stacey in the hole.
  10. I take it we were shocking today, STOP pointlessly hoofing the ball in the air. I wasn't at the game today but looking at the team today, and why no striking options and before everyone gets on the george purcell bandwagon he is NOT our solution. We need someone who is going to make the team progress.
  11. I would love to have mcphee back but agree with the other comments that he wouldn't come back to us purely because of his plans with his personal life for example him getting married, the names from weymouth i wouldn't mind are santos gaia and anton robinson. We don't need any more midfielders or strikers at the moment but someone at left back to challenge sacha, he has been his usual solid self but a few lapses this season leading to goals and being caught out of position.
  12. I should be ok to go down to bognor for that weekend my in-laws have a place in earnley, which is just down the road from the ground. 10 miles give or take.
  13. I personally think that the 4-3-1-2 formation doesn't work, i thought when george came on and stacey changed to the right flank the midfield had width and we should of attacked their left back a lot more in the second half. Their burly centre backs didn't stand a chance when we were knocking the ball to the feet of gash and moore we were proving to be more effective. Delicate looks a reasonable player needs to work on his match fitness a bit, but very similar to gash and chases a lot down. The bench worried me a bit today, a gk, a defender, 2 defensive midfielders and a left winger. Why no Ibe
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