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  1. Didn't the Fleet manager say you'd get thumped
  2. Hardly a surprise considering they were paying 10K a season to play on that pitch!
  3. You know your in trouble when your ground doesn't make the grading and Chobhams does
  4. No point going with 20 clubs in div 1 until all have lights
  5. Not a particularly friendly club on or off the pitch but might improve now their utter tool of a manager has moved on
  6. Feel for Enfield over whole thing. They've done little wrong and fallen foul of the incompetences of others
  7. Why did the league sanction a groundshare at Chalky Lane
  8. Had my first experience of a proper competitive match on artificial surface at Whyteleafe yesterday. It's deffo not the same. Despite awful weather conditions barely any sliding challenges and there was a different feel to the whole match. Cant complain as the game went ahead but amazed that the league allow blue lines from 2 other marked out 7 a side pitches which go across the pitch in each half.
  9. Purely neutral point of view Rother but you and your lot are highly arrogant and for your sake you best hope you get switched to Hellenic as your not gonna climb out the CCL for a good while yet
  10. He is an utter tool ! I saw him crying on the pitch after a match earlier this season . Another of these who likes to write his thoughts on the website
  11. To be fair this ain't Duncs fault is it. The rot started long before this - problems like this happen when you use money to build a squad of players that don't care about the club
  12. I said hello Krooner ! Camberley very impressive second half and Knaphill looked lost and offered little up top. Home side mixed it up well, this long ball notion is another of BG little hooks to try and get people to bite. Theres plenty more direct sides in the CCL.
  13. Great result for Westfield after being two down to the league leaders
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