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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/cambridge_utd/7785400.stm My heart bleeds for you Barry
  2. Appiah case not proven to the FA I gather We get no compensation? Barry Fry - what a two faced t**t
  3. Originally Posted By: Hannah Exactly, I'm wondering since when were we supposed to winning every game that we play? We have good patches and bad patches, all we can do is get behind the team and have a bit more faith in Liam. Booing isn't going to help the team is it? Nor is saying we should ditch Liam. We're not even too close to the relegation zone, a few wins from now we could be near the play-off positions. By all means debate your preferred players, positions etc but I don't think there is enough that is wrong for people to be holding up their "Get Liam Out" banners. I agree wit
  4. Or maybe Gary Aldous is available .. managers are like wives. You don't appreciate them until they leave you for the bloke next door (or a rival club in Oxfordshire) This is a figure of speech My wife has never left me for the bloke next door or a club in Oxfordshire
  5. I missed last night's game - no bad thing by the sound of it It is sad to see that the knives are out for Liam (although I would expect nothing less of you Hempstead Gaz) Some of his selections seems odd at the moment - Slatter instead of Ricketts, Hawkins instead of Smith - but he remains a quality manager Perhaps we should remember loyalty works two ways and you could not blame him for thinking about leaving if he was unwise enough to look at some of the comments on here Some people need a reality check - we are not a big non league club that has been knocking on the door of the Foo
  6. Midfield was impressive - Barrett was unlucky to be taken off for Stone - Stacy looked more on form Hand was one of the best players on the pitch Defensively we may not have let a goal in at home since 18th October but for me we rode our luck today and could have easily conceded Pooley did well (not sure why James Smith did not feature - squad rotation?) Hempstead Gaz - I must have missed the post on here titled "Will all regulars press this button if you agree with everything Hempstead Gaz says" - let me know where it is and I can agree with you too
  7. We should have been clear of sight of today midway through the 2nd half but missed 4 or 5 gilt edge chances We looked good going forward - George and Luke worked well together. Both were sharp. Our goal was created by one of the worst defensive howlers we been presented with for a long time Defence was bit shaky at times (not helped by Darius Charles going off - could well be missing Tuesday night) Also great as it was to see Danny Slatter back - he was caught out a few times defensively and looked unsure P S Hempstead Gaz - my old mate - just because my opinion differs from your
  8. Let's hope for a great performance and a resounding win today Anyway Chris McPhee is petrified of coming back to Stonebridge Road in case Slarti starts getting over affectionate with him again
  9. I like it - Hempstead Gaz - a very positive post I take some of my criticism back I am not convinced Purcell or Delicate are quite good enough(or what we need up front) so Gash will definitely come back in for Weymouth game. The one thing with George Purcell is that you have to play it on the ground with him. No point playing it in the air to him so it is an option Stating the obvious I know but the next two home games (Weymouth and Forest Green) are ones we need to win (and should if we play well)
  10. Hempstead Gaz - you seem to have gone off spouting the usual garbage again - without actually reading what I said My opinion is crystal clear - that we have an excellent manager who we should support - through thick and thin. As for "wallowing in mediocrity" you need a reality check HG or have we become the Man U of the Non League overnight? "club awash with money in the summer" Don't be silly- get real "expectation was that we would mount a strong and sustained play-off challenge" - a hope rather than an expectation - there are about 15 or 16 clubs with this hope too - we were at o
  11. Hempstead Gaz - don't get a complex - let me remind you that posting a lot does not make you any more informed than the rest of us - if you didn't come out with so many negative comments,I would happily ignore you You say "Our lowly league postion and dwindling gates are testamony to that" - we are mid table and the attendances are clearly up on last season - negative - pint half full as usual If you read my post, you could tell that I was there on saturday and it wasn't great but I choose to support the manager and the players. I agree that Ibe deserves a better chance but he
  12. [quote=Hempstead Gaz]That we underperformed again should come as no surprise , considering the most creative players, Murray, Hand and Ibe spend most of the time consigned to the bench or the stand. Not sure how you can describe Murray, Hand and Ibe as our most creative players. Murray and Hand are holding midfielders and Ibe is "hit and miss" striker. I think you should think before you post Yesterday was disappointing but Ibe and Hand would have made little difference. Murray came on and looked no better (or worse) than others on the pitch. He did not create much from what I saw and
  13. Not the best game by any means but I hope that the win is the boost we need to kick on Will definitely need to improve a lot for Crawley and Kettering who will offer a hell of a lot more than Barrow Not sure when during the game exactly that Murray was "playing splendidly" - he was OK but that was about it I'd prefer to see Danny Slatter get more a run in the team George Purcell needs more end product but shows some great touches. Similarly he needs to get more games in. Half of the Barrow team looked like they had escaped from Strangeways
  14. Am I missing something? Haworth was a donkey from memory but he gave 100% in every game Ben Abbey and him had to the weakest strike force in the Conference that year Has the effect rose tinted spectacles and time passing made him some football god?
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