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  1. Happy Birthday Simon BTFC!

  2. I will confess to a passing interest in who will be joining us in the BSS next season via the play-offs (sounds good to say that!).
  3. It's really too early to be worrying about this, but C2C are operating a Sunday service for the bank holiday. 9.30 for a greasy fry-up in the moon?
  4. He doesn't seem to want to offer any explanation as to why they've fallen away so badly since he took over. Much like Dalgleish at the moment he seems to be looking for excuses rather than taking responsibility. More positively, I thought we thoroughly deserved our win. We were positive going forward and firm at the back, Dale had a pretty quiet afternoon for the most part. It was an excellent strike by H who had a good game. On to Kingstonian... Another massive game.
  5. I think you've got it spot on there BB, all 14 players for us were out there working hard for the team. That's been the case for us in every game we've won this season, and when we've let it slip (Leatherhead in the Cup) we've been undone. I think it's fair to say St Neots are not as good as they clearly think they are: not one shot on target in 90 minutes.
  6. I got the 100 there a couple of seasons ago... we were 2-0 down approaching half time when I decided to pop over the way to the pub, and missed Shave pulling a goal back, and Town on the way to a famous win. Some supporters had the cheek to suggest that I returned to the pub as we played better when I was there! I dug out the match report (we were discussing this on Saturday as it goes) http://btfcreports.blogspot.com/2011/09/east-thurrock-2-4-btfc-05-01-2008.html
  7. We're still looking for someone to write match reports: http://www.nonleague.co.uk/topic/165674-any-budding-match-reporters-out-there/page__pid__1751031#entry1751031 I'll be able to do the next 2 home games, and probably E Thurrock, but after that I won't be at a game until October 22nd.
  8. Looks like I'm going to be missing a few games between now and the middle of October for various reasons (mostly holiday, I'm sorry to say). We could therefore really do with somebody who could contribute reports for a few games, most importantly a couple of home Saturdays where we need to supply the NLP with a report. It's fairly easy - the NLP want 220 words, this gets padded out to maybe 300-350 for the website/programme. If you fancy seeing your name in a national paper, grab me at one of the weekend games. Thanks!
  9. Surely the main question from tonight's Echo, is what is Boot doing to H in the photo?
  10. That's being generous. From what I can recall he managed 45 first team minutes (not counting pre-season) during which the game entirely passed him by before he waddled off into div 1 obscurity.
  11. Couldn't believe how much we gave the ball away in the first half, just made it easy for them. Once we got the goal we were able to exert a measure of control on proceedings, I felt Banbury paid the price for their high energy style and tired badly in the final half hour. I think we're missing Hyde in the centre of the park - somebody who just sits in front of the back 4 - as both Ced and Sean both want to push forward leaving gaps behind them. Good to see Brayley and Robinson on the scoresheet, Junior Luke had his best game for us as well.
  12. 22-October 10 - Happy Birthday Simon BTFC :)

  13. Good effort I thought, against a solid Wealdstone team. Chris Wild got the goal and is probably playing his best football since he joined us. Another new 'keeper, Nicky Morgan who had a good game. We really need to get the 'keeper position settled, hope he stays. Another new signing in tom Bolarinwa who joins us from Croydon Athletic (ex Dulwich where I assume he played for Craig). Came on second half and showed a few good touches and a bit of pace. If, in early august, you'd offered 10 points from that start to the season, I'd have been more than happy. Not to press on Into the autumn, ho
  14. I'm not going to be at the FA Cup game on Saturday, so we need a volunteer to do the NLP report. It's fairly easy, 220 words by 6.30. Could you let me know by Tuesday if you'd be able to help out!
  15. Going away to Kingstonian and Sutton is difficult enough without giving away sloppy goals like the one yesterday. Thought we looked a better side once we had made the subs, wouldn't be surprised to see all three start on Tuesday. From what I've seen so far this season, we look a different team when we've got a bit of pace in midfield/attack - in the first half we looked a little slow with Collis etc getting run out of it. Thought "Ced 7" had a good game, as did Charge.
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