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  1. Wish the link still hadn't been working after that.
  2. Argh, first game of season i haven't to, and its the one that the commentary doesn't work.
  3. Yes, its telling me general error, is it just mine ?
  4. Its not working, saying there is a general error ?
  5. Is everyone getting the commentary, still can't get mine up.
  6. Damnnn, one of the worst draws we could have had here.
  7. Should be nice for the lad to get some first team experience.
  8. What has happened, 3 goals in 3 games, today had the best game ive seen him play, hes recent form has been brilliant, and i for one, hopes he keeps it up, maybe he could keep his place.
  9. Mcphee was poorly treated, i felt a little sorry for him, although today he seemed to spend more time on the ground today.
  10. A reserve game?? How can you say that, when we had about 6-7 players that could get into the first team/are in the first team fielded.
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