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  1. Nice one, think I'm away until the FA VASE game. If so i'll get it then! Cheers mate!

  2. Humpty, have you still got that WFC V STFC program I bought at the game but left with you?



  3. Thread closed then! It says nothing about Chenns on the Brackley site. Any news on others for the coming season?
  4. Does anybody know where the likes of Michael Chennels, Bruce WIlson and Jake Parsons will be playing this season?
  5. The Cavalrymen as the Household Cavalry are permanently based in Windsor or The Guardsmen after each regiment of Foot Guards that is based in the town (including myself an Ex-Grenaider)
  6. The Hovis Kid

    New Kit!!

    What's the cost of the kits Mal?
  7. WHO Rother??? Only 11 days to go before the first game, who else will sign?
  8. This topic had been done to death. Leave it to the powers that be, they write the cheques, they make the appointments. Let's not have another tail chasing thread though.
  9. So our squad begins to take shape; GK - Rob Bullivant DF - Ryan Parsons MF - Joe Chandiram Each experienced and proven above this level, a good start! (Add to the thread as we sign)
  10. We will rock you is dull, lifeless song. Boring!
  11. Has anybody got any ideas for new songs? (please do not let this thread get highjacked and the topic of recent appointments / club budgets take over)
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