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  1. When the going gets tough, what does Brooks want to do? run off back to Fulham with a payout. You couldn't make this story up. Over 30,000 football fans signed up to the wonderful concept of running a football club by the fans for the fans, to do something different. Yet the reality was the fans were always kept in the dark, no different to any other club there. He run the website like a dictator employing his anonymous cronies to dish out the bannings to any dissenters. Registered as an Idustrial & Provident Society yet run as his private plaything, a totaly shocking way to treat tho
  2. The moderator only has to read the posts to see insults being traded, mild though they are,its easy to see from which direction they are coming from don't you think? My opinions are my own and are not those of freemyfc, just like your opinions belong to you alone. But i just don't go in for the name calling. As for messing up this forum, i don't think so Gaz. As soon as MYFC provided you with an alternative off you went, and your only back because it went down.
  3. The quality of posting is indeed going downhill fleetzone, instead of debating different opinions we get this 0ver 42.000 membership years was purchased by MYFC members who have put over £1.5 million into the club, and i haven't counted a penny of all the schemes started on MYFC to raise money for the club, buying players, paying for overnight stays for the team and numerous other collections. I here the scheme to raise money to buy the freehold is at £270.000 already. My point is, despite MYFC members putting conciderable amounts of money into your club, you still think MYFC m
  4. This is the forum you couldn't wait to leave for the one run by the MYFC owners More forums than wins this season.
  5. What owners are you talking about? Try and let it sink in, not one MYFC member is an owner, they don't have shares do they? Well maybe those phoney ones they got to download :cheesy (2): The operator and his webteam ran MYFC not the members, or the toothless MYFC board, it was an illusion of democracy. Your local MYFC board members all pushed to put up the gate prices. major own goal. Funny fleetzone, i find it ironic a computer user like yourself calls other computer users Geeks Indeed some of you lot are extremly green, blame the owners
  6. Gaz, up to your old tricks i see, knocking anyone with a different opinion to yours. Funny that as many of us have been proved 100% correct with our views on MYFC. And we payed with our hard earned dosh to have an opinion. The knocking of MYFC members has always been an obsession with fleet fans, who incidently hold the old EUFC board in such high regard even though they brought the club to its knee's with more than £800k of debt! They got the debt paid off when MYFC came along and still hold 25% of the shares, but do you not notice in this time of crisis for the club they offer very littl
  7. A great sunny day for the trip to Hornchurch for Dartford's travelling army, despite what it says on the biased match report the Darts outnumbered the Urchins. Many of us had a pre match drink in the town center due to the appalling service we recieved last season. But on to the match, and what can i say about the pitch other than it defy's the trade description act!! Long grass out on the wings and bone dry in the middle, has it seen a sprinkler this summer? But not to worry as Hornchurch don't use the grass much as they prefered the Hoofball tactic almost for the entire match.
  8. All this was on the cards long ago, funny how we warned you of how it would all end up, yet we were roundly slagged off at the time.
  9. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist i can see what great escape is saying but teams like burnley have been around for 120 years or so and the fact the town of burnley can have such support is down to the fact that kids have passed down their heritage for the clarets from generation to generation. The same cannot be said for clubs of lesser size,even including teams in the championship,i think teams like burnley and blackburn are exceptions to the rule. Look at southend,population way over that of burnleys,you would hardly say southend united fc is the centre of the community Dartford
  10. Originally Posted By: PatMan Originally Posted By: cody My god have you not looked 4 miles down the road where a club that is two leagues lower than you has a new ground and pulls in bigger crowds than you do . Not just at home but their away support is 300 plus. I know for a fact that their biggest attendance for a league match this season was over 2000 (paying fans) and even had over 1900 for a mid week league match. Fact? Largest home attendance - 2013 (All paying? Not 100% sure, but Dartford are very good at promoting themselves to local schools so would assume a good few gi
  11. Such sad news, i only met him once and he was a lovely lad who made an impression on everyone. RIP.
  12. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz Think about it too, Les. Fans travelling a round trip of 100-400 miles costing upwards of
  13. I joined MYFC for many reasons, but mostly to help run a football club and in some way give the fans a better deal than they got before. These price rises are an utter joke, no disrespect but the facilities at stonbridge road hardly warrent
  14. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz Abuse and insults, Clawd. That's always your stock answer to any debate. all it shows is that you are losing the debate rather than engaging in an intelligent conversation. Abuse and insults HG, you talk like you don't dish them out. I have not been abusive to you on here, in fact i thought you might make a good moderator over on the happy forum and told you so, but i was wrong. You have one persona on here and another over there. http://www.eufcforum.com/forum/topic/the-other-forum "Had to chuckle at that berk Billy Nick, still asking me ques
  15. I wouldn't say it was much nearer the town center at all. And the proposed new site dosn't have the luxury of a station nearby. The move may suit some fans but not others, but thats the nature of the beast. A survey to find out how many fans travel to games by train might be in order. And does anyone think this move would effect the Eurostar sponsorship?
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