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  1. staines_rebel_Jr

    Halloween tables

  2. staines_rebel_Jr

    FA Cup Draw - Hereford Away

    We (Slough) played them earlier in the year. With a crowd of just over 2,500 , bought tickets on the day and the queues really are not long so buy them on the day and avoid any online charges. The away fans get a decent amount of the ground with standing and seating areas. (league prices for adult were £10 seated or £9 standing) Best of luck to you. They are beatable.
  3. staines_rebel_Jr

    3 g pitch

    we have a 3G pitch at Slough, it has a 6 inch slope from one end to the other. One of the flattest pitches in the country.
  4. staines_rebel_Jr


    http://nonleaguematters.co.uk/forum/gforum.cgi?post=774383#774383 Or there is a thread on the Spartan South midlands League back on the main forums page.
  5. staines_rebel_Jr

    League cup v Slough

    Finished 9-2 to Slough. Credit to Ashford for playing some good football even when the game was well out of reach, a little unlucky not to score one or two more.
  6. staines_rebel_Jr

    League cup v Slough

    All the informations you need for parking and match details. http://www.sloughtownfc.net/article/973/Ashford-Town:-Getting-to-Arbour-Park No extra time just straight to penalties.
  7. 03-October 10 - Happy Birthday staines_rebel_Jr :)