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  1. If this is true then it will be an interesting watch over there next season ??
  2. Will be an interesting season coming up, got to be some dark horses in there.. What happen to Dean Barker? I thought he had offers at step 4&5? Seems a shame his team has been broken up.
  3. Any ideas what happens if LC decline promotion?
  4. This might explain some of the rumours flying around about Ware being given a reprieve?
  5. I think you have to credit LC, they pulled out goals when not in a winning position late on in games. We had a period over Xmas/NewYear with 3 draws that set us back. We never stop learning in life let alone football.
  6. Jonno this hate campaign against the bibs has to stop, you can't be blaming the league for a lack of XXXXL's haha
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