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  1. You Turnip Cunneen, Your match analysis is the most biased pile of drivel I have ever read and most probably designed to give your mates at upthemselves FC a bit of a chuckle . Lucas is right Enfield were robbed and you know it . As for those who vented their opinions you see that sort of thing happen every time a decision like that is made, Lets face it There is a thread started at this very moment and on this club forum about some of those at upthemselves FC abusing officials (pots & Kettles here me thinks) Nice place is Shortwood and good set up even if I did put my life in my h
  2. Sorry to see this happen to a young player . Lets hope Matt has a speedy recovery , The gentleman that did the tackle probably feel pretty lousy himself this morning on reflection on what he did . He has to live with this for months to come .
  3. Yes well done Concord on your play off victory , I'd rather see you lot there than upthemselves FC . I dont think your that much of a nice club but you are a decent footballing side . It'll be a lot tougher ask next season . Good luck.
  4. Its a free country Jack . Learn to live with it .
  5. Well your half right there, we own half of it, even though we built it. I also think as joint owners of the brimmobau we have every right to know whats going on with an alleged merge. I hope everything is all above board, would'nt want 'hypocrites' 1893 not checking all the legalities of taking over/merging with brimmo and then being left homeless. So upthemselves own half do they ? Well that hardly seems likely does it ? , If you owned half like you say you do then you would have had some say in who plays at Brimsdown and who doesn't and that right would probably had been excercised
  6. If Brimsdown want to merge with Enfield1893 that their business and most deffo not any of yours . Anyone would think you owned the place the way you lot go on .
  7. Oh well somebody else has a cup final or two to look forward too then . Hold on I think I'm gonna honk up
  8. Is Borehamwood the club whose fans throw bottles ? Seem to recollect that somewhere .
  9. Never mind Boys ,Theres always next season , And the one after that and so on .
  10. They might be like a wounded tiger then By the way where's cheshunts forum gone ?
  11. Originally Posted By: WA WTFC ... and then there were two. Good luck to Enfield in the next round of the F.A.Cup and Tiptree tomorrow. Thanks , Bad luck yesterday I would have had witham down to win .
  12. Originally Posted By: Triggs close game then Could have gone either way I guess
  13. Little Susie went home from school and told her mum that the boys kept asking her to do cartwheels because she's very good at them.
  14. And I thought J R was the worst Joke teller .
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