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  1. mike do we know how many are going to come on monday can you post if you are coming to let me know need minimum of twelve
  2. sorry you must have been watching a different game gash was pants
  3. fed up with watching the fleet playing long ball game when the target man i.e gash only win 1 out of 15 balls look much better when we play football on the deck,gash needs to win more and moore to play off him so if he does win a header moore can latch on to it to say i,m pi##ed off is a joke!!!!!!!!!!
  4. only 2 players give it 110 percent today darius and sacha but if no one else fights never going to win need to step it up.
  5. lets hope its the first of many well done today
  6. chuckles did not pull his trousers down someone else done it ,he had had a few but he had his partner there and his little girl there, just after this happened he left .As for the plough end putting up with it , is it our job to deal with or the dimwit stewards that get paid for it .oh no because when its time to do there job there nowhere to be seen .The guy that drop his trousers at the charlton game was an away fan up our end drunk acting the goat .nothing happened to him no stewards acted, its a joke ban him ?get proper steward who can do the job and you would not get half the problems
  7. dont you think if mcfee scores he wont rub our noses in it .AS for giving him stick, to right .put him off so he dont bang 2 goals past us as long as its light hearted what is the problem its been the law in football for many years not to make the x players very welcome so they are not at there best , soon as they get on there coach and going home ,good luck and best wishes to them ...........
  8. if they got 2 pound a hour that would be 1.99 to much .I think if you had proper stewards instead of wannabe hardmen, that they think they are the problems would not be as bad.they have no respect and seem to get none back.
  9. who are these people if u know why dont u point them out so we all dont get blamed! most of the people behind the goal go to the bar before , half time and after the game.and i can say i,ve never seen anyone drinking vodka from plastic bottles.but ive seen the stewards smoking and being rude to fans which is not right.Anyway great result felt sorry for bostwick not 4-0 to the pride of kent.
  10. search commentry rushden versus ebbsfleet and diamond radio came up
  11. would be nice for him to stay and get promotion for the fleet but i think its only a matter of time before he goes ,no point trying to make someone play who's heart and soul is not in it.I would be sorry to see him go.
  12. 3-2 to fleet.mansfield will be up for this but i feel we,ve got the best chance this season.
  13. just the reply i thought i,d get.someone said well done to the stewards ,the woman in the west ham shirt called him the c word and he laughed at her ,the scuffle between fans was not any fleet fans but i.c.f and millwall fans.mature enough to move away why should i been standing behind a goal at matches for 35 years, problem is people have got to much to say .eh?
  14. i would like to make a point about the swearing behind the goal just to say that you people always pick the same faces to have a dig at, we all behaved last night , because we want to stay watching the fleet.there was swearing and trouble last night but the swearing came from a woman in a west ham shirt ,and the scuffle was between so called i.c.f and millwall fans . just to say i am a true fleet fan and do not want to get barred the odd word might slip out but please dont judge us as u do not know us
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