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  1. Spelthorne Sports v Badshot Lea - Pitch Inspection at 11am
  2. I have tried not to put a response on here but I have to respond in support of Grumpy who works tirelessly with limited resources. We like Epsom have no ground but we are edging ever closer and until we are in you won't hear me moaning about the facilities, pitch etc. Maybe Epsom should concentrate on getting their money together for promotion or maybe towards the new ground. It is not a personal dig at you Rich but you must expect that although you want to portray yourself as a font of all knowledge but independent, everything you write is seen as Epsom's views.Anyway, I think our effort deserved a point or more but fair play to you guys, defended well and got the points in the end.
  3. I am reliably informed that Winchester had a better ppg than Camberley. What would of been interesting for me would have been, if offered would Camberley have taken the position in South West?
  4. Latest news from the Southern League AGM. Wessex side Winchester City have been offered the spare place in South West to replace Flackwell Heath, who took the decision not to be promoted. They have been given time to meet certain deadlines, if they don't meet them, amazingly Salisbury will take the position. Sends out a terrible message to all ambitious Step 5 clubs the fact that Salisbury have even been considered. Spare a thought for Flackwell Heath who took the tough decision not to take the promotion place in the first place.
  5. Thanks Powelly. A change of manager for you has also done wonders and has certainly turned things around. Again, like ourselves you have had some excellent results.
  6. Agreed Smudge. Mutual consent parting of the waves with our previous manager in mid September. At that point we were 2nd from bottom wondering where our next victory was going to come from. We appointed Tommo, somebody I nor the rest of the committee knew of previously. A gamble, some might say but what a great decision because we have ended up about to play our final game and we will finish no lower than 8th. Put that with wins against (in no particular order) Kingstonian, Corinthian Casuals, we have also taken 6 points from Molesey plus wins against Cove, Ashford plus numerous other good performances along the way. Come on you Baggies
  7. Big time Charlie's, not sure what you have to do to qualify for that but maybe it is going unbeaten in the last 7 league games, in fact I think the last time we lost was at Ashford in November. Tommo, Reevo and Barney have got to take credit for putting a team of mates together who are prepared to work hard for each other. Well done to Grumpy for getting the game on I apologise for the posting on the website which was purely a bit of banter, if this is what makes us big time charlies again I apologise Good luck for the rest of the season, loads of twists and turns yet
  8. Badshot Lea v Ashford Town (Middx) Game on ! No frost or surface water from overnight rain. No further pitch inspection planned
  9. The game was called off and you played a friendly on the same pitch, the world has gone mad......
  10. I agree. It is obvious to all that watch Camberley, they get the ball up to their front players as quickly as possible. Does it make them a bad team, no, it is clearly effective and it is down to the opposition to work out a way to combat that style. Personally, and it is only my opinion, I couldn't watch that week in week out, but that's just me.
  11. Thanks Smudge, still buzzing. To a man we had more desire and commitment than our opponents.
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