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  1. I don't post often and i know people will say i'm a newbie but i've been a fan a long time and i can honestly say after that performance i am questioning liam'a interest!! The midfield lost everything and gave the ball away cheap, the defence was weak and we missed darius, people left early and i've not seen that this year yet! I am amazed at the subs, murray was awful but something was needed as barret been poor last few games. Why not bring on stone who was really good sat when came on??? He works hard and wants it yet we keep picking him up and down?? And ibe should now start a
  2. Hg was you at the dover game??? it was very poor and no one stood out...if anyone it was dover that were better so how you can say we have a second team i don't no! You obs have problem with some of our first team at the mo and are often calling for murray and hand and ibe but they did nothing in that game and also to say murray is creative is beyond me. YOu have put him centre half in your line up but he doesn't play there would you rather smith and mac not play just to squeeze him in???????? What liam is trying to tell you is that these players you think should play are no better
  3. From what i heard it sounded like the boys gave it there all but defensively let it go to easy again, I'm not sure we listen to the same radio???? I agree with you that the style is not exceptable but we must have played some nice football as from wht i could here stone had a very good day and sad for ricketts to go as i thought he had a solid proformance?? Our lucks not with us but i don't think its that doom and gloom yet?? Its ok saying play it on the floor but this team are no kaka, its conference and you just wont get it, maybe in bits but never a full game unless we hav
  4. I disagree that we should go back to letting jamie han sit, when he was doing that it was against teams that let him, even histon manager said that they knew we did that and exposed him which has happen sinced. When asked to track up and down he hasn't managed it as cannot get back quick enough and him and barret looked exposed. Whats wrong with the team that won all the games upto him coming in??????? Pre season looked pretty good as did the fist 6 league games. We can't adapted around one player. I agree his passing ablity is good but fittness is the important thing in this league a
  5. Well from listening to it on the radio i'd say we really missed darius today! In my opinion and on a few weeks performances now i think as a defending midfielder jamie hand is being caught out as he doesn't move and as a defensive midfleder needs to be helping out more. Gash i feel is unfortunate as he isn't gonna win all these high balls. Hawkins done ok today as he has been in and out and stone had a very good game as far as i could hear and as radio said, but second half everyone seemed to fade. Ricketts done ok to and macca was usual self but can't dop it all! Should ibe ge
  6. Think your right, hope not to long as hand and barret both hold! Stone was very good first half. Bad defence again! long ball is what liam wants, stone is more than capable of passing just mixes it up a bit. HAnd will do a job on tuesday tho!! ha h a
  7. I'm new to this forum but have been to every game so far apart from the tour games. I think you are being a little hard on stone who i agree doesn't tackle hard but i feel if he's playing the ball nicely and making simple passes there isn't much need to be moaning so much????? I think he is a decent ball player and is still only 19. He covers a lot of ground and i feel the midfield has had a really hard job as if you no anything you will know that the ball is just being hoffed over there heads and they are just running back and thro. BArret and stone have both not had bad games and it has b
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