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  1. Don’t forget everyone is hoping.
  2. https://www.isthmian.co.uk/an-early-christmas-present-64497
  3. If it was not Welling, then it could be another club.
  4. It’s all a bit like the food chain really. We get players from lower league clubs and higher league clubs get players from us. Happens all the time. All the management team need to do is work as hard as possible to get the players playing as well as they can and get the results which will then encourage supporters to watch on a regular basis.
  5. I don’t think that’s entirely true. I am sure all clubs would want to keep their best players but market forces, and the sound of those extra pounds, shillings and pence, will always tempt players into moving on if they can. it’s a sign of the times and will always be.
  6. I read what you are saying with interest. However, the ‘I’m all right Jack’ and ‘it’s not my problem’ mentality does occur in the premiership as it also appears in the business world. Looking after number one is all the premiership is concerned about. Look at the present situation where clubs let go ‘behind the scenes’ staff but continue to pay thousands to players, even some who are not even playing!
  7. Always enjoyed watching Harry Ottaway when he played at the Town. Shame he went to pastures new.
  8. Beat Ramsgate, a lower league team, then beat Brightlingsea, in the bottom three, and the club will say everything is rosey.
  9. Bit of a stumbling block then?
  10. Wilshere and Ozil are not playing at the moment. Are they good enough to get into our first XI, or would they be left on the bench? I really need to get out more often.
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