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  1. Season ticket holders and members commit for a season. Just saying.
  2. I think he can. If someone doesn't do what he is told to do, then get someone who does.
  3. Limited budget. How many times have we heard this? Normally when we lose games when we should have won. I do not have stats to back up my claim, but I'm sure there are many teams running on a smaller budget than ours. Surely it's what you do with the resources you have.
  4. Great news. Just score one more than we concede and we’ll win every game. Simple.
  5. First game of the season for me due to holidays and national bowls competitions(watching, not playing I hasten to add). Impressive performance against a team who always posed a threat with their BIG players. Regarding Mo. I personally thought he was lucky to still be on the park after he pushed his head into their number 6's head. At a higher level, and a different referee, he would probably have gone there and then. However, he never stopped running and caused problems for them until he got the red card. I'm sure he will learn from it. As for the referee. I don't normally pass on negative comments but on this occasion I need to. I think he lost control early on and never regained it. He let the players get to him and appeared to want to have long discussions with them which slowed the game down. 3 points and on to the next game.
  6. But someone thought he was ok to sign.
  7. Well done from all of us in Vancouver 👍
  8. Not lost a home game all season! Can't be bad.
  9. Sorry, but I can't comment if I wasn't there.
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