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  1. Thanks for that. You haven’t taken many👍
  2. 2009 onwards would be a start. I wonder if anybody else took photographs?
  3. How about photos from early ETFC games. I’d like to see them, especially those from the first game against Basildon.
  4. EDS Refunds of fines and league registration payments! Will you be wanting supporters to get their gate money back? All clubs will need as much money as possible and so will the leagues. The season is over, there’s more to life than football and the decision won’t please everyone. However, what we all want is to see all our fellow supporters in the autumn.
  5. The house has never been cleaner. Now attacking the garden. Have you all signed up to help the NHS? We have👍
  6. Last season’s average attendance was 406.(from football web pages) this season so far is 364. Difference of 42 per game. X 21 games = 882. X £9.00 = £7938.00(mid point fee between £7.00 and £11.00) That’s a lot to lose in a season. Something has to happen on the field of play to get those missing supporters back and attract new ones.
  7. Can I share your £10.00 win on the lottery?
  8. Mist maik shore that players names r spelled korectly.😀
  9. Will Mary be taking card payments for the 50-50 tickets?😀
  10. Good to see you last night but the incident was directed at Ken Charles after he lost possession. Both myself and a fellow supporter remarked about it. It doesn't matter who it was directed at but it cannot help player morale. If we heard it then management must have done as well.
  11. Although we played a bit better than the last time I watched them, I felt that Lewes would be the next team to score after the equaliser. We really should have been 2-0 down before we scored when they missed a guilt edged chance. What was disappointing was to here an ETFC player shout to Charles that he was a 'lazy c...' i still don't think we are good enough to go anywhere this season.
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