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  1. Not lost a home game all season! Can't be bad.
  2. Sorry, but I can't comment if I wasn't there.
  3. So we hear about this this via a forum, or have I missed something?
  4. Nothing changes. Different opinions from the start. Here we go again.
  5. It wasn’t an AGM. That’s on January.
  6. So are we saying that all the other clubs who have already signed up players are possibly liable to come unstuck in the future because they have not got the paperwork done properly?
  7. Football is a simple game. Goalkeeper to defender to centre forward. Miss everybody else out. Oh! There is no one else.
  8. Best to wait until the season starts then so everyone will know who will be playing for us.
  9. Excuse me! Kept people informed if it was within my remit. If the ETFC home page can be updated by officers of the club, then surely the officer with that particular responsibility can share player news.
  10. So how long does it take to send an email update?
  11. TCC for ETFC public relations and communications officer.
  12. He has left on Twitter but stays on Fansfocus. Which is the ‘fake news’?
  13. I take it we have cover or are we not allowed to know?😀
  14. This is not about Twitter, Facebook, contracts, no contracts, etc it's about good old fashioned communication, or lack of it.
  15. Isn't this the same for even club though?
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