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  1. Would any females want to attend the first team game being promoted to attract them if they hear of this ‘bad news item?’ I fear not.
  2. Time to name and shame and make an example of the idiots. No point in the club trying to improve both on and off the field when some believe they can do what they want at the game and think it’s acceptable. Just think what possible future sponsors would think of this behaviour?
  3. Never heard of a situation like this and I refereed for a good number of years.
  4. Just commenting on Wildlife rescue’s point
  5. Can’t really see referees overturn red or yellow cards just because they are told to do so.
  6. Not good news at all for non league football. Offer their fans the opportunity to watch our games at a discount rate? What do people think?
  7. The law courts would be full to the brim if clubs went down the ‘legal route’ and the only winners would be the lawyers.
  8. ‘Take legal advice’. Costs money and don’t forget this is the Ryman League.
  9. Would be interesting to read about the sending offs.
  10. Interesting to note that other clubs make mid season changes.
  11. Fronting up in post match interviews isn’t really helping performances on the pitch.
  12. Changed out of their kit or changed clubs?
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