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  1. andyetfc

    Enfield Town v Bishop's Stortford

    All the trophy games are important until we get knocked out and then some people then say we didn't want to win it anyway and we can now concentrate on the league. It's important to win any game.
  2. andyetfc

    Enfield Town v Burgess Hill

    A good all round performance it certainly wasn’t. The first half was awful and we could have fallen behind when BHT missed an open goal. After that the most memorable moment came when their player headed the ball back towards his own keeper and a Town player was flagged offside! I forecast a 4-1 win at half time so was nearly right as we played better than they did. However, it was expected against a bottom two side. Still room for improvement.
  3. andyetfc

    Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town

    I thought the club had a five year plan?
  4. andyetfc

    Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town

    4WF. I was making the point that the two previous points were poles apart in their assessment of the game.
  5. andyetfc

    Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town

    Opinions rule the day. Rubbish game, second best all night. Thought we did OK. That's football for you.
  6. andyetfc

    Bishop's Stortford v Enfield Town

    1-1 after 70 minutes.
  7. andyetfc

    Enfield Town v Margate

    Didn't really think it would end up 4-0 given that it could have been 2-2 at half time. By the way, it was very cold.
  8. andyetfc

    Hampton announce we have an on loan striker.

    Here for a month.
  9. There were some ETFC players who represented their country after 2001.
  10. It's a shame but there are lots who give their time to players from the past who played for Enfield FC rather than those who have played for ETFC since 2001. Lets HOPE things change.
  11. andyetfc

    Worthing v Enfield Town

    Good news so far.👍
  12. andyetfc


    Minutes available at the next AGM.👍
  13. andyetfc

    Dorking Wanderers v Enfield Town

    It's what you do with a coaching badge qualification that matters.
  14. andyetfc

    Dorking Wanderers v Enfield Town

    Silence is goalden.