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  1. It's not just football that's suffering.
  2. If you looked over the wall at EFC at half time on a Saturday afternoon you would not have been able to see the grass as every pitch was being used by local footballers. Look out from the bar at ETFC and just how many games are taking place? Not half as many. Now that's worrying.
  3. With the advent of technology it is possible to watch back to back premier league football from the comfort of your own living room or local pub. This is certainly not helping.
  4. They were County matches as you mentioned and not many Essex, Sussex or Middlesex County games attract vast crowds. It’s a shame but that’s the reality of non league football.
  5. Mo was turned down by Bolton, wasn't he, so why are clubs in the premier division are looking at him? National League South or the next step would probably be his next best move. But what do I know?
  6. I must have been on the phone at the time.
  7. Bad decision! Who says a decision is bad? If we went on that premise, 11 players would applaud every decision whilst eleven would be totally against it. Does this happen in rugby? Interesting to note that at no time last week was our female referee surrounded by players demanding answers to the decisions she made.
  8. And then try to make sure that 'new supporters' keep coming back.
  9. I just wonder how many people would accept being sworn at at work? The foul and abusive language is not called for and in my opinion, it's not part of the game'. I will be very interested to hear what the outcome of this is, especially as the club is trying to be all inclusive.
  10. I would like to know what was said in both changing rooms at half time as we didn't start playing again until near the end of the game. Three more points though.
  11. Correct. However, if it is who most people believe it is, then the problem should have been dealt with ages ago. Some people think he's funny!
  12. From the official club emails. On a serious note we have had a complaint about the abuse of an official on Saturday by a spectator and the club are investigating the matter. We really do appreciate your passionate support for our team which is second to none oi the League but if you think another spectator has overstepped the mark and feel confident and safe to do so please point this out to them politely. Alternatively please report the matter to a steward in a yellow jacket or an official of the club. Thanks for your co-operation. Let's hope that this matter is dealt with and the 'so called supporter', who is eventually identified, is told to go and watch some other club rather than drag ours down.
  13. Thank goodness for Mo's first minute cracker and Bricknell"s wonder goal. Very good game and you can see why M and T have gone unbeaten so far this season. The guys stuck at it and ground out the win. However, I do still worry about our midfield being over run leaving our back line at the mercy of pacy opponents.
  14. As have quite a few others
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