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  1. You will get shot down in flames for your last comment as some people will believe you have no ambition hoping that we play Cheshunt next season.😀
  2. Surely it doesn't take nearly three years to find out which road you should be taking!
  3. Ben. Enjoy reading your comments from afar, or just round the corner, but we don't really know that community projects would suffer if the model changed. It all depends on what is offered. Buy into the deal as a whole, or no deal. Sounds a bit like Brexit.
  4. Each to their own and we all have opinions, but I don't think it's the most talented squad to date.
  5. Let's hope he does well at his new club and that a condition of the 'transfer' was that BWFC come to the Dome pre season.
  6. What's the team in 18th place? Never heard of them.
  7. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18140803.bolton-snatch-striker-mo-faal-ahead-crystal-palace-watford/
  8. I'm telling you now that he maybe, could be, probably, will sign for the club.
  9. I have a feeling they may be a bit too old now.
  10. I can't remember those four playing for ETFC.
  11. It's a shame that some have short memories and don't remember how the MFA assisted ETFC back in the early days.
  12. We aren't discussing any other team at the moment. We are discussing ETFC, our fans owned club.
  13. Totally agree. Total disrespect. It was a good competition to win when ETFC won it. Forget the fact that an under 23 side was put out, they were representing the club in a senior Middlesex competition.
  14. Hope his name was spelt correctly on the forms😀
  15. Well I’m sure we will know something by the end of the season.
  16. I was at the game and am sorry to say but I agree with MTHead. Yes, the first goal in the first minute didn't help, but the more professional team did win at a canter. I know that some people will talk about the fact that the opposition are full time, but we had one shot on goal in the first half and that was the penalty. I heard nothing from the bench to change the game in our favour and although the performance improved in the second half, ETFC really didn't trouble the opposition that much. If the budget issue comes up again, then is it not time to start looking outside the box in order to generate more income. Can a club like ours operate at a higher level with the current constitution in place?
  17. How many of those 'extra' Spurs supporters used to watch ETFC? Yes, they have a new stadium, and increased gates, but if the product served up at ETFC was consistent and good, then I reckon more people would come along.
  18. The playing budget had nothing to do with the performance yesterday.
  19. Performances against Bowers and Pitsea in the Essex Senior League were better. I'm sure no one can come on here and criticise the comments from worried supporters.
  20. Not hard to understand why we lost as we were poor and beaten by a much better, organised and hard working team. Most of our players didn't turn up.
  21. Did it work? How many of the 200 free entry tickets were given in?
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