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  1. Never heard of a situation like this and I refereed for a good number of years.
  2. Just commenting on Wildlife rescue’s point
  3. Can’t really see referees overturn red or yellow cards just because they are told to do so.
  4. Not good news at all for non league football. Offer their fans the opportunity to watch our games at a discount rate? What do people think?
  5. The law courts would be full to the brim if clubs went down the ‘legal route’ and the only winners would be the lawyers.
  6. ‘Take legal advice’. Costs money and don’t forget this is the Ryman League.
  7. Would be interesting to read about the sending offs.
  8. Interesting to note that other clubs make mid season changes.
  9. Fronting up in post match interviews isn’t really helping performances on the pitch.
  10. Changed out of their kit or changed clubs?
  11. Nine goals conceded in three successive home games within a week! Ouch!
  12. I was really looking forward to watching the game yesterday and thought it could be a free flowing example of how to play the game with attackers raiding down the wings, crossing the ball to the waiting players to put the ball into the net. I then woke up! Shame our team didn’t. Yes, there will be comments about the number of time Chesham players went to ground but I can assure everyone that they weren’t the only ones having drunk too much ‘falling down water’. It’s a great shame that conning and cheating to gain advantage from the referee has percolated down the leagues so quickly, and there’s no way of stopping it. I did say to one well respected Town supporter that the ref’ would send someone off and how right I was! Must do the lottery next Tuesday. As for the game itself, one shot on target! Second to most balls. No desire or urgency. 0-4 drubbing. Must do better.
  13. Penalty was saved but they scored from the rebound. All in all, beaten by the better team.
  14. Well you can’t knock a 5-2 result away from home?
  15. All down to making the best of what we have. Andy brought them in and it’s down to him, no one else.
  16. https://www.bigissue.com/news/social-justice/fan-owned-football-clubs-power-supporters-exeter-york/?fbclid=IwAR3sdGzpIXmG9kvw9WvUcChfKKW7v4KNdS-_h0mejMpBGiSU398McOph7ss
  17. History now, so the club moves on.
  18. There’s more to a team than just one player.
  19. Not surprised he has gone.
  20. Does anybody know exactly what happened or do we just rely on what people think happened?
  21. Claim for compensation? Wouldn’t really think the club would want to go through the courts. Leave the matter with the authorities and move on, just like the player did.
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