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  1. Defenders do it. Attackers do it. They drink too much falling down water.
  2. It would be great to see Mo banging in the goals. However, he does that and will be off like a shot when a higher placed team comes along.
  3. I just hope some people don’t blame the virus for the poor start. It’s affected everybody.
  4. Someone said elsewhere that it would be good to play a team similar to those we will play every week. Oh dear.
  5. Wide men up front? Well rounded team? Defence leaky? Footballs started then.
  6. Lots of people will have had lots of expectations. However, they don’t always come to fruition.
  7. Great idea. If enough members want it then it would be a great opportunity to repay those who have worked so hard over the last 15 months.
  8. The club will learn from this and not promote films like ‘Gone with the wind’ or ‘Singing in the rain’.👍
  9. Did Michael Fish say it wasn’t going to rain?
  10. I think we will end up with a similar squad to pre virus as I cannot see loads more people coming to our games which will swell the coffers. All clubs will no doubt be in the same position.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55751438
  12. And I sure this would happen with ETFC going after a player from a team in a league lower than ourselves.
  13. Save money on wages? We don’t have any money coming in through the gate!
  14. Where’s Bradley Brotherton when you need him?👍
  15. That post should start something as we all have our favourites.
  16. Merry Christmas everyone. Stay as safe and as healthy as possible.
  17. Have you see the ongoing video footage of Nottingham students having raves to celebrate going into tier 3? And they are supposedly be the clever ones.
  18. But those idiots don’t want to learn.
  19. Law of averages? If that’s the case, then look out the premier league in years to come. I think we will be having this type of discussion for some years to come.
  20. Is this the first tie you’ve wanted theTown to win?
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