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    andyetfc got a reaction from Fukinki in Billericay Town v Enfield Town   
    I thought only one team went down this season.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from Fukinki in Billericay Town v Enfield Town   
    Just wondering what the issues at Billericay have got to do with this forum? Let them get on with their issues and we will get on with supporting our team.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from AnfieldTowner in Enfield Town v Metropolitan Police   
    I wasn't at the game on Saturday, but well said Ben. I just hope people don't pick holes in everything he wrote. Probably will do though.
    When we only had the report of games in the Gazette, we only had one view of a game. Now, with modern technology, we have managers and reporters coming out of our ears! Yes, everyone has their opinions and expectations, and they won't be the same, but at the end of the day it's up to the management to get the best out of the players who can then play decent football and get results we all want.
    I still don't believe we are any different to any other club when it comes to managers and players. They will come and go and will kiss the badge until someone offers them more money. Let's just see what happens during the next few weeks and hopefully we will have a better idea of how the manager is coping with the resources he has.
    Respect peoples' views and enjoy your football.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MbrunoB in Braintree watch   
    I just hope we don't have a 'Braintree results and team selection' thread every week during the season.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MbrunoB in New Manager   
    I don't mind who ETFC has as a new manager so long as they try their best and there are not more coaches in the dugout than players on the pitch.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from Father Jack in Enfield Town v Folkestone Invicta   
    I'm sure I saw it was three off, but checked again to reveal only two at FJ said. I knew I had seen 'three off'. It's on the vidiprinter link on football website.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MbrunoB in Worthing v Enfield Town   
    Players and management will always come and go. The club will still be here though.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MbrunoB in Tonbridge Angels v Enfield Town   
    The team shouldn't have to rely on just one player, no matter who he is.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MbrunoB in Enfield Town v AFC Sudbury   
    Nailed on red card. The referee went straight over to the incident and I thought he should he should have pulled out the red card straightaway to calm things down.
    In terms of time. The second half started at 4.10pm and finished just before 5.00pm so I think the timings were correct.
    Good rearguard action sealed the win.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from lovely stuff in Perennial issue.   
    Agree. But surely someone has to weigh up the the overuse of the pitch, and the amount of work spent on it, against the income generated.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from lovely stuff in Ashford Town(Middx) v Enfield Town - 05.04.16   
    Totally agree on all points. That must be a first.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MbrunoB in Tonbridge Angels v Enfield Town - match fred   
    EU. Probable increase in attendances because of the away following. Doesn't mean to say our home following would increase. IMO. We are a long way off conference South standard.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from Enfield United in Lewes tonight   
    The good thing about a forum is that people can passionately air their views, comments and opinions. So here are mine in response to EU's.
    No one can ever take away the fact that our club was very successful in its formative years and won numerous trophies which now form a part of our history. Now some people may say that they were Mickey Mouse trophies and not worth winning. However, the wins produced a feel good factor which, at the moment, is missing. Supporters appeared to enjoy the wins and the management team, under Jim Chandler worked wonders. Unfortunately, his era came to an end and there followed a period of uncertainty with numerous managers coming and going. What we cannot do is forget all that. It happened, just like the rough time our club is going through now.
    Everyone knows it's down to the players to perform on the pitch and for SN to do his level best with the resources he has at his disposal. Let's let them get on with it. If it doesn't happen, then some people will have to make important decisions. Until that time, then let's all get behind the team, whichever team is put out.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from AnfieldTowner in Oh Dear, Oh Dear.........   
    You are right. He says he is up for a fight but this spirit needs to be conveyed to the players and they need to, as has been stated elsewhere, 'man up'.
    What does worry me though is the phrase that has been used on this forum and within his letter to the fans and that is 'true supporter'. Surely supporters have the right to put their opinions forward if they feel the need and it doesn't make them less of a supporter if they do so. Not everyone is going to accept everything that goes on within the club, but that's life. Supporters are the life blood of the club and without them there wouldn't be one, especially as it's their hard earned cash that is passed over the turnstile each game.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MbrunoB in Oh Dear, Oh Dear.........   
    Results do not lie. I saw 10 players in yellow shirts running around playing together/for each other with one thing on their mind. To win a game of football. East Thurrock players had the desire and skill to win against a team who didn't appear to know what to do when they had the ball, and, what to do when they didn't have it. We saw on New Year's Day that we were beaten for pace. It happened again today when our full backs were not at the races when we conceded the two goals.
    Harrow Borough FC have just released three players in order to draft in replacements. If they can do it, they why can't we? Our players are not producing the goods and we cannot 'hope' that other teams around us lose more games than us so we stay up.
    Surely we cannot keep saying that we have a small budget as I am sure a lot of teams would welcome gates of over 300 each game. Players are out there - just look who we played today.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from Arkwright in Whitehawk v Town - GAME ON   
    I cannot comment on the game yesterday as I was not there but it sounds as though we were there for the taking. Is this our worst defeat in a league game? Two sendings off? A lot of 'true' supporters and owners of this club have been here since its inception and have the right to make their opinions heard, whether they be positive or negative. Yes, people want the team to do the best it can, but if things aren't working out, then they need changing.
    We cannot do much about injuries, but sendings off and bookings meaning players missing games! Surely we cannot blame the match day officials for these all the time.
    Let's hope for a much better performance on Tuesday.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from Papa Lazarou in Fom the North...   
    Maybe he can pick up The Invisible man on the way? Provided he can see him that is.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MaldonBlue(GAFC) in Fom the North...   
    Maybe he can pick up The Invisible man on the way? Provided he can see him that is.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from Enfield United in What If ....................   
    Keep taking the tablets.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MbrunoB in And 2 More Games Again in the Capital League Next Week   
    At least the game can be rescheduled for next Tuesday as the first team wont be needing it.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from The Crowing Cockerel in Cheshunt vs Enfield Town   
    There would be more trouble afoot if the pitch was 12 inches longer
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    andyetfc got a reaction from Barney in Disappointed   
    I wasn't at the game on Saturday but it was disappointing to read what went on regarding the match officials and the conduct of some of the 'supporters'.
    Yes, it's an 'Oh not not him again' thread.
    This club has progressed so far in such a short space of time through the hard work and commitment of so many people. It's a shame that a lot of that good work could be unhinged by just a few.
    When will this 'supporters' owned club not start taking to task those who regularly abuse officials?
    When we were in our formative years, we had a supporters' charter. Where did that go? Is it time to resurrect it, or something very similar? We are attracting great crowds with numbers ever increasing. Let's show them the positive side of the club and not the negative side.
    We are never going to eradicate all the 'industrial language' at games, but continual abuse of officials, just because we do not agree with their decisions, surely has to stop before someone gets into very hot water over their actions.
    What do we now have? Officials personal credibility being challenged on a football forum. What right has someone got on this forum to question whether an official should be refereeing, whether he has the character to referee or whether the league should look carefully at who they appoint to our games? I would challenge anyone to referee at any level to see what it's all about. Was Howard Webb the right official to referee the World Cup Final? Of course he was and look at how the game finished up?
    Abuse of the officials must stop and 'our' club should deal with those who offend otherwise I could see the club getting a bad name, which obviously we do not want.
    What happened to the 'Respect' campaign? It appears some may have forgotten it already.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from MbrunoB in Five points clear in second   
    Play offs?
    Let's go for the title on this form.
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    andyetfc got a reaction from Barney in Towners v Cheshunt 1-1   
    Some valid points Steph.
    However, you mention if 'we' do not defend properly'. Surely you cannot single out just Jey for his inexperience? If 'we' cannot defend properly, then the whole of the defence should be dealing with the matter, not just one person?
    I thought the better team drew! Yes, we played much better than Cheshunt and could have won. However, we played against 10 men for ages. Surely someone could have worked out how to break them down on more than one occasion?
    Our goal came from a cracking delivery at a corner for Adam to meet powerfully with his head. Subsequent corners after that were either short or to someone on the ground. Why not learn from before and deliver at height?
    Goals disallowed? Referees and linesmen(assistant referees) tend to give decisions based on what they see. If he sees a foul, then so be it. If he sees an offside, then again, we need to move on. It's a shame that these things happen and that people always disagree with or blame the officials. However, we all know that players make a hell of a lot mistakes than officials.
    It's early days yet but the performance was a hell of a lot better than the FA Cup game. Talking to some, it was a hell of a lot better than Tuesday's game. Who would have thought Thamesmead would be were they are now?
    Worrying news about the talk of thefts from the car park around half time. Has this happened before at Cheshunt?
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    andyetfc got a reaction from neve'snan in Ware ?   
    Sale of stand plus all the money raised by generous supporters to put their names on the seats. I certainly would not have been happy leaving the stands there.
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