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  1. Luton will have the pleasure of visiting all the Blue Square Premiership grounds next season with most likely either Bournemouth, Grimsby or Chester accompanying them down. Maybe slightly more interesting is Exeter have all but guaranteed a play-off slot and are looking on target for a automatic promotion spot. For a club that was bankrupt, had some that were running the club at one stage investigated and various other various ill fated or embarrassing situations thrust upon them they have emerged run by their supporters trust and seemingly in a healthy state. So there is always ho
  2. Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin Just wondering if Hempstead Gaz did not post as he says, how can he not be using the forums correctly? not sure I would know how to mis-behave on a forum without posting! I am just curious. I think it is a shame this forum has been all but abandoned as it served the Ebbsfleet fans and others well. Maybe the freedom of information from many sources good, bad and ugly depending on your point of view was bound to attract all kinds but that is the downside of such a place or maybe it is a plus? I also think those that reponded to "trolling" only
  3. We played a standard 4-4-2 and all the players carried out their expected duties. The major factors that went to a refreshingly good performance IMO were: Duncan not only defended well but his distribution was excellent, his interchanges with Long released Long quicker and into dangerous space. Gash had Moore buzzing around him and much closer than usual so Gash's knockdowns, flicks and lay-off's were often picked up. That combined with Long's better passing and crossing because of the above meant Gash was found more often. In short, Gash was used in a way that suits his style. If t
  4. I am all for getting behind the team. Booing, getting on players backs and cheering when the player you blame most for our woe's is substituted does not help the team play better. But, when is it OK to start discussing people losing their jobs. Is it when a team is in the relegation zone with six games till the end of the season or when a team is not matching their previous seasons efforts and are mainly playing bad football halfway through the season? I tend to think that there is justification for the thoughtful complaints being aired about our lack of watchable football
  5. I always judge a good manager by a number of criteria and circumstances. Have they come in and turned around a poor performing side? Have they had a side performing well hit a poor patch and turned it round fairly quickly? Have they brought in players whom mostly have improved the side? How much do they blame their squad when things are not going well? Is the dressing room still with them in times of trouble? I will let you all do your own answers as to where Liam rates on the above. Just one other thought: Did the FA Trophy run paper over the cracks of last
  6. My take on the game is Weymouth were not that good but competent. Slatter at right back gave us better distribution but may find it harder against a better quality team, maybe play him there when we know teams are going to defend rather than attack. Pooley now given the chance (why did he have to wait so long?) looked like he did in pre season assured, quick and alert and better equipped to pass the ball. Charles was having an excellent game got injured and even though it was clear to the supporters he could no longer move properly no sub was prepared until he went down again an
  7. I hope his first visit back to Stonebridge road will not be remembered by him for the shabby afterthought of the Supporters(sic) Player of the Year Award presentation announcement but by the smaller moments, such as, just before kick off he took up position on the halfway line by the terrace and got a sustained round of applause, I was going to say standing ovation but we were all standing already, too such an extent Gash turned round to see what was going on.
  8. Many at the match today will not know that Chris McPhee was presented with the Supporters Player of the Year Award at the end of todays game. The presentation was only announced as I reached the snipers toilet, I turned back as did most of those still in the ground and about fifty of us gave him a clap. What a c-ck-up. Whom ever were responsible for this bad organisation should be a little ashamed.
  9. Originally Posted By: Jeff The Fleet Trust only has seventy members? I am sure a Fleet Supporters Trust committee member will be along any post soon to give a more accurate figure. Two points of interest are the drop in numbers after the name change and that despite the perceived worries by a perceived number of supporters the one organisation that will be at the club longest for the supporters i.e. some form of supporters group is not as well endowed with members as maybe it should be.
  10. A fine example of a supporters trust in action is that of Exeter City, the club hit the buffers then some "disputed" actions by those that took over the running of the club then the Trust stepped in and bit by bit have turned it round. The Fleet Trust had approx 250 members up till the name change now I believe it has about 70 members. If people are serious about their concerns regarding the viability of our current situation I would strongly reccomend them joining the Fleet Trust it only costs
  11. Has Liam ever signed or loaned a performing forward? I feel sorry for Gash, when we play with two upfront he is expected to run the channels when there are three forwards he is in splendid isolation so either way his headed flicks and good vision in laying the ball off are rendered useless. Why did Liam spend
  12. Firstly well done the Barrow supporters to come all that way and do "your thing", reports indicate our officals did not add to the occasion. Now for the game, I know we won and it was good we for once got the last minute winner but I do not recall any shots on goal in the first half. I think 60 mins had passed before their goal keeper had to make a save, we hit the post later and apart from the goal maybe a couple of half chances. With all repect to Barrow they were not very good and rarely threatened us which begs the question why did we need Murray directly in front of the back fou
  13. Originally Posted By: Hempstead Gaz One factor as well - MYFC are still proclaiming on the website this:- "The league form simply isn't going to convince the 30,000, since their money hadn't really filtered down to the team by the time of last year's final. This season's team is the result - a record playing budget, a record signing in Gash, and football certainly no more attractive or effective than in the league last year. If the MYFC members had been picking the team and tactics many of us would be screaming for the experiment to end now! but they have not. Stevenage a team th
  14. I thought Luke's very deep and bloody side of shin injury came about after the tackle which took both players down, they both tried getting the ball which went away and I assume the ref's eye followed, where upon Miles lashed out across Luke's shins it was then Luke started writhing. Which may explain why the ref didnt see it although the Lino was nearby.
  15. I thought Luke Moore did an excellent job taking both penalties in a short space of time and with a fair amount of gamesmanship from the Woking players as he waited to take them. I would have forgiven him had the second not gone in, a job well done in difficult circumstances.
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