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  1. 11-January 11 - Happy Birthday Reg (Barrow) :)

  2. I'm sorry that you feel you were badly treated but I would like to set the record straight on a couple of things.. Firstly, Barrow supporters did not 'kick a drum in at Cambridge', whoever told you that is a bae faced liar I'm afraid. We have several fans who don't like drums (myself included) and we joke about wanting to damage them but we would obviously never do such a thing and I would hope that people could see that our comments werelight hearted. Secondly, our fans didn't come to stand near you to intimidate you at half time, we make the same move at every home game. There isa section of our support that likes to stand nearer to the end we're attacking and moves around the ground accordingly. I'm sure we'e not the only set of fans to do this, so I'm surprised that you have decided to mention it in the manner that you did by implying it was done to intimidate you. I was stood near the younger Barrow supporters as your fans walked to the other end of the ground and didn't see anything untoward at all. A few Barrow fans chanted a song about you being owned by a website but it was light hearted stuff and certainly not threatening. Barrow fans have a bad reputation, mainly due to the actions of a small band of idiots that have latched on to the team for big games down the years. The club and the police until recently had done absolutely noting to address this, meaning that our reputation was continually being harmed. The band of fans that go all over the country supporting the team unfortunately are the ones who are left to pay the price for the actions of these morons. I dislike segregation at non league grounds, I don't think it should be neccesary but as the non league game gets stonger and stronger, I think now is sadly the time that it becomes mandatory at this level. The vast majority of all football fans are good, law abiding citizens but the minority are sadly capable of being so destructive, that we have to guard against it. On Tuesday night, we were treated appallingly at Northwich.It's too long a story to go into it on here but details can be found here if you're interested. This has prompted me to think about setting up a supporters union, you can read about that here so as you can see, the majority of Barrow supporters are only interested in supporting our team, much like the vast majority of your supporters. Please don't tar us all with the same brush! One final point. We're not in West Cumbria, we're in Lancashire, I thought everyone knew that!!!
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