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  1. No problem with teams lumping it into the mixer with five minutes to go. Camberley do it with 90 minutes to go. effective with their personnel but terrible for their fans watch. Unless of course they all still think it's 1978
  2. It did make me have a chuckle when the guy so upset by swearing at a match then calls someone he's never met, a tosser. When you guys get to play the likes of Canvey then you will realise what aggressive fans are! Anyway, move on gents it's getting boring.
  3. So because of the actions of a few you tar the whole club with the same brush? Are all Chelsea fans racist because of the metro train incident ? Where has your voice of reason gone?
  4. Voiceofreason Rother I think the biggest shock to Ashford fans since relegation last season is the officials. I can count the decent referee performances this season on one hand! I am talking bad for both teams not just Ashford. I am guessing teams that have been at this level for some time have become used to it. Well let me tell you it has been a shock to the system! That game didn't need a ref last night. it was played in very good spirits by the teams. In fact Ashford didn't give a free kick away until 70 odd minutes! The player who handled the ball admitted after the game he h
  5. If Molesey changed the kick off time I think they would double the gate.
  6. It seems Chamal / Jamal Fenelon is playing for Staines!!! After a spell in the Philippines ! You couldn't make it up!
  7. The Staines Lammas game was called off by the ref as there were frozen patches on the pitch.
  8. Billy will be a Tangerine again one day , no doubt about it!
  9. Nope. It'll stay where it's been for 10 years. Should we all round off our corner flag spikes just in case some player uses it as a weapon? My whole point was that a thug has had an easy ride on here and other media because people are fixated on the incorrect statement of his manager that the fork was laying at the side if the pitch.
  10. It saddens me to see the stick our volunteer groundsman is getting over this. Let's get it right. The fork in question is a two pronged garden style tool that is kept behind a portacabin at least 10 yards from the pitch perimeter. It's been kept in the same place for as long as I can remember. I haven't read a single comment about The idiot player that chose to collect it from behind the portacabin and brandish it as a weapon ! Just ridicule of a football club volunteer. Apparently the manager and his player from C&HFC were joking about the incident on twitter. If he gets the punishm
  11. The fork, used for repairing the divots on the pitch at half time and full time was left where it should be, down the tunnel.
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