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  1. On the subject of music after the game... Hornchurch played the MASH theme after we knocked them out of the Trophy....suicide is painless!
  2. A good result without really needing to get out of second gear. Onto he next round and another !!! Away draw!!!
  3. We took a long time to get going and seemed off the pace. Bedford's 1st was a well worked goal, but their second was a penalty that was quite bizarre. Kav and a striker went up for a cross but Kav didn't get to it and landed on the striker as he came back down. So, if any keeper comes to catch or punch the ball and misses it but bump into any opposition it's a pen? Joke. Second half we came out much better and began to play our football. Got back into the game when Bayley flicked on a Capt Jack effort and then Bitz scored a pen after being bundled over as he was one on one with the keeper. Defender saw red. The ref did the usual and levelled up the sides when sending off Tommy for what looked like a ball winning tackle. Bitz had a chance late on to nick all the points but probably a draw was a fair result. Good comeback and our never say die mentality shining through. Man of the match was Alex I think. Faultless display against our tricky ex player Sam Bafour.
  4. The red was for an blatant elbow. A stuttering first half but we gradually got our game going and got into our stride in the second half. Haven't heard a team cry "Ref" so often for a long while. The quite pathetic number 3 was the main culprit. If he concentrated more on his own game, instead of berating the linesman for every decision, he might stop forwards walking past him! I thought Kam had an excellent second half and also Roma had another solid game. Can't argue with "The General" winning Man of the match again though..... Disappointing attendance! I challenge all the " Bus stop" gang to bring a friend to the next game! Let's Fill the Stand!!! Up the Tangerines!
  5. I would say Bitz "strike" was more of a "dink"
  6. No problem with teams lumping it into the mixer with five minutes to go. Camberley do it with 90 minutes to go. effective with their personnel but terrible for their fans watch. Unless of course they all still think it's 1978
  7. It did make me have a chuckle when the guy so upset by swearing at a match then calls someone he's never met, a tosser. When you guys get to play the likes of Canvey then you will realise what aggressive fans are! Anyway, move on gents it's getting boring.
  8. So because of the actions of a few you tar the whole club with the same brush? Are all Chelsea fans racist because of the metro train incident ? Where has your voice of reason gone?
  9. Voiceofreason Rother I think the biggest shock to Ashford fans since relegation last season is the officials. I can count the decent referee performances this season on one hand! I am talking bad for both teams not just Ashford. I am guessing teams that have been at this level for some time have become used to it. Well let me tell you it has been a shock to the system! That game didn't need a ref last night. it was played in very good spirits by the teams. In fact Ashford didn't give a free kick away until 70 odd minutes! The player who handled the ball admitted after the game he had virtually caught it and was waiting for the penalty to be given. The Farnham players and physio admitted that our keeper was dragged to the floor before the goal and were all having a laugh about it. It was so blatant it ended up laughable. I think we were entitled to moan! Also you will hear more moaning from Ashford fans because we actually have a following. However, what is rarely mentioned on here is that Ashford, nine times out if ten, applaud both teams off the field win lose or draw. I am glad our fans show passion and are noisy rather than being yoghurt knitting Liberals like a lot of clubs followers. It's football not croquet !
  10. If Molesey changed the kick off time I think they would double the gate.
  11. It seems Chamal / Jamal Fenelon is playing for Staines!!! After a spell in the Philippines ! You couldn't make it up!
  12. The Staines Lammas game was called off by the ref as there were frozen patches on the pitch.
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