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  1. And no cards either. Just 2 teams that wanted to play football
  2. Yes, the friendly was on the same pitch. Ridiculous decision by the referee (but that is only my opinion - and all other people in the ground at that time as well)
  3. Well the Ash vs Banstead Athletic was called off 10 mins before kick off...... I think the referee was the only person in the ground that thought the pitch was unplayable Not only did he call the game off but 1 assistant and the referee took their half fee. The other assistant (I will name him here because I thought that was very honourable M Stevens) refused his fee because he had done nothing. At 15:15 we started a friendly between Ash vs Banstead and played a great game of football...Although I'm sure Banstead did not like the result (2-0 Ash). Ok. The pitch was a little sticky but we still played and completed the game
  4. I see Westfield is off and so is the Horley away game. Pitch inspection at HORLEYFC for the Dorking v Ash game
  5. Chessington & Hook VS Ash ON HOWEVER, there is a burst water main just down the road causing havoc with the traffic in the area.
  6. I am going to call you Pinocchio as every time you post on here your nose grows....
  7. Ash Vs Colliers Wood has been postponed. There is 6 inches of standing water on the field of play in several places. Even if the water was to miraculously dissappear overnight the underlying ground is too wet to play... That's without considering the forecast is rain and then more rain in the morning. It's also raining as I write this at the club.....
  8. Bedfont Sports Vs Ash United just been called off for tomorrow - pitch more like a swimming pool than a football pitch
  9. There was a lot of standing water yesterday on Ash pitch but AuPostie has given up his holiday from work to spend time working on the pitch
  10. Ash united vs Chessington & Hook confirmed off
  11. 28th - Ash United vs Badshot Lea - OFF this is due to the damage caused by the recent storms. Severe damage to clubhouse and grounds. (Covered stand by the clubhouse was blown into the front car park damaging roof as it went over the building).
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