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  1. Its flattering for Liam himself because when there is a conference managerial vacancy his name is mentioned. Time will tell ..rumours are rife about our club ..why not wait t hear facts..after all we can all stir the brown stuff!
  2. If rumors are true there maybe a vacancy ..who better to ask to fill the roll? People forget at times we are a Conference club...people should remember the grass roots of this club and be a little more tolerant...get some perspective on things
  3. All round good preformance tonight , Liams roasting must have had some affect. Suprised he kept so many first choice players in the squad tonight, but credit to them they battled tonight. Stevenage were woeful , thats taking nothing away from our lads who beat them fair and square tonight , with Torquay out , we must fancy our chances to go all the way in this competition. Well done !!!!!
  4. BLAH BLAH BLAH..Chill out ..the rest of the Season starts now..has anybody thought how unsettling it must be with the Clubs future it the lap of the gods..that uncertainty is bound to transfer onto the pitch.
  5. Its simple..lets think we are playing Crewe every week (oh best not we didn't score against them either)...Oh I know lets pretend its Stevenage !!!...............................We have them Tuesday ...lets see how far we have come in 3 months.
  6. I like Murray thought we looked a better balanced side with him playing just in front of back $ ..he can cross a ball ..had the a good game mid week against dover i felt, I also feel Hand is a better option than Stone who consistantly fails to deliver...ah well who would be a manager for whom it must be equally fustrating ( but ultimatly must take the rap), who must see something in the players during training that somehow is not transpiring on to the pith on a Saturday afternoon.
  7. For all of our endevour today at Cambridge it was so sad to see us so bereft of shots at goal...did their keeper actually have to make a save apart from Rickets wayward cross?
  8. Not if another team takes him on loan he wont be here. I think he made his mind up about playing again for Ebbsfleet..months ago
  9. ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawn..is that what its coming too ..what are you expecting nouvelle cuisine?
  10. We simply outplayed them second half especially ..thier goal was a gift...says it all when you expect a ref to rescue your game!
  11. We really are just like any other football club of which very few operate with a profit. Its all in the lap of the gods...maybe there keeping an eye on things in Dubai, China, America....Kent
  12. I'm sure ESPN Magazine must be delighted the way this thread is heading ! Been a fleet fan for years...Nice idea having lots of owners, times going to tell whether it was a wise move...those who think they were going to pick the team must have been seriously dis illusioned..me and my mate can't decide on the starting Eleven let alone 27,000. overall its pioneering Idea
  13. Could be quite a game it will be nice to see Hess back must be about 20 years ago at least when he was last here playing for Dartford....those were the days.
  14. Should be a good game Kicking Crawleys A**e !
  15. Puts things in perspective. Like all true supporters I'd like to wish him a full and speedy recovery.
  16. The police have to act on information given the accuracy is irrelevant really. Forwarned is Forearmed. So the Barrow fans feel hard done by? I'm sure were not as bad as these greedy clubs in the Conference who deem it fit to penalise the true supporters of any club (those of us who travel the lengths a breadth of the country) to support our heros. AKA Oxford Rushden Stevenage etc who CHARGE more to AWAY supporters to get in . That deserves a "watchdog" investigation!
  17. It would be very hard to obtain police information , no matter what part of the country you come from. Besides at your ground back in September it was rumoured that a Cambridge Unired Fan's drum was wrecked .....not very intellegent that. Forget it mate, enjoy the rest of your season and hope to see you again next season.
  18. Thats the trouble with these corporate goliaths everyone wants to be greedy. Thats the trouble with voting too-You dont always get what you want. Bring back Mr Ham Man !!!!
  19. Taking Gash off proved to be a masterstroke I felt. I felt his body language was a give away, he certainly didn't seem comfortable. Stacey over the past two games seems to be getting some form back. Felt the new boy Murry did a good job. Darius seems impenatrable. Barrow were seemingly content to settle for the one point right from the off, as like Crewe last week, showed very little desire for attacking football.Perseverance paid off in the end as we gained a well deserved victory. It was all about the result today and dosen't it feel good !!!
  20. Let end the losing streak and bury the Barrow !
  21. Get use to it MYFC's Politiks are here to stay ...for the forseeable future at least. Like it or not!!
  22. What about the poor cash struck fans ..leave all well alone for the next decade!!!
  23. Thanks to our knowledgeable KM Journalists we have now lost the FA Trophy to Torquay!!! I draw your attention to an article in this weeks Gravesend Messenger that actually refers to a New York Times article ( of all papers!) that allegedley has a stark misquote or is it the blethering idiots at the devote KM?
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