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  1. Cheers fellas, probably jump a cab from the station and have a beer in the clubhouse.
  2. Are there any decent boozers near the Colliers wood ground? Asking for a friend.....
  3. 30-December 10 - Happy Birthday Giant Reed :)

  4. Gordon Brown is both Scottish and dishonest. There rests the case for the prosecution............
  5. Well, I've always thought that a good semi is better than nothing.
  6. Giant Reed

    Matt Seedel

    Best of luck Matt. You've been a big player for us this season. Hope to see you in a Windsor shirt in the prem next season.
  7. The true names of the various sides of the ground are as follows; Allotment end. Horse sh!t end. Royalist stand. P!ss alley. These young fangled newbies seem to have renamed them as; Town end. Park end. Punto stand. Chicken run.
  8. I like the fact that supporters from other teams use our forum. Most fans at our level of football are pretty decent, (with some exceptions ). But i must say that the Totton fans who made the trip to Windsor earlier in the season seemed a thoroughly decent bunch. Looking forward to saturday. If Totton win the title they will have earned it. Actually, loooking forward to the p!ss up in southampton before the game, rather than the game itself. I have a feeling the game may be a rather fraught affair !!
  9. Were you two at the same game??........................
  10. I don't think Totton will be a level below us when we play them at their place. In all honesty, i think we're in danger of coming across as a touch arrogant. I think the title race will go to the wire. As for the fans that made the trip today, as far as i'm concerned there's no excuse for the players failing to acknowledge you. They were obviously disappointed with the result, but it it doesn't take much effort to show some appreciation to people who have given up their time and money to follow them week in, week out. Not great really!
  11. Abingdon have a large away following....he's about 24 stone. He carries a plastic bag which he guards with his life, and he spits when he feels threatened...don't make eye contact.
  12. Samuel,the welcome will be warm. The beer will be cold. The conversation will be spiritual. Just promise me you won't bring Rhodes with you!
  13. Smiles, I thought you should know that I have just bought a pigeon from a very nice man in trafalgar square for the bargain price of seventeen pounds. He informs me that It Is a "racing" pigeon of some repute,and I have therefore entered it into a race next tuesday,at Fontwell,over the jumps. My only problem was what to name the bird? I immediately thought of "Daphne", because the bird twitches,has only one eye,and is doubly incontinent. Unfortunately,I have been informed that the bird is,in fact,male,(or a "bull" as I believe they're called),so I have decided to name it after you. H
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