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  1. Yeah, same. I thought I had the same problem but I checked my Junk mail...
  2. Just double checking that the coach leaves at 11:45.And it'll be about
  3. I've reserved seats on the coach to Bognor, only I was ill last night and couldn't make the match to find out where we get the coach from - does anyone know where the coach leaves from on Saturday?
  4. I really can't see him going to a club thats got a chance of bankruptcy - im not worried at all.
  5. I don't mind what brand, so long as its red with the fleet badge on it...
  6. Great Book with a lot of good photos! - well put together, like the man near the back with the Wembley arch lol
  7. Referring to the Crewe fans on Saturday,On the way out of the ground, I overheard some fans saying how well we played for a Non league side.
  8. Jimmy, I wanted to know how old you had to be to travel,not if I can be 'baby sat' -what's baby sitting got to do with travelling?
  9. Originally Posted By: Special K Not that it matters now but by the sounds of it there where a couple of 11 year olds that where unaccompanied. So we now you can at least be 11 and go on your own.
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