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  1. 21-May 11 - Happy Birthday Hooky The Mascot :)

  2. 21-May 10 - Happy Birthday Hooky The Mascot :)

  3. Dont get me wrong Appiah looked a talent but unlike Akinde who left with honour Kwesi Appiah has left a bad taste ! I cant repeat enought how much the FA have annoyed me !! What hope have we got if the bigger ( al be it crap) clubs can steal our best young players! However it shows what a great job Docks is doing with the PASE tream and long may it continue !
  4. I just don't get it... Appiah is a Gravesend boy.. why do thet FA think he ended up at Posh.. its simple that c**t fry tapped him up ! Im not being nasty Appiah probably didnt even know where Peterborough was before Fry gave him a brown envelope (slanderous I know) If they need proof he was our player ask Woking they will vouch that he scored against them ! I just cant see how the FA can say no case ! It irates me !
  5. I remember when the Dons "beat" us in the trophy ( I know they later got kicked out) but they bought a big crowd and had a very good side even then. I look forward to playing and seeing the dons next season. And Daish to stay !!
  6. ???? How can Fry get away from stealing a good young prspect who had both played and scored for us this season. How can the FA think Appiah would end up at Posh... did they think he just got lost while playing on the Motorway ! The FA and FRY are just muppetts !! Have a lovely xmas FRY you mug !
  7. I dont know why but I really want george to suceed in a fleet shirt. Im not sure if its the flashes of skill or wether the fact hes a local lad... or maybe the fact i palyed 5 a side against him last year and he destroyed my team .
  8. He looks a very good Keeper. The experience will only benefite him and us im sure. I must say Lance is priceless to us the amount of points he has saved us losing ! Keep it up Lance !
  9. I know it was noted on the radio by Lord Chas but I felt al though we played well as we have in a while but the atmosphere was a little dead. I cant put my finger on why but bar the odd 10 second chant it was very very queit ! Come on lets make sure Tuesday we sing the lads to another vicotry on our way to the play offs !
  10. Before the game he made a point of talking to every fleet player (to the annoyance of the Weymouth players) he also gave me an extra special hug in the handshakes Chris is a true gentleman and sorely missed.
  11. Cold cold night but inpatched we looked very good. Purcell was again hit and miss but when things came off for him he looks a talent. Second half rolled on more and more the frost settled and the thickness of the frost near the halfway line tells you all you need to know about how much width we had last night. Having said that we won 3 nil looked solid and can we get Darius on a contract for life he is class !
  12. Snowing hard in central London too ! Lets hope its ok for this afternoon keep the winning run going !
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