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  1. I feel really bad for Andy having to put up with you lot . Perhaps the answer lies in the boardroom with the player budget Andy has to work with . If Andy's hands are tied what the hell is he supposed to do ?? WAVE A MAGIC WAND !!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD GET OFF THE MAN'S BACK. !!!!
  2. I wasn't surprised at all by the result last night just by looking at Towns line up it was clear Andy wanted to win this and win it well which he did. Our problem is the board did not act quick enough changing our manager given our horrendous run at the end of last season, the players bought in pre season were just not good enough. Steve is doing his best bringing in what he can but really we just need to retain our place in the league this season which i know we will and then see what Steve can do with a clean slate next season. By the way guys i wouldn't get too carried away as Barking put four past us with no reply on saturday against a stronger starting eleven (on paper anyway), good luck for the rest of the season.
  3. Just read this, i can't see an appeal being successful to be honest so maybe there is a plan B....time will tell.
  4. Very true nothing is guaranteed but the best thing to happen to the club for years, at least potential wise.
  5. No because i called him a prick to his face
  6. I know that mate he was just pissed and stupid and lucky not to get a right hander, not having a pop at the rest of you.
  7. The pitch will be where it is and the club house will be the main stand, its not the new homes we are excited about just the fact that after years of neglect we will have a ground to be proud of.
  8. That was a case of men v boys so no complaint with that well done the towners and i did have a chat with Andy Leese after the game and told him the same. At the end of the day it was a friendly and your team had the better attitude and players of course. One problem was one of your fans having a pop at our club calling it a shit hole (he had glasses and a blue shirt), i called him a prick and he had no come back, apart from that enjoy your win and roll on the new season.
  9. My sides are splitting LS you are so funny, there will always be a football ground at Theobalds Lane unlike Southbury Road!
  10. You self righteous knob . You really think the sun shines out of yourselves don't you ?. No wonder everyone reckons your stuck up your own @rses
  11. Not gone quiet LS had to go out then been to work all day, all i can say is along with others i am confident that it will benefit the football club as well as the local community. A lot of work has been done on the 3g pitch and the pitches behind it for the youth set up which is a big part of Cheshunt FC. Obviously i don't know all the in's and out's being just a supporter but i trust the owners and Broxbourne council to do the right thing. Can't really say too much more on the matter (nothing to do with the 'big cheese'), i reckon this thread is pretty much exhausted and we will always have our own opinons on the matter so lets just wait and see.
  12. This is different ST Broxbourne council have always stated that there has to be a football stadium there otherwise they would never agree to it. I have seen the plans that were submitted to them myself and it will also benefit the local community.
  13. Compared to the people we have had running the club before i trust Lee the do the right thing for Cheshunt FC and the local community. As i mentioned before the club was in a lot of debt when he took over and could easily have folded if it carried on losing money. As for the playing budget there is no point just chucking money at it, the players we have want to play for Cheshunt and they are a tight knit bunch, we are looking to go further as a club but there is no rush and myself as well as the other fans are more than happy with what is going on. I read your report AT and have no complaints at the result we were second best not going to deny that. Anyway thanks for the banter onwards and upwards for both clubs and i'm sure we will meet again.
  14. Not sure why a couple of your fans would say that if there wasn't something in it.
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