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  1. This little village club are doing ok and not spending big bucks either, who knows if you are lucky we may draw you in a cup match and give you chance to see what the NLS is all about.
  2. You are more than welcome to troll us here, in fact some of your ultras are already doing so https://www.facebook.com/groups/290277116619845
  3. As far as i have heard no rules have been broken, and please don't compare us to Billericay there is no comparison, in fact i would say the Enfield Town budget was way ahead of ours last season and will probably be more next season. I'm sure Mo Faal played for peanuts last season.
  4. What do you think of Brandon i know its been a few years since he played for you, did he play often?
  5. On the 3G pitch apparantly On the 3G pitch apparently i did hear a few months ago they were going to groundshare at Redbridge but maybe that fell through.
  6. Good result guys nice to see the two unfancied teams in the final, look forward to Monday.
  7. Thank you much appreciated and it will be a tough game
  8. Here you go again Theo how about giving us a bit of praise for beating the team with the best home record in the league. Whoever wins out of us the Hornchurch i'm pretty sure both sides will be ready for the challenge, you however will have to wait and you would love to have the opportunity, admit it you are gutted.
  9. They can't seem to comprehend that our owners are in it for the long haul its been over 10 years already and they care about the club and community. As usual Lovely Stuff has got it all wrong he is more salty than the Dead Sea. Nice to hear from you Theo and i don't want to hear about your pants they are probably full of the brown stuff like you. Anyway as Father Jack said its getting boring so its goodnight from me, all the best.
  10. But you wish you were going...............come on now be honest 😉
  11. No your club wouldn't pay for the supporters and the thing is you won't know because you haven't reached the last 16 so keep dreaming. I seem to remember the club relied on the supporters to raise £10,000 for new floodlights a couple of years ago so pay for your transport and accommodation don't make me laugh. Congratulations on beating Bowers and Pitsea last night but remember its a marathon not a sprint and there are plenty of decent teams left in the mix. By the way Stockport will be lovely this time of year we can't wait.
  12. I can read, write and spell something you seem to have a problem with so maybe you can draw a picture, most of our fans go on Twitter and a WhatsApp group which may be a little modern for some of you. Myself and AW just come on here to entertain you guys, anyway i have a hotel to book in Stockport so i have to sign off now.
  13. Talking to some Bishops Storford fans a couple of weeks ago they wasn't impressed with the behaviour of some of your fans, it happens not all football fans are saints.
  14. Why mention Billericay? There is no comparison between Glenn Tamplin and our owner, Cheshunt FC is not his plaything he has done so much making it a community club and will continue to do so. Our support is growing gradually and as a club we are certainly not stagnating, to be honest with the massive support you believe you have there isn't that many on this forum. Not sure where you are getting the full time football league and the 5,000 stadium info from, the new plans are for a 2,000 stadium to begin with. Has anyone seen Theo? he seems to have gone missing i just wanted to tell him that 16 games unbeaten isn't bad for a "two bob outfit" . Anyway as someone here said its getting boring now so thats all from me, have a happy new year everyone and you never know we may meet again in the play offs (by the way i'm not AW and he ain't me).
  15. For your infomation our club is bankrolled by having two clubhouses which get hired out, a 3g pitch which is also hired out multiple times a week and also FC Romania ground sharing. Plus the fact our youth teams, ladies and girls teams, walking football teams mens and ladies, the inclusive football teams which all use the facilities. Its just a well run club which doesn't spend beyond its means like many others. Our budget is nowhere near one of the top budgets in the league the performances are down to a good manager, good team and plenty of team spirit. By the way the owner is here for the long haul so i'm not sure where you get temporary from.
  16. Same here just two players on the bench and one went off injured in the first miniute, will both have full a full squad to work from on the 27th?
  17. I like the look of it but i fancy Worthing to win it despite the Margate result, it don't count at this stage of the season.
  18. We are just going about our business nice and quietly flying under the radar rarely getting a mention, looking forward to the festive game should be a cracker (no pun intended).
  19. We didn't do you a favour we win for our own benefit we are a decent team as you will find out soon enough, a bit arrogant on your part but thats only to be expected. We arrived at Worthing late due to junction 25 being shut but it never affected our magnificent performance.
  20. I noticed you used the word apparently a couple of times so you are not really 100% sure of the facts are you? I look forward to the return fixture when we lay on a banquet for the Town players.
  21. Not complaining about the result a tight game decided by one bit of quaility but to provide nothing for the away team after the match is an absolute joke and shows what kind of club you are, zero class. See you in the return where the Town players will be well looked after, i hope some of the Town fans had a safe return to Royston Vasey.
  22. Yes what great club you have here no food for the away team after the match what a discrace your players will be treated with respect at our place, who the hell do you think you are !
  23. I must admit i was nervous going into our tie at Long Melford as they are a couple of levels below and i thought they may put everyone behind the ball and play for penalties. Lucky enough we scored an early goal and were always too good for them although they deserve credit for the way they played and they are a well run club, plus there was great banter between the fans. I totally agree with you about why extra time shouldn't be played it does give too much of an advatange to the home side, anyway see you in November providing there is no lockdown again....fingers crossed.
  24. These are going to be very tough times for clubs at our level and at an even higher level, but despite what Bill Shankly said peoples health is more important. All i can say is i look forward to renewing our friendly rivalry in the future, stay safe everyone.
  25. Obviously gutted to lose but an enjoyable afternoon, it certainly was a game of two halves the first was manic with not much quality but plenty of excitement and the second a bit more sedate. A bit of quality settled the game and we never looked like coming back for the third time, i'm confident we won't go down so if you don't go up see you next season, all the best.
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