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  1. Reject the idea. Can’t believe they are acting as absolute prats. It’s bad enough them being classed as ELITE. Absolute joke. Full appreciation to the SA for getting the gear as a way forward, so let’s Stick it up em!!!!
  2. One for Barry please Tony Sounds like a long day!!!!!!
  3. Are you coming to watch the Cup Final at Big Kev's local on Southminster??
  4. Cheers Rob At least I know I'm not banging the drum on my own!!
  5. Going back to my earlier post, I was trying to get the point over that the Management and Board should be supported at this moment in time. Having played 7 games away so far, 4 have been lost by a single goal one was drawn when we were two in front One we lost 4-0 which ended with the opposition goalkeeper was named M.O.M. And the other was lost by some bad decisions going against us. Therefore I don't think we are in a crisis. Let's hope that when we get the return fixtures in December and January, there will be more happier posts on here. I for one feel we will pull out of this.
  6. If you go through the photos of the Cypriot league website,it seems Tam and Spencer feature regularly,whilst I can't find any of Ricky Hayles.
  7. Could it signal the re-re-return of Ronnie Fletcher!!!!
  8. When I think back, I had every sympathy for Spence when he had family problems, but now I beginning to wonder.........
  9. I can't believe this of Ricky Hayles Had one of his best seasons in an Urchins shirt Got my vote as P O T S He took most of the sponsored Man of the Match awards this season. Would like to see some sort of apology to the Management,Staff,Players and fans alike
  10. 21-June 11 - Happy Birthday Barrymono :)

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