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  1. I have passed through Gravesend, yes. Gravesend in Brooklyn falls into the category of "Why would you want to go if you did not have to go?" But I have passed through on my way to the beach (Coney Island, etc.) and on the way to Sheepshead Bay, where my favorite bicycle shop is located. I did live in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, which is actually a lot like living along King's Road in London. But I have no taste for the Blues (unless you mean the John Lee Hooker variety).
  2. I know little to nothing about nekkid weather reports. My sheepshead is Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York (although I live in Manhattan). Thanks very much all for the advice. I've been following English football for quite a while (although I admit not in the lower divisions). I've been to London many times, and have seen matches at Craven Cottage and Stamford Bridge. I took a train to see England play Mexico in Derby. Supporting an English football team is a bit like supporting a college football team here in the States (which I've done for 30 years). Incredible passion and loyalty, and unending skepticism. And Up the Fleet. Quite a match on Saturday.
  3. I was reading about some of the debates here on the forum before I even risked posting :-) Although I'm not fully aware of all the business/political issues involved with EUFC and MyFC, I can certainly sympathize with the longtime EUFC supporters who now have to deal with people like me, who until a few years ago didn't know Sir Bobby Robson from Robin Hood. On this board, I intend to mainly listen, read and learn. I think you'll find the idea of direct support of a club appealing to many Americans, who have been turned off by wealthy, faceless sports magnates here in the States. Here in New York, season ticket holders to American football are being asked to pay the teams $5,000+ just for the privilege of buying their tickets in the new stadium. About the MyFC website, I have emailed a man named Gary over there, but have not heard back. I hope it is not a bad sign. Thank you for the welcome.
  4. Hello from New York. I read the recent article in the New York Times on EUFC and MYFC. [http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/08/sports/soccer/08club.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=ebbsfleet%20&st=cse&oref=slogin] I've been a fan of English football for about seven years. I'm sure most of you know more about EUFC than I ever will, but I hope you will bear with me. I found the idea of "membership" to raise capital for the club very attractive. I've always been curious how it works at Barca. So on November 8 I signed up as a new member. I'm happy to be supporting the club. I am doing my best not to be a posuer here. I know how I would feel if, for example, a Canadian walked up to me today and said, "Hello, I am now a New York Giants supporter." So I want you to know from an American's perspective that I love English football and am looking forward to spending time in this forum. If anyone wants to offer any advice, I am all ears, as they say. Also, I sent my payment to MYFC four days ago, but still cannot log into the member website. Does anyone know how long it takes to get into the MYFC database? Thank you in advance.
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