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  1. one for me please i will come out of away day retirement
  2. Well done lads, great result! My aunty is a medium and she has predicted Royston away in the next round, my uncle is an extra large and he thinks Carshalton or Aveley away. Torquay at home would be a good one.
  3. Makes a great Christmas gift buy one for someone you love..or hate! A grumpy uncle, a flatulent granny..guaranteed to brighten their Christmas
  4. Well done lads 👍👍looks like i missed a good un, I was at the Albert Hall so couldn't go.
  5. a taste of Aveley👍 or home to Met Police 👍
  6. Triple M - Marvelous Marvin Morgan!
  7. Sam


    I used to play Water Polo but my horse drowned so I had to stop
  8. I was watching them on you tube they’re a good side. I might go
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