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  1. I had a strange dream last night I was playing for Hx at Wembley against Hereford and I scored a 70 yard own goal, it went to VAR and was given in our favour! so that’s 1-0, then they scored within a minute so that’s 1-1.. then I woke up! Funniest thing is though the ref was made out of plastic like a 6 foot Subbuteo figure. Very odd😂
  2. That’s the thing, it’s not just getting to the final..it’s the manner in which they got there, some great results.. an achievement in itself. 100% have earned the right to be there.
  3. They need someone to sing the national anthem if you’re up for it? Katherine Jenkins has got a sore throat😜
  4. A truly remarkable achievement, one I never thought I would see. Well done to everyone involved and all the hard work put in. I was in the bath following the score after being worn out by a Chinese lady (no not like that) and at 3-2 down I thought..oh well, they’ve had a good run!...and the rest is history. I would love to go but if it’s BT Sport & a crate of beer..so be it👍
  5. Bald people should get priority or even better..a freebie👍
  6. Messi has fulfilled a boyhood dream and signed for the Hammers..hopefully see him at Bridge Avenue next year in a friendly 😂
  7. How’s the ref going to blow his whistle wearing that? 😂👍
  8. I’m interested in one, i’ve quit booze after drinking for 30 years so i’ve got to spend my cash on something👍
  9. 👍 Thanks to all at the club, stay safe.. see you all next season.. whenever that may be. There was some memorable games👍
  10. Maybe clubs could arrange lots of friendlies to compensate..tues, sat, tues, sat etc.. The league could have played the remaining fixtures instead of friendlies in august..
  11. one for me please i will come out of away day retirement
  12. Well done lads, great result! My aunty is a medium and she has predicted Royston away in the next round, my uncle is an extra large and he thinks Carshalton or Aveley away. Torquay at home would be a good one.
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