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    Michael Spencer, Shavesy & Dean Green
  1. Keep your chin up Rob! ha ha You can do it!
  2. Sorry I can't make it after all.. Good luck today it will be 2-1
  3. one for Sam on the reserve list.... cheers
  4. got a feeling we are gonna get hemel in the fa cup draw
  5. David Moyes will be back at Everton within 3 years..dead cert
  6. Stick me down, is that bar still at the end of Southend pier?
  7. Sam

    FA Cup

    My prediction is that It will be 0-0, we will win the replay 1-0, and then we will draw Lowestoft away in the 3rd rd
  8. Good quality scarfs, car stickers, pyjamas
  9. Ever since I started following Hx Michael Spencer has always been my fave player.. Fitting that he should score the winner.. Well done lads..
  10. Well done to the winner...heres my playoff predictions Premier League Everton v Fulham 2-0 Stoke v Arsenal 0-1 Wigan v Newcastle 1-2 Nowich v Liverpool 2-2 Ryman Premier Lewes v Harrow Borough 3-1 Hornchurch v Leatherhead 2-0 Aveley v Hendon 1-3 Billericay v Lowestoft 2-0 Canvey v Margate 2-0 Cray v Horsham 3-1 Hastings Utd v Met Police 2-2 Kingstonian v East Thurrock 1-0 Tooting v Bury Town 1-4 Wealdstone v Concord 2-1 Wingate v Carshalton 1-1 Cunty Park Rangers
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