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  1. Torture at the bridge is when the bar runs out of Guinness 😜
  2. I think Folkestone will run out of fuel in the second half😂
  3. they will smash our back door in...1-0 to the kings
  4. One for me please - Sam Sheppard Thanks - added to list. - Tony
  5. Headline should have been.. Ruff Day for Hereford after Nash’s Smash & Ellis Bliss! 👍✌️
  6. The Senior Cup is still “The Daddy’ Blood and Guts on a Tuesday night 😂 the smell of burgers in the air 😂
  7. Got mine..Cheers guys your effort is appreciated👍 I might even watch the Vase Final.
  8. Any news on whether a test is needed for entry?
  9. yes well done guys i got some merch..may buy some other stuff👍
  10. I had a strange dream last night I was playing for Hx at Wembley against Hereford and I scored a 70 yard own goal, it went to VAR and was given in our favour! so that’s 1-0, then they scored within a minute so that’s 1-1.. then I woke up! Funniest thing is though the ref was made out of plastic like a 6 foot Subbuteo figure. Very odd😂
  11. That’s the thing, it’s not just getting to the final..it’s the manner in which they got there, some great results.. an achievement in itself. 100% have earned the right to be there.
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