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  1. How many get relegated in Farnborough's division Chris?
  2. Oh I don't know Smudge, Pagey scored for us and a point on the road at favoured Camberley, least that part was right eh! Even if Dorking and Villa lost and SK won.. We all know there is a LONG WAY to go... 6-10 games before you can really tell anything!
  3. Hi Flint, fair appraisal. Felt we definitely had the better of the first half, hitting the bar and had 2 advantages been played I think they'd have ended in scoring opportunities for us at least, prior to us finally breaking the deadlock on 31 minutes. Second half worse possible start after only 50 seconds resulting in Camberley's equaliser opened the game right up and I feel we spent a fair bit of time soaking up pressure of them flying down the hill, with us only offering the odd counter. Game was played in a good spirit and home hospitality was spot on, thank you! Just nice to get first game, against a fancied side out the way and chalk up our 1st season Premier point.
  4. Looks like a fair bit of speculation and player / management movement since I put the iPad down in May! Interesting to see we are hotly tipped for relegation to... Knowing only my club really, my prediction for US is that we'll play 42 league games and upset a few parties along the way... We always do! Top 10 in the Prem would be an outstanding return for us, so that's the aim! Premier Windsor South park Epsom S/P Frimley Division 1 Spelly South Kilburn Eversley S/P Farleigh No order to above and no bias to those not mentioned Not gonna predict relegation, no idea... Besides this is supposed to be FUN, yes?!
  5. Right sorry to do this (self promotion) but we are hoping that with a cracker of a tie sure to ensue tomorrow and coupled with a *discounted admission to anyone wearing Navy Blue (or any fancy dress...) we are hoping to attract a few more crowd through the gate for our last home game of the season! *Discount is off our standard admission tariff If you have not ventured down to Cobham's 'Leg o Mutton' ground this season (or ever), tomorrow in the sunshine with the beers cold and hopefully the play hot seems to be as good a time as any! Goodluck to all clubs involved in matches at either end of both Divisions tomorrow.
  6. Hi Dan, I tend to agree with you. When we went up couple of seasons ago I do not feel that the division in general offered as many truly competative sides as the current Div 1 line-up. FG, WF, SK, Spelly, Lammas yourselves all spring to mind obviuosly as genuine top 3 contenders until literally the final hurdles. Additionally Warlingham and Worcester Park made great early impact although both tailed off. How would we all fare against Bedfont and Hartley, to be honest I think we'd all give them a decent game, Guernsey are clearly another proposition all together!?. Anyway there is for us still 4 to play, so nothing is decided outside of Frimley & Westfield yet!
  7. Ouch E&E Fred... Maybe there is room for both to get promoted!?
  8. Chubby we have NOT to date appealed to county and why would we deny it if we believe we have grounds? Does seeking clarity on a few points from Those who'll know constitute in your opinion lodging an official protest, cos we believe there is a huge difference. If we were reinstated we'd be singing from the mountain tops not hiding it & you can 100% believe that.
  9. Neutral!? How's that when your earlier post stated " Bet you been sorely missed whilst you been away! As for officials, it sounds like they had lots to say after the game to everyone, shame those on receiving end of their decisions during match didn't get the same courtesy. Tigger, If anyone makes an official and very false claim of an assistant being man handled by any of our bench today this won't end at a regional county disciplinary hearing those comments are libellous!.
  10. Indeed he does, decent player very dangerous, the Simmons / Mepham pairing has been their key!
  11. Alternative view points COULD be they were trying to drum up some support for their unpredictable actions today or, maybe they were trying to get their stories straight before the left?. Only they know I guess!? However whatever the reason it'd be nice to see the match officials conducting themselves more professionally after the match than, discussing events from the game seemingly very openly! To that end I'm especially shocked to hear the experienced Mr Robinson (match referee) who also holds a very senior position within the Ryman league (and would therefore know that discussing specific events is a real NO NO!) would partake in such discussion following the match. Especially seeing as no explanation was offered as to why the managers were removed from the ground!? Interesting though cheers...!! Led as for your hook think i'll keep hold of it for now!
  12. Interesting how bias your account of the events of today is and presumably you know all this from being on the pitch?? The linesman was at NO TIME touched or the allegation raised towards our bench, whom battled to stay within the very 'compact' technical area behind the bench side assistant! As for a Spelly fan being 'offered out' in truth the loud mouth fan continually taunted our 65 year old Chairman who had his grand sons with him throughout the match until leaving before the end and despite the constant provocation our Chair managed to maintain a level of professionalism. The same spectator went on to tell out manager after being dismissed to get out the ground and the bus from over the road goes to Mole Valley, (which is an area not a town btw!). The manager asked him to show him where the bus stop was seeing he was clearly a very concerned sincere stand up member of the Spelthorne community... (Or was HE actually the idiot who antogonised things worse in a very sly way!?). Oh and btw you are seriously deluded if you think that match NLLK was ever in danger of being a 3.3 even with the 8 minutes 14 seconds 'injury time' you boys were well beaten today! We can't comment on the dismissal of todays managers so as to not jeopardise any future hearings but once they are done and as we believe both fully mitigated we'll report on the actual factual events surrounding today not the fantasy...
  13. Goodluck to Staines and Westfield, should be decent affair and hopefully the deserving side will win through and guaranteed one CoCo rep in the final at Carshalton Ath on Tues, March! 19th. Hopefully some locals and neutrals WILL come down to Cobhams Leg O Mutton ground Tuesday to cheer us on. Walton with an impressive stat of only one defeat I believe and us on the back of 12 without loss I'd think will be very good value for the £5 admission. Anyway thanks in advance for those that do pop down, introduce yourself after the match in the clubhouse.
  14. 3.3 away to Feltham today. Heard complaints about the sun, the deck, roll of the ball, surprised noone blamed a plane or 2 or the very low sun! Fact is, Feltham were more fired up and hungrier today than us and humbly acknowledge we stole an eleventh hour point for which we are VERY grateful! Nice people at Feltham as always, sure with performances like today they'll move up the table. As for us, simply not good enough, some improvements in attitude quickly required or it'll be changes in personnel if we wanna be taken seriously as outside promotion hopes!
  15. Surely the pick of the Div 1 fixtures that looks to have survived the weather!? Good food, programmes for hoppers and hopefully an entertaining match where we can avenge the 2 earlier season defeats!!! See you there
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