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  1. We paid £8k for our 57 seater stand in 2009. Hope that helps
  2. The players have all signed for other clubs Duncs. The current squad has been put together in two weeks,so it's understandable that we aren't convinced at this stage that we are set up to compete in the prem. If the decision was made in June,we may have decided to challenge it. However it wasn't,so we made the decision that is best for the club now.
  3. Duncs,we would have been relegated at the end of the season anyway. There is no chance of us financing another stand this season. As a step 5 club,our funding would have been reduced from 70% to 50%. Therefore rather than 'licking the CCL arses',I am taking a pragmatic longer term view.
  4. Just a quick comment. The club didn't appeal the original decision because,although we were disappointed not to be promoted,it was felt the league had made the fairest decision they could. Since the decision,we have re-grouped and we're looking forward to kicking off the season tomorrow. There isn't any bitterness towards the league from those currently involved in the club. An error was made with regards to the planning conditions and we have accepted the punishment and moved on. The application to increase the usage of the floodlights is currently on the hart dc website for comment,so we would appreciate any comments supporting our application. Lastly,I feel the comments directed towards Alan C are extremely harsh. In the 15+ years i have been involved in club administration,he is the most helpful committee member I have come across by some distance. We resolved the current issue, that the FA created, with a couple of emails between the league and the club. There was no animosity and we both appreciated each others help with resolving the issue as quickly as possible. As usual,I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has.
  5. I'm just saying I am sure Eversley will be playing in Div 1 next season. There has not been an offer of a guaranteed place in the Prem
  6. Eversley will be playing in Div 1 this season
  7. Good morning, I thought I would write a quick update with regards to this rumour. The club did not lodge an appeal with the FA and we are planning for the season in Div 1. If there are any changes to this, I am sure the league will notify us first. Over the years the club has been fortunate to have some good people managing the first team. These include Richard Vangrove, James Griffin, Ian Savage, more recently Mark Thomas and now Sam Waters. All of the afore mentioned have contributed to the club's progress over the years. Mark has decided to move on and we are thankful for his efforts. He found himself in a difficult position, with the club's league status in doubt and obviously this lead to players leaving for other clubs. Hopefully another club in the CCL will give him a chance as manager in the near future. We are now focused on helping our new manager Sam build a squad and hopefully have another successful season. The club's direction has changed and we are now looking to integrate the senior team with the junior sides, to try and build a platform for progression longer term. Therefore we believe Sam is the right man for this stage of the club's development. Happy to answer any questions anyone has. Cheers
  8. I believe you need 50 seats to get promoted (to meet G grading) and then 100 seats are required by 31st march 2015 in order to avoid being relegated for failing to meet F grading. Hope that makes sense.
  9. Does anyone have the full list,that they can post on here?
  10. The club would have struggled to fund another stand by the end of March,so maybe it's better to be denied promotion this year,rather than be automatically relegated next year. The decision has been made,so the club starts to re-build and hopefully can come back stronger.
  11. Just to confirm,the club committee has been liaising with the council since the issue was raised. Hopefully everything will be sorted by the end of August
  12. A quick comment with reference to the above. Please note that the club hasn't officially folded. My initial understanding is that if the CCL decision is to deny the club promotion,they will assess there options and look at the possibility of continuing in Div 1. This will obviously require a new management team and players at short notice. I'll try and update here as and when I have any further news.
  13. I'm not involved anymore,however I've heard that the CCL committee unofficialy confirmed today that the club would be denied promotion. Personally I think certain members of the committee (which was formed after merging with the boys football club),let their ego's take over. Misinformation was passed on to other committee members,managers and players and it was too late to resolve by the time the truth came out. Such a shame as Paul and I dedicated nearly 15 years to trying to make the club as successful as it could be. We had some great times and I have many fond memories of my time at the club. Hopefully they can re-form in the future and come back stronger.
  14. Conference clubs obviously operate very differently. We had a Basingstoke youth player playing for us at the end of the season. We had to loan him as he was contracted.....hence my question above. Peter - not sure the relevance of your question about the 11-2 win last week? Happy to answer if you can clarify why this is linked to this topic. Thanks
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