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  1. Not heard anything to that effect Peter but there will always be scare mongers We had a testimonial for a mate of mine Bedfint Green at BSFC and it played lovely i still think they are the way forward for non league as the amount of revenue they create in total with limited maintenance is really a no brainer and IF the initial outlay can be found if used correctly it definitely pays for itself and provide a fantastic revenue stream Of course that’s all in my opinion although some of it is fact Good to see you back Pete
  2. Spelthorne as they have a couple of my mates involved in the management team and only a 5 min walk from where I live
  3. Hi all Been a while since I have posted on here How are we all?? I am following a CCL prem club this year and am looking forward to the season and the chats that go on here Weeble
  4. Where is Cooky now after leaving Bedfont and felthsm
  5. Geordie lad still there Asked him why he was called Geordie Well wayyyya ayyyyee Enuf said Lovely bloke big bugger too
  6. I know it's not strictly CCL but I have to comment on a fantastic club and reception / hospitality we were given From the ice for the water bottles to the sausage and chips after the game spot on Not to mention the unreal facilities including a pitch that gives Windsor a run for its money Thank you Thame and good luck for the rest of the season
  7. Good mate Got a great bunch of youngsters this year and am looking forward to pushing a couple through to the first team Good luck this season
  8. Of course YV I knew I knew the name Very nice bloke
  9. Instant defence proves guilt Lol Good luck to Guildford What's happening to the pitch ??
  10. Danny How old would Chris Wye be as years ago I worked with someone of the same name in a bank in the city who was pretty decent
  11. You only just realised ur a feckin miserable old git mate??
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