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  1. Happy Birthday haynab66!

  2. what worries me is that we only got to being near the play offs due to the defence, russell, alaile, easterford, sheehan and dumas now only dumas is left i know we signed miller but the central defence and goalie are going to have to gel together quickly i dont think we will get better than russell and easterford for next season and if say hornchurch lost 7 players and their manager 1 week before pre season i think we would say crisis club but its almost as if the club is saying this is how it was planned no problem
  3. from mid table essex senior side to the conference, trophy winners, ryman prem winners, 3rd round of the fa cup,live on match of the day, sky sports, beating northampton, port vale and wigan(away), trophy runners up, making the name canvey island fc known in the football world and feared and playing with flair and excitement, regularly scoring 100+ goals a season if there is 9 others that have done that i would like their names
  4. find it hard to slag of kingy when it comes to canvey island fc gave us some unforgettable times and left us on a level footing and a football club he could of done it different now hes back i know its not going to be like before but to have one of the top 10 non league managers ever involved must only be good for us
  5. sorry it took time to reply i was just going over the you tube clips of our wins over you and it took quiet some time, my gripe is not really with hornchurch more with ricay their supporters look on us as dirt why ask them down if we dont have to and i like pre season friendlies against teams we dont normally play like dartford and welling dont like ricay and their fairweather supporters, at least hornchurch being in the con south has made boreham wood happy they wont be the worst supported team in that division
  6. did any thought go into the games against hornchurch and especially ricay, think i will give those 2 games a miss surely there were better con south teams to play have they been invited down to taunt us and with ricay how we all stink and are scum
  7. bit of a re run of last season finish the season strong but just falling short and its hard to lose 10 home games and still be in the running but our away record is amazing we should be looking for a strong finish on saturday and the club should work hard over the summer to see what we need to challenge for the title because this great club needs to start moving forward
  8. i think the phrase " let down " is a bit over the top but " too loyal " is spot on, the players that i think glen is referring to havent let anyone down they have tried their best but are not good enough or injury has taken its toll, these players have come through with batchy since their days in the essex and herts comb league but time and ambition has caught up with them, the club needs to move forward and i dont think batchy could tell them time is up and would play them whenever he could, but now glen has been given control i think by next season we could see a very different CIFC, earlier in the season on this forum i talked about batchy going not because of his performance but because of his loyalty to players that werent delivering and not being answerable to anyone, now glen is in charge he will put his team out no loyalty just the best team for that match and he will be answerable to the board, i think its too late this season but once the clear out is done and glens team is in place i can see canvey moving forward and upwards.
  9. after our latest home defeat to cray is our season now over and should we start planning for next season and making sure we dont get dragged into a relegation scrap, if the teams in the play offs now win half their remaining games which is easily achievable we would have to win 14 of our remaining 18 games which as much as i hope cant be done, after 24 games last season we had 37 points so as a team we have gone backwards, our home form is dreadful but we have only won 1 away since september after aveley which is winnable we have 6 very hard games and now are 12th in the league just as many points from relegation as we are to the play offs, i dont like being a downer but i was expecting so much more this season and feel really let down, maybe things will change with a new manager but he must of had a major input up to now so how can things change that much and how will some players react to not being managers favourite some of the team have known batchy for years, i know its only january 8 but im already looking to next season.
  10. bringing my 10 year old son and coming to canvey and singing along with the yellow army has been a joy, but recently and especially since the concord game last season where their goalie was accused of child molesting with disgusting language it is becoming impossible to take him to that part of the ground ive tried a couple of times but the swearing is getting worse from a few new supporters who just want to swear and offer players out and there is a total air of anger, they target an opposition player and his wife, mother, daughter are all verbal targets from the safety of the stands. IT HAS TO STOP no one is expecting perfect language but it has gone way beyond what is acceptable, the club has a responsibility to stop it before people stop coming or something bad happens, we are a local family non league team if i took my son to basildon on saturday night the language would be less offensive.
  11. surprised no one has come on here to talk about this but would like to thank him for all his efforts for his and our beloved CIFC, he took over canvey when we thought there would be no club and in the last 5 years has brought the club forward to where it is now, it takes a big man to walk away from something you love but i think he has made the right decision for the sake of the club he loves i dont no his reasons for it but i feel he has taken the club as far as he can and it has become obvious that we are just becoming a mid table ryman prem club, whether glen is the right man to take us to the next step only time will tell but im sure we are all behind him, hope john will join the yellow army and cheer the club on and hopefully the change has come in time for a push to the play offs which will be tough because i think we need to win at least 14 of our remaining games to do it.
  12. nathan hilaire seems to have had loads of clubs most at a lower level than us, berkhamsted, biggleswade, tring, colney heath, hertford and barton rovers where he couldnt make the 1st team, i think at hampton he was not even a regular in the reserves but hopefully wont just sit on the bench, any relation to vince hilaire
  13. what makes this all the more annoying is that both hornchurch and ricay have scored twice as many as us and let in less and are challenging for the title both have shown major improvement we need to step it up
  14. after 20 games last season we had 28 points 2 less than this season, so up to now we have performed more or less the same, but after that we won 14 of our last 22 and still didnt make the play offs, 6 of our next 8 home games are against teams above us in the league and we have only won once against teams above us and that was hornchurch who are a different team now, those 6 games will be crucial to where we finish, we have only scored 8 goals at home this season which is dire, our defence is promotion material but our attack is relegation and if we dont change something in attack this season could be over by march and i believe the board wanted the play offs at least, to play the last 8 games with nothing riding on them is not what im looking forward to, so come on canvey lets start our march to the play offs by stuffing concord.
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