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  1. It can be edited if you wish ....😁
  2. I'd like to second that ...... it's not all about wining the prediction league ...😊
  3. Utrecht 1 v 1 AZ Alkmaar Cardiff 1 v 2 Fulham Wigan 1 v 2 West Brom Eastleigh 2 v 1 Hampton & R (FAC) Chins 3 v 1 Tonbridge Angels Att: 265
  4. blackballed

    Urchin horror show

    Its a hard life being an Unchin fan but at least you have Liverpool to fall back on ...😁
  5. Slovakia 1 v 2 Czech Rep (14:00) (it was one country when I was a boy) Netherlands 1 v 3 Germany Partick Thistle 1 v 1 Dundee United Gillingham 1 v 2 Southend Corinthian Casuals 1 v 3 Hornchurch Att : 225
  6. blackballed

    Prediction League posts

    Hi fall guy here ..... what ever makes you happy Jago .....😚
  7. blackballed

    Prediction League posts

    Hopefully all sorted now thanks to Ian, Jago will be reinstated, but I'm sorry to say this topic has been lost. Dibs
  8. blackballed

    Prediction League posts

    Gents Ian is looking into what happened and will let us know, at present it is looking as if I may have fcuked up so be easy on me .....🤢
  9. blackballed

    Where have all the punters gone?

    Well here we go is he in or is he out ....... do you think you will get a buyer ?
  10. blackballed

    Prediction for the season

    Have trust in the team, showing that we don't expect much from them is far too negative for me .... we have a team of winners, I'm sure they want to win every game .........COYU's
  11. Corrected for you DA .....
  12. blackballed

    Prediction for the season

    If we are not a lot higher than 14th then we will have had a bad season. Still top 4 for me ...... COYU's
  13. blackballed

    Prediction for the season

    Why all this negativity ....... top 4 finish ....... COYU's
  14. Dagger Barry can no longer make it.