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  1. What a fantastic second half, I don't normally make comments after games, but today I witnessed a great performance by the team and our finishing was superb, what's more it was good to see Charlie get on the score sheet.
  2. I'm in never been this high in a league, I've had nose bleeds .... COYU'S ...
  3. We're going to win the league .... we're going to win the league ...... come on let's all be positive at the beginning of the season ..... COYU'S..... 🤩🤩🤩
  4. Sending out all the wrong messages. I bet we can't change it ..... 😁
  5. Tea as Fleet above has said the 1st half was by far the better half. It was great to see Rickie back where he belongs in an Urchin shirt. Can't wait for the next game at Canvey COYU'S......
  6. Turn up Saturday and I hope we will all be surprised ...... roll on Saturday.
  7. Would not be surprised if he ends up at Averley.
  8. RIP my very dear friend you touched us all.
  9. Someone found the tips jar on the bar .... it had been lost for 10 years ..... just remember money does not buy this league but it does help .... let's hope we all have a good season and football is the winner ....
  10. I think you know the answer to that one .... Thurock Off ......😂😂
  11. I'll think you will find that no one is wishing ill for the team, just expressing their frustration/sadness at seeing a team they have followed for many years disbanded so quick and coming to terms with it. We all know football moves on but I think you will find most long time supporters do not like change. I'm really looking forward towards next season even thou some of my favourite players have left. Dibs, COYU'S ..... PS we are a family team and supporters and all are most welcome.
  12. I personally find it hard when we lose players that to me I think of as friends, because not only is it the players but their families as well that have become part of the club. But being sentimental will not win leagues, so we have to stand behind our Directors and manager and move forward and hope it's in the right direction....... COYU'S......
  13. Now there's a story for a cold wet night ...😁
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