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  1. Butts


  2. Hi Guys i am back , had a rough 2 years . now on the up at last . miss you all. regards Butts
  3. Hanworth Villa are through to the next round , after beating Slough Town 3-1 Villa were 1 down in the first half , But came back to win the game . Well done to the villa boys . Well done Gary Brunning , dave brown , Bobby Dawson and all good luck in the next round . regards Butts
  4. Tonight Middlesex Senior Cup Semi Final result Hillingdon Borough 0 - Hanworth Villa 3 Hanworth Villa now in Final against Wealdstone
  5. well said pearcey, their are alot of backstabbers in the game, no matter where you go. Hope you are well. give me a call , regards Butts
  6. Brunty.

    Please can you send me ur dads number , as i had my mobile nicked . here is my number 07903 097526.

  7. 18-December 10 - Happy Birthday Butts :)

  8. Sandhurst 3 - 1 Hanworth Villa Villa were the better side in the first 25 mins , 0 - 1 up in 3 mins then Sandhurst got one back, from then on Villa went down hill, Sandhurst got to every second ball first , we were bad. Fair play to sandhurst on the day they were better then us.Good luck to them for the rest of the season
  9. Ash Utd 3 - 1 Colliers Wood Badshot 4 - 1 Raynes Park Vale Banstead 2 - 2 Cherstey Bookham 1 - 3 Cove Camberley 3 - 0 Dorking Chessington 2 - 2 Egham Croydon 1 - 2 Sandhurst Epsom 2 - 3 Mole Valley Hanworth Villa 3 - 1 Molesey 1 Wembley 1 - 1 Horley
  10. Hey Guys, Give them a chance, They will learn as they go on, yes some people do jump before they can walk, But if i know Mick Harvey as well as i do , he will not be jumping up and down Yet... give them time to blend. Brunty How you doing , fancy dropping a Div. hope you are well, speak soon. regards Butts HVFC.
  11. Kroon. Never change your way for some one else, does not work mate. I know i tried. Hope to see u soon. Have a good season. regards Butts HVFC Kroons,not a drop passed my lips last night,which is a first.A cup of tea with sugar was all I consumed at C.W.U.Anyone who knows me well will know,I tell it as it is,been my downfall in the past.But to Old in the Tooth to change my ways.
  12. at this moment 21.10 Guidford City are beating Colliers Wood 3-1
  13. :smilewinkgrin:Oi Oi , Just pay your Fiver to Ian on memberships. youave enough to pay for the lot of us next year.
  15. i take it barrance from hayes gate is a bit of a player then? :futbolbud2:The player Adie Barrance was at Egham last season , i am not sure if he played for Hayes gate towards the end of the season . When he was at Bedfont Green, he did score a few goals as well in the Premier,
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