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  2. Hi Guys i am back , had a rough 2 years . now on the up at last . miss you all. regards Butts
  3. Hanworth Villa are through to the next round , after beating Slough Town 3-1 Villa were 1 down in the first half , But came back to win the game . Well done to the villa boys . Well done Gary Brunning , dave brown , Bobby Dawson and all good luck in the next round . regards Butts
  4. Tonight Middlesex Senior Cup Semi Final result Hillingdon Borough 0 - Hanworth Villa 3 Hanworth Villa now in Final against Wealdstone
  5. well said pearcey, their are alot of backstabbers in the game, no matter where you go. Hope you are well. give me a call , regards Butts
  6. Brunty.

    Please can you send me ur dads number , as i had my mobile nicked . here is my number 07903 097526.

  7. Sandhurst 3 - 1 Hanworth Villa Villa were the better side in the first 25 mins , 0 - 1 up in 3 mins then Sandhurst got one back, from then on Villa went down hill, Sandhurst got to every second ball first , we were bad. Fair play to sandhurst on the day they were better then us.Good luck to them for the rest of the season
  8. Ash Utd 3 - 1 Colliers Wood Badshot 4 - 1 Raynes Park Vale Banstead 2 - 2 Cherstey Bookham 1 - 3 Cove Camberley 3 - 0 Dorking Chessington 2 - 2 Egham Croydon 1 - 2 Sandhurst Epsom 2 - 3 Mole Valley Hanworth Villa 3 - 1 Molesey 1 Wembley 1 - 1 Horley
  9. Hey Guys, Give them a chance, They will learn as they go on, yes some people do jump before they can walk, But if i know Mick Harvey as well as i do , he will not be jumping up and down Yet... give them time to blend. Brunty How you doing , fancy dropping a Div. hope you are well, speak soon. regards Butts HVFC.
  10. Kroon. Never change your way for some one else, does not work mate. I know i tried. Hope to see u soon. Have a good season. regards Butts HVFC Kroons,not a drop passed my lips last night,which is a first.A cup of tea with sugar was all I consumed at C.W.U.Anyone who knows me well will know,I tell it as it is,been my downfall in the past.But to Old in the Tooth to change my ways.
  11. at this moment 21.10 Guidford City are beating Colliers Wood 3-1
  12. :smilewinkgrin:Oi Oi , Just pay your Fiver to Ian on memberships. youave enough to pay for the lot of us next year.
  14. i take it barrance from hayes gate is a bit of a player then? :futbolbud2:The player Adie Barrance was at Egham last season , i am not sure if he played for Hayes gate towards the end of the season . When he was at Bedfont Green, he did score a few goals as well in the Premier,
  15. Colliers wood 2 - 1 Guildford City Ash 1 - 3 Haworth Villa Banstead 2 - 0 Horley Town Bookham 1 - 1 Croydon Chertsey 2 - 2 Badshot Lea Egham 1 - 0 Mole Valley Molesey 1 - 1 Camberley Raynes Park 0 - 1 Cove Sandhurst 2 - 1 Epsom & Ewell Wembley 0 - 0 Chessington & Hook
  16. :futbolbud2:Well said Krooner. see in the season , take care.
  17. Won 2-0 How did their newly laid pitch look and play? Te new pitch is looking good , but they played on the trainning pitch at the back. Good game , Badshot Lea has some good players , will scare a few teams in the league , but the keepers looked as if they were in a sunday morning team. the keeper they has last year was better. don't think their be in top 10 this season on that performance..
  18. Hi Steve. welcome to the forum. You will get use to the names on here , when you are on it more and more , my name is Butts i am with Hanworth Villa in the premier of the ccl . At some stage in the past we have all met or played against each other.. Pearcey is a Big man played in goal for Ashford Town , formely with Egham, Bedfont Green( now called Bedfont Town ). Wembley, Bedfont, maybe a few others. a good keeper ,if i may say so. he will look at this and his head will swell.. haha. any way steve, good luck on here.
  19. Anyone know when the ccl fixtures are out........
  20. Is Gary Hedges still the manager there
  21. :smilie_flagguk:You sad lot. not have nothing better to do. Pearcey give us a call please.
  22. Big Man , is it true that egham has signed another keeper to keep you on ur toes ....
  23. Is it true that Egham Town has signed Chertsey Town keeper... It's not a rumour Nicey, it's on the front page of the Egham website. STEVE BAKER WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE THAT JOHN POMROY FORMALLY OF CHERTSEY TOWN, WHO WE CONSIDER TO BE ONE OF THE BEST STRIKERS IN THE LEAGUE HAS AGREED TO JOIN EGHAM TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB LTD & WE WOULD LIKE TO WISH HIM A WARM WELCOME & OUR BEST FOR THE FOLLOWING SEASON. http://www.eghamtown...bltd1991.co.uk/ Besides, I think Pomroy was on the bench a few times at the end of last season. Anyway - as I said months ago - unless he can sort out an arrangement with his workmates or manager, he won't be available most Saturdays if Royal Mail bring in the extended Saturday hours they're threatening. I'm just glad I switched to a Monday - Friday indoor job! If work ever got in the way of my football every week I'd have to change jobs. THANKS FOR THAT VP, SO IT IS TRUE ! NOW IT WOULD BE INTERESTING WHAT SOMEONE HAS TO SAY ON HERE FROM CHERTSEY FC. NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL TOTAL DEVOTION VP ! NOW VP, YOU BEING OUR 'ANORAK' AND BEEN AROUND FOR NUMBER OF YEARS, YOU PROBABLY KNOW THE CCL INSIDE OUT, MORE SO THAN MANY OF US, ME INCLUDED. IT WOULD BE INTERESTING THAT YOU BEING OUR 'ANORAK' AND IN THE KNOW, TO HEAR WHAT YOUR TOP 6 PREDICTIONS ARE FOR THE FORTHCOMING SEASON. IF YOU WISH, YOU CAN ANSWER BY WAY ON MY OTHER PREDICTION THREAD/TOPIC. CHEERS Us anoraks don't do predictions - we're only concerned about what happened in the past. Mind you, I did come top of the prediction league run by someone on the ex-another forum where you had to pick the winners of every division from the Conference down to CCL Premier level and got points depending on where they finished. First time I'd ever done that sort of thing. I wouldn't say I'm in the know either. I hardly know what's going on at Camberley let alone other clubs and my anorak duties only cover God's own county! (See flag below). I haven't got a clue about half the teams, players & managers in the CCL.
  24. WHAT TONY BUSS & HIS CLAN ARE PART OF THE FURNITURE THERE ? BUTTS ANY TRUTH IN THIS OR IS IT ANOTHER OF THOSE FAMOUS CCL RUMOURS? WHAT EVIDENCE YOU GOT PEARCEY TO CLARIFY YOUR STATEMENT, BE INTERESTING TO KNOW ? Butts told me outside the Berkeley hotel Knightsbridge.3pm ish.pretty strong evidence unless he's setting me up???? Nice Fare,Name dropping will get you everywhere. No fare I was doing the usual 30 min wait for a fare and butts pulled up in his White van,good to see him as I haven't seen him for ages,he's a good fella who always tells it as it is. COME ON BUTTS REVEAL ALL WHATS HAPPENING AT THE VILLAINS ? PEARCEY I THINK BUTTS IS WHINDING YOU UP ! You will all have to wait and see, !!!!!!!!!!!
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